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Chapter 1824 - Seven Star Arhat Mask

"Tang Huan?"

"Be careful!"


Everyone's expression changed slightly as they looked in the direction of the voice, but they didn't see Tang Huan's figure. Each mountain range seemed to contain a boundless, powerful sword intent with varying characteristics.

In a split-second, that towering mountain range had already appeared above their heads.

In a split-second, sword intent crisscrossed everywhere as the mountains rotated. A terrifying suction force came pouring down from the mountain peaks, instantly covering a radius of several thousand meters. In almost the next moment, the bodies of those rank eight and rank nine marquis were being pulled as they floated towards the mountain peaks in the sky.

Not only that, even the two lower level Heavenly Kings, San-Xiang Yang and Yan-Bai, were floating in the air, showing signs of losing control. Both of their expressions became extremely ugly. They immediately circulated the Sky Origin Stage in their bodies to communicate with the laws of the world and draw upon the forces of the world. Only then did their bodies become stable.

However, an uncontrollable astonishment appeared between their brows.

Since long ago, when their sect's Disciples s returned from the "Primal Beginning Immortal Domain", they had heard of the shocking and strange matter that happened in the Hall of Immortal Ascension.

At that time, the Three Thousand Heavenly Marquis of the Scarlet Radiance Sect ganged up on Tang Huan and the rest, but just when everyone thought that they could get their hands on it easily, Tang Huan suddenly activated an extremely powerful spatial treasure. In an instant, she swallowed all of the two thousand Heavenly Marquis of the Heaven, leaving behind a few hundred Eighth and Ninth Heavenly Marquis who managed to escape.

Right now, it was obvious that Tang Huan was using the spatial treasure.

After ten or so years, its suction force was countless times stronger than it was in the past. Not to mention the peak of the ninth level like Yu Xinhe, Yun Feihong, and Shen Hanyun, even the lower level heavenly kings had to use their full powers to be able to fight against the descending sucking.

Amongst the hundreds of experts in the sky, only the two Inferior Sky Kings, Tang Hailan and Chong Ze, were able to resist the power of the sucking with ease, and were not affected much.

However, this sudden turn of events caused the minds of the two of them to be greatly shaken.

They were all middle level Sky Kings and Tang Huan was a low level Sky King who had just been promoted not long ago, but they did not notice at all that a low level Sky King had entered the Jade Imperial City. If not for Tang Huan's sudden voice, even if there were another two hours or so, they would not have been able to sense Tang Huan's existence.

How could Tang Huan's method of restraining her Qi be so brilliant?

Although they were shocked, Tang Hailan and Chong Ze's reactions were extremely fast.

"Seven Star Mystery Barrier!"

Amidst her sweet shout, seven deep blue b.a.l.l.s of energy roared out like lightning from Tang Hailan's body. In an instant, they turned into seven different stars in the sky, and were distributed in seven different positions.

Every single star was a radius of several tens of meters, and the deep blue l.u.s.ter that they released had completely condensed into substance, as if they were silk, and intertwined with the other stars. Before even the blink of an eye, a gigantic blue round cover condensed and took shape with these seven stars as its foundation.

Other than a few dozen unlucky people with the cultivation of the eighth level of the Sky Marquis, Yu Xinhe, Yun Feihong, Shen Hanyun and a few hundred others were immediately covered by the azure round cover.

"You scared me to death!"

"This Tang Huan is really elusive, to the point that even the four Heavenly King seniors did not notice his presence."

"So dangerous, so dangerous! What kind of treasure is this?"


The terrifying power of sucking was isolated and within the deep blue round cover, Yu Xinhe, Yun Feihong, Shen Hanyun and the other few hundred marquis were alarmed. Their eyebrows were filled with the joy of surviving a calamity, just a little bit more and they were about to follow the footsteps of the several hundred level eight marquis and be taken in by Tang Huan's treasure, sucking.

Fortunately, in the critical moment, Tang Hailan used this powerful ability to protect everyone.

"This power is really terrifying!"

She used this ability to protect many cultivators. The power of the sucking that came from the countless mountain peaks high up in the sky was completely used on the deep blue round cover, and only Tang Hailan was able to bear it herself.

Under such a situation, even if she was a middle level Heavenly King, it would still be difficult for her to split her attention.


In an instant, the whirlpool in the center of the "Heavenly Nebula Ring" above the ruins began to quickly dissipate, and the suction force also began to dissipate. The giant emerald green lotus flickered slightly and rushed out a thousand meters away while the "Heavenly Nebula Ring" rapidly shrank. In the next moment, it turned into a white stream of light, piercing through the azure round cover and appearing in front of Tang Hailan. It once again covered her right wrist.

"Boom —"

At the same time, an earth-shattering sound rang out from the skies, shaking the entire Jade Imperial City.

At the same time Tang Hailan made her move, Chong Ze also escaped from the range of the sucking's power in the air with the fastest speed possible. After that, he used the "Great Sumeru Sword Palm" for the third time.

However, this attack had no effect on the running of the numerous mountain ranges high in the sky.

After the sword ray slashed through the mountains, it was like a clay ox entering the sea. Although it stirred up some ripples, in the end, the ripples did not turn into waves.

"How could this be?"

Chong Ze's face darkened in disbelief.

Previously, when he had used "Great Sumeru Sword Palm" to attack the lotus-shaped s.p.a.ce Aircraft, it had all been for naught. This had already made him feel rather embarra.s.sed, but now, even though he had used "Great Sumeru Sword Palm" to attack Tang Huan's spatial treasure, it still had no effect.

This not only shocked him, but also infuriated him.

"Chong Ze?"

Right at this time, a mocking laughter sounded out, "Is what I'm seeing now really a G.o.d King? This is really disappointing! " The moment he said that, in the sky above the rapidly flowing mountain range, a black figure suddenly appeared. It was handsome looking and tall, shockingly, it was Tang Huan.

Looking at Chong Ze who was a thousand meters away, Tang Huan's tone of voice was full of ridicule.

Not long after Tang Hailan and Chong Ze arrived at the Jade Imperial City, Tang Huan quietly entered the enormous city as well. However, people noticed that Tang Huan did not pa.s.s through the teleportation circle of the city, but went to the nearest city, and directly used a teleportation technique to quickly approach the Jade Imperial City.

When the two Intermediate Heavenly Kings attacked the "Life and Death Dao Lotus", Tang Huan did not act blindly without thinking, but had concealed herself in the vicinity the entire time.

The "Life and Death Dao Lotus" was not an ordinary s.p.a.ce Aircraft, but a aircraft that could break through the spatial barrier of the Heaven Realm. Just with Tang Hailan and Chong Ze, it was impossible for them to cause any damage to the "Life and Death Dao Lotus" in a short period of time.

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