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Chapter 1890 - The Hidden Spirit Mountain Range

Looking at this scene, Tang Huan and Jiu Ling couldn't help but laugh at each other.

In the next moment, the "Myriad Sword Heavenly Diagram", which had been hovering at the side all this time, whistled forward. In an instant, it had arrived above the valley and was slowly spreading out.

The terrifying power of the sucking poured down from the skies, enveloping the Fire Red Huge Dragon within.

In regards to this, Long Jun, the sword stab and dozens of Dragon Clan Rankers were already used to it. They had basically all experienced this kind of scene before.

After a moment, the Fire Red Huge Dragon had already disappeared from the line of sight of the dozens of Dragon Clan Warriors.


The landscape painting scroll closed once more and flew back along its original path.

Long Jun's sharp eyes immediately discovered Tang Huan, who was standing several tens of kilometers away from the Nine Spirits' side. He immediately became extremely excited, "Master has appeared. Hurry up and greet Master with me!" Before the sound of its voice had even faded, Pang Shuo's body had already leaped up, and he rushed over as fast as lightning.

The sword thrusts, Wu Yao and the other Dragon Clan experts looked at each other, then followed behind Long Jun.

After encouraging Long Jun and the others, Tang Huan then returned to the cave. Inside the center of the "Primal Chaos Source Crystal" in the Supreme Profound Hall, Tang Huan calmed his mind and continued to cultivate.

Unknowingly, another two months had pa.s.sed.

Among the towering peaks that reached into the clouds, the large river was like a coiled dragon that surged down from high above with great momentum.

On the riverbank, the two figures, one big and one small, rapidly advanced. They were precisely Long Jun and the sword thrust.

The remaining dozens of Dragon Clan Warriors were still scattered throughout the surrounding thousands of miles. After two months, this group of dragons had gained another five new members, two of them being the Upper Sky King and the other three being the Peak Upper Sky King. Counting it all, under Long Jun's command, there were already four upper peak Sky Kings, fourteen upper peak Sky Kings, and forty-four middle peak Sky Kings. Aside from the fact that it swore fealty to the heavens, the rest of it was just a puppet.

Although they were both loyal to Tang Huan, the difference in the process made Long Jun feel a sense of superiority.

Suddenly, Long Jun's mouth parted as he hurriedly halted his steps.


Immediately afterwards, a surge of powerful Qi flew out from its ear holes.

This Qi contained an incredibly strong sense of deathly silence. In an instant, it turned into a violent, unparalleled death aura storm that swept out in all directions.

Instantly, s.p.a.ce trembled and the world shook.

Within a radius of thousands of miles, it was like a dead zone. However, at almost the same time, a terrifying Heavenly Dao aura appeared out of thin air, closely intertwining with the aura that was filled with a deathly stillness, causing the hearts of many creatures in this area to palpitate uncontrollably.

This sudden movement caused the sword stab to be slightly startled, but then a flash of enlightenment appeared in his eyes.

Long Jun bared his teeth as he felt as if his ears were about to explode. He forcefully restrained the urge to shake his head, and his head firmly fixed in the air. After a long while, the aura finally disappeared. The suppressed business in the surrounding area also quickly recovered.

"Congratulations to little master for advancing to a G.o.d King!" A moment later, Long Jun opened his mouth and spoke, his eyes full of a flattering smile.

"He's just a G.o.d King."

The figure of Nine Spirits flashed out from Long Jun's ear hole, shaking his head indifferently, "In this' Heavenly Imperial Dragon Palace ', there are many medium level Heavenly Kings, so it's not strange at all." Even though she said this, the corners of her lips slightly curled up, and a hint of joy that was difficult to conceal appeared between her brows.

"How can they compare with little master?"

"Those human cultivators or Dragon Clan s all took decades, or even hundreds of years, before they were able to advance from the lower level Heavenly King to the middle level Sky King. However, little master, you only took a mere few years to do so. Compared to you, little master, they are all trash. "

"You're right."

Although she knew that this fellow was purposely flattering her, Jiu Ling still giggled and said happily, "Compared to them, laozi is indeed a genius. However, compared to my big brother, my speed is much slower. You know, my big brother isn't even a hundred years old yet! "


He had become very familiar with the Nine Spirits, and he also knew that she was the transformation of the "Netherworld Nine Spirit Bird." Nine cycles of Nirvana, reincarnation, and rebirth, she had lived for an unknown number of thousands of years before she was able to advance bravely on the path of cultivation, breaking through repeatedly.

As for Tang Huan, in its opinion, even if his real age wasn't as great as the nine spirits, he would probably still be more than a thousand years old.

But he didn't expect that he wasn't even a hundred years old.

However, Tang Huan, this human cultivator, was actually a middle level Heavenly King. With his cultivation speed, it might not be long before he could advance to an Upper Sky King or even reach Heavenly Emperor Realm.

In time, there would also be an extremely high chance of becoming an Empyrean.

In this moment, Long Jun suddenly felt incomparably fortunate at the choice he'd made. If it had persisted and refused to submit, the current it would have long since been turned into dust. Submitting to Tang Huan was indeed a rather sullen and aggrieved feeling at first, but now, it was completely and utterly certain that it would be honored to have such a master. It had to be known that although his current master was only a G.o.d King, in the future, he would be a Celestial Emperor or even an Empyrean.

Behind Long Jun's body, the sword thrust had also widened its two eyes in inexplicable shock.

After taking in the two dragon's expressions, Nine Spirits smiled complacently. He didn't say anything more and quickly scanned the surroundings. "Long Jun, where are we now?"

"Little master, we just entered the Spirit Hidden Mountain Range's border area." Long Jun came back to his senses and hurriedly said.

"Hidden Spirit Mountain range? So, we're already there. " When Jiu Ling heard this, her pretty face couldn't help but reveal a happy smile. Xiao Zihan was currently within the Spirit Hidden Mountain Range. The hidden Human Clan encampment was also located within the Spirit Hidden Mountain Range.

"Summon the other Dragon Clan Warriors and have them enter the cave first."

Jiu Ling pondered for a moment before giving the orders.

More than sixty Dragon Clan Warriors entered the Hidden Spirit Mountain at the same time. This movement was too big.

If they continued, it might cause the Human Clan cultivators to misunderstand. In any case, they did not need these Dragon Clan Warriors for now, so they might as well let them hide in the "Illusory Sword Heavenly Palace" for now. They were puppets, and would not leak any information about them. When they left the Spirit Hidden Mountain Range in the future, they would release them.

"Yes sir!"

Long Jun nodded in agreement, and a low roar sounded out from his mouth: "Roar ~ ~" Although the roar wasn't loud, it was extremely penetrating, and in an instant it had already spread out to a radius of several thousand miles. When the dozens of Dragon Clan Warriors heard the noise, they immediately changed their direction and rushed over.

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