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Chapter 1891 - Dragon Clan spy

The nine spirits stood on the back of the dragon as the "Myriad Sword Heavenly Diagram" quietly unfurled.

It was a Fire Red Huge Dragon that appeared on the other side of the river. In an instant, it leaped across the river, and then, following the force of the sucking that was spreading out from the mountain and river painting, it entered the cave.

After the Fire Red Huge Dragon, more and more Dragon Clan Warriors rushed over and were sucked into the sword heart into the cave.

In less than half a quarter of an hour, all the scattered experts of the Dragon Clan had gathered in the cavern, leaving only Long Jun, the sword thorns, and the nine spirits by the river. Long Jun and the sword thrusts were both just peak level Sky Kings, so it shouldn't be a big problem for them to keep them by their side.

After grabbing the closed scroll into his palm, Nine Spirits immediately took out a thin jade slip. This was a type of tool used for long-distance communication, and contained within it was Xiao Zihan's Mind Stigma.

After telling Xiao Zihan where she was, the nine spirits calmly waited by the riverbank.

According to what Xiao Zihan had revealed, the Human Clan's encampment was located in the depths of the Hidden Spirit Mountain Range, it was an independent s.p.a.ce, and the entrance was extremely secretive. If there were no familiar people leading the way, it would be impossible to find it, moreover, all over the Hidden Spirit Mountain Range were concealed experts from the Human Clan.

Thus, she decided to just wait here for Xiao Zihan to come and pick her up.

"Little master, a human cultivator is coming." After a short moment, the sound of a sword piercing the air sounded out, and the little gold dragon quietly appeared beside the Nine Spirits.

"So fast?"

Nine Spirits leaped up from Long Jun's back and cried out in surprise. Then, a trace of a smile appeared on her forehead. She had just sent Xiao Zihan a message and she had already rushed over. Presumably, she was already nearby. But after a short moment, she lightly shook her head.

At the upper end of the river, six small dots abruptly appeared. They followed the stream and moved as fast as lightning. Within the blink of an eye, they were less than a kilometer away from the Nine Spirits. Judging from their auras, out of the six, one was a peak G.o.d King and the other was a High King. However, their expressions did not seem to be friendly.

Jiu Ling subconsciously felt that something was amiss, with a slight frown, just as he was about to speak, one of the tall and st.u.r.dy elderly men shouted, "This Hidden Spirit Mountain Range is not some other place in the 'Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace'. Your Dragon Clan has a hunting compet.i.tion, but you actually dared to come to the Hidden Spirit Mountain Range, you truly do not know your place! After killing them, the other evil beings of the Dragon Clan would have a long memory. They understood that the Hidden Spirit Mountain Range is not something that they could come here for. "

The one who spoke was none other than the Upper Sky King.

"Yes sir!"

The other peak Medial Level Heavenly King responded with a loud bang, weapons appearing in his hands one after another. In that instant, hundreds of millions of resplendent lights filled the entire world.


Jiu Ling immediately shouted, "My six friends, I was a cultivator who entered the 'Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace' from the Crimson Light Heavenly Palace only a few years ago, these two dragons are servants that I have subdued and have no relation to the Dragon Clan's hunting compet.i.tion. I am here to look for my friends, I have no other intentions, my friends, please do not misunderstand."

"Are they your servants?"

When the tall and st.u.r.dy old man and the others heard this, they could not help but be stunned.

However, in an instant, the burly old man seemed to have heard the funniest joke in the world, laughing out loud: "Little girl, do you think that this old man and the others are three years old and can actually use this kind of lies that are full of loopholes to deceive us? A mere middle level Heavenly King that had just advanced, can actually subdue a peak level Heavenly King Disciples, and take them as your servants? Everyone, this little girl is not a cultivator from Human Clan, but a Heavenly Beast. If this old man is not wrong, she is definitely a spy from Dragon Clan, the reason being to investigate this Hidden Spirit Mountain Range thoroughly, so that we can be annihilated. "

Captain Liang was right, the Dragon Clan had long seen us as thorn in his side, and wished that we could get rid of him as soon as possible. This little girl even said that she was here to find her old friend, that was truly laughable, she must be a spy from the Dragon Clan. What a pity, such a beautiful little girl was going to die today.

"Everyone, we don't need to waste our time talking to her. She and these two dragons might just be one of the two groups. Hurry up and get rid of them, then we can go to other places to take a look."


The five peak Heaven Kings all a.s.sented.


Long Jun was already unable to contain his anger after listening to the long speech of the tall and st.u.r.dy old man. He roared, "You d.a.m.ned humans, you dare to disrespect the little master. You're simply courting death! Young master, these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are truly unreasonable. In my opinion, why not teach them a lesson first? "

The sword thrust angrily as well. "That's right, little master. They've gone too far."

When Nine Spirit heard this, she hesitated.

No matter if it was because of Xiao Zihan or the fact that they were both Human Clan cultivators, Jiu Ling did not want to have a conflict with them. After all, not only were they not enemies, they might even be able to cooperate to fight against the Dragon Clan.

He did not expect that the other party would call her a spy from the Dragon Clan and yell at her to kill him the moment he showed up.

Her words did indeed arouse suspicion, but these people did not give her the chance to explain herself. This made her very angry. Even though she had lived for a very long time, she still did not have the habit of swallowing her anger.

However, when she thought of Xiao Budian in danger, Nine Spirit still suppressed the anger in her chest, and was prepared to say a few more words.

"Little master? This performance is quite similar to that! "

However, before she could open her mouth, the old man opposite of her fiercely waved his hand and coldly laughed, "Everyone, don't leave a single one alive. Kill —"


The five peak-level Heavenly Kings no longer hesitated, and each of them shot forward like flowing lights, waving the weapons in their hands at the same time.

The surrounding laws of the world were immediately triggered as streams of extremely powerful attacks surged forth like a torrent. They seemed to completely annihilate the Nine Spirits, Dragon Jun, and Sword Thrust. At this moment, a terrifying aura rippled out in all directions with the power to topple mountains and overturn the seas.

"d.a.m.n it!"

These people were merciless. They really wanted to kill him as fast as possible!

Since she couldn't explain it clearly, there was no way she would just end up like him. She would fight first before talking about anything else. The Dragon Clan viewed the Hidden Spirit Mountain as a forbidden area, and all the experts were extremely proud of it. It was probably because they had been so used to being domineering within the Hidden Spirit Mountain range for many years and never received a lesson, that they were so domineering.

"Ga ji, attack!"

He let out a thunderous cry as his nine spirits soared into the sky.

Her abnormally large body floated high in the sky, the feathers on her body glimmering with a bright and colorful light, causing people to be dazzled. However, the deathly stillness that emanated from her body was extremely terrifying, as if in that instant, all the life in the area within a hundred miles around her was corroded by the death aura. The previously flourishing gra.s.s and trees actually began to rapidly wither.

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