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Chapter 1939 - Exports

After a long while, at the outskirts of Dragon City, Tang Huan, Heavenly Emperor Liu Li and Xiao Budian who were sitting cross-legged on the ground opened their eyes at the same time.

After sweeping a glance around, Xiao Budian said joyfully, "The Dragon G.o.d's Remnants are indeed powerful. Even though it's just a tiny bit, I feel that my strength has increased by a lot."

"Of course."

Tang Huan unwittingly laughed, "That remnant thought came from an expert who bore testimony to the Dao. It's such a pity, if he had suffered from the backlash from the Divine Heart Dragon Core in your body while undergoing the Nine Yin Blood Sacrifice, you would have been able to completely absorb and refine all of his energy, and might even be able to advance to the Upper Sky King. "

Thinking about it, Tang Huan still felt some regret, but if she were to repeat herself, he would still choose to go deeper into Dragon City to rescue Xiao Budian.

"It's good enough now." Xiao Budian beamed and started jumping, "Brother, are we going to leave the 'Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace' next?"

"Of course we have to leave, but first we have to find a way out."

Tang Huan nodded.

The only reason he came to the "Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace" was because the phoenix head had chased him to a dead end. That was why he had no choice but to enter this dangerous place. To be able to obtain the "Primal Chaos Source Crystal" here, and especially being able to reunite with Xiao Budian, who had been separated from him for many years, was an unexpected surprise to Tang Huan.

However, he had no clue how to leave the Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace at the moment.

Up till now, there were more than ten Heavenly Kings under his direct or indirect control, but unfortunately, none of them knew about it.

The remnant will of the Dragon G.o.d was definitely aware of it, but even if he was still alive, he wouldn't be able to force it out of him.

Perhaps Great Elder Gu Keng and Second Elder Cang Xu knew, but one of them had already lost his soul, and the other had already escaped from the Dragon City. If they wanted to obtain the relevant information from him, they would need to capture him first. Fortunately, with Celestial Emperor Glazed Light, there was no need to put too much thought into things.

Heavenly Emperor Liu-Li stayed in the Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace longer than Gu Keng and Cang Xu.

What they knew, Heavenly Emperor Glazed knew as well.

Therefore, when he finished speaking, Tang Huan's gaze turned towards Heavenly Emperor Liu Li and smiled: "Sister Liu Li, I'll have to rely on you for this."

"It's hard to say, and easy to say."

"If you want to leave the Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace, there is a prerequisite, and that is that your cultivation must break through to the supreme realm. After becoming an Upper Sky King, you can go to the Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern Extreme Realms. There is an exit at each location corresponding to nine Lower Heaven Realms. However, there is a powerful Dragon Soul protecting the exit, so if you want to leave, you have to defeat the Dragon Soul there. "

"Those who know this, in the entire Dragon Clan, are probably only the nine Elders."

"The reason why very few of those Heavenly King Human Clan who had entered the Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace could leave the palace alive is that they did not even manage to advance to the upper level of Heavenly King before they died. Furthermore, they don't even know the general location of the exit, even if they knew the approximate location, it would be very difficult to find the exact location, and even if they found the exact location, it would be very difficult to defeat the powerful Dragon Soul guarding the exit."

"Other than that, there is also a very troublesome problem. It is that every exit leads to a fixed Heaven Realm. Moreover, wherever you come from, you have to return to that Heaven Realm. If the exit to his own Heaven Realm was in the east, and he found the west exit instead, it would be equivalent to wasting his time. "

"If that's the case, of the hundred Heavenly Kings that entered the Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace, it would be very good if one or two of them could survive." Xiao Zihan couldn't help but sigh when she heard this.

"Sister Liu Li, after you built that Spirit Hidden Cave, was it the same?" Tang Huan said in surprise.

"Although the situation has improved, it hasn't improved by much."

"In the end, not every Heavenly King that enters would know about it and be lucky enough to find the Spirit Hidden Cave. However, the Dragon Clan and the other indigenous creatures are everywhere, and most of them died before they could even find the Spirit Hidden Cave."

"A few Heavenly Kings were lucky enough to find the Spirit Hidden Cave, having secured their safety. However, many have already lost the will to continue fighting, and since their cultivation could not enter the Upper Sky King Realm, they began to live in the Spirit Hidden Cave."

"Some of the Human Clan's cultivators who could be promoted to the Upper Sky King, their previous cave masters would have told them the location of the exit. However, some of them died halfway, while some were killed by the Dragon Soul, while some luckily escaped with their lives and returned to the Spirit Hidden Cave.

"Elder sister Liu-Li, do you know Ji Qingtian?" Tang Huan's heart was moved, and she asked.

"Ji Qingtian?"

"I remember now, although that guy can't be compared with you, little brother Tang Huan, he is indeed a genius. The Heavenly King of Human Clan who stayed in the Spirit Hidden Cave and walked out of the Dragon Palace alive was one of them, I have a deep impression of him. Little brother Tang Huan, have you heard of him? That's right, I forgot that you and Ji Qingtian both seem to have come from Crimson Radiance Sect. "

Tang Huan laughed and said, "Not only are we all from the same Scarlet Radiance Sect, we are all from the same sect. A few decades ago, I had even obtained some of the Tools Method inheritances that he left behind in the sect. "Right now, he is one of the Grand Elders of the Mysterious Sky of the Nine Heavens, the Black Yellow Dao Sect."

"Longevity Heaven, Black Yellow Dao Sect?"

"Countless years ago, the Black Yellow Dao Sect was the number one sect in the Longevity Sect. That kid is pretty good, he actually became the supreme elder of the Black Yellow Dao Sect. It seems like he has already broken through to the Sky Sovereign Realm, even stronger than me, my sister."

"It looks like I have to hurry back for nine days."

Speaking up to here, the Heavenly Emperor's eyes suddenly shone with a profound light. His brows were filled with interest as he muttered to himself, "I really want to see, countless years later, what the nine heavens are like now."

His voice paused slightly, before his gaze once again fell upon Tang Huan and the others, "Little brother Tang Huan, you don't have to worry about the exit anymore. It corresponds to the exit of the Crimson Sky Kingdom, and in the northern part of the Dragon Palace, with this little fellow's' Divine Core Dragon Pill ', you can definitely find the exit location to fight against the Dragon Soul. Now, what you need to do is quickly raise your cultivation to the Upper Sky King Realm. "

"Entering the 'Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace' can be done through other people's spatial equipment, but when leaving, one has to act alone, otherwise, it will attract the interference of Heavenly Energy."


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