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Chapter 1820 - Sky King Gathering

"Has King Dong and Sect Leader Dong died?"

In the Spirit True Immortal Sect, in a hall deep within a quiet valley, a commotion broke out.

As soon as the heads of the dozens of schools gathered, they heard such news. They were tongue-tied and tongue-tied as they couldn't believe their own ears.

Not long ago, Tang Huan, Xiao Nian Die, the two Lesser Heaven Kings, and the four Heaven Marquis of the peak of the ninth level killed their way into the Divine Martial Sect.

The Supreme Elder Dong Xingzhou's Nascent Soul exploded and turned into ashes; Sect Master Dong Zhengcai and several other Elders were killed; several tens of Elders of the eighth and ninth level of the Heavenly Marquis were stripped of their cultivation and turned into commoners. The treasures acc.u.mulated in the sect for many years were plundered and the Disciples s of the sect fled in large numbers.

It was a good thing that Tang Huan and the others still had their reservations and did not completely destroy the entire Divine Martial Sect.

Now, it couldn't even be considered a first-rate sect. Moreover, without those cultivation resources, the Divine Martial Sect would definitely not have the chance to rise again for at least a thousand years. They might not even have the chance to do so anymore.

Although the Divine Martial Sect had not cut off their inheritance, they were close to being crippled, and their exhaustion was unavoidable.

At this moment, the shock in everyone's hearts could not be described with words.

It was one thing for Dong Zheng to be at the peak of the ninth level, but even Dong Xingzhou had perished in the encampment of the Divine Martial Sect. He was not an ordinary Inferior Heavenly King, but rather, he had been promoted for more than a hundred years.

One could imagine how desperate Dong Xingzhou had been at that time.

"Tang Huan and the rest are not disciples of the Divine Martial Sect. Do you know how they managed to enter the encampment?" An incomparably astonished voice rang out. The one who spoke was the mountain's master, Yu Xinhe. His cultivation was already at the peak of the ninth level of the Heavenly Lord. In this Crimson Light Heavens Sect, he was known as the number one expert below the Heavenly King.

"I don't know."

A middle-aged man with a handsome face smiled bitterly and shook his head. He was an elder of the Spirit True Immortal Sect, and was close friend with the still alive Guo Yao of the Divine Martial Heavenly Sect, hence he obtained the most detailed and accurate information from the Divine Martial Sect, "In the entire Divine Martial Heavenly Sect, no one knows how Tang Huan and the rest entered. However, Guo Yao guessed that Tang Huan must have used some kind of mysterious ability."

"Guo Yao?" A tall and st.u.r.dy elderly man frowned. He was the Sect Leader of the Supreme Sword Sect, Yun Feihong.

"He's my good friend from the Divine Martial Sect. Ten years ago, he had never gone to the Jade Imperial City, so Tang Huan punished him briefly and let him go. After Tang Huan and the others left, Guo Yao was pushed by the other elders who were still alive to become the next Sect Master of the Divine Martial Sect. " The middle-aged man sighed.

"Elder Huang, do you know why Dong Tian w.a.n.g of the Divine Martial Sect was forced to self-destruct? Was it because Tang Huan and Xiao Nian Die, the two Lesser Heaven Kings, were attacking him? "

The head of the Spiritual True Immortal School, Du Siwei suddenly spoke.

When he asked this question, the many experts from the various sects that were still whispering and whispering to each other all shot their gazes towards that middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man shook his head and said bitterly, "King Dong was aware that there were two Heavenly Kings who had barged into the sect. He had initially planned to leave, but was stopped by Xiao Niao at the exit. The two of them had only clashed once, when Tang Huan, who had just killed the sect master of Dong Zheng Chu, arrived. Following that, Tang Huan's clone was fighting with Dong Tian w.a.n.g, and she was always at a disadvantage.

"At the very end, the main body hidden in the shadows suddenly attacked and heavily injured Dong Tianleng. Perhaps he felt that he no longer had any hope of escaping, and Dong Tian w.a.n.g chose to detonate his Nascent Soul, wanting to perish together with Tang Huan's avatar.


After the middle-aged man finished speaking, the hall immediately became so quiet that even a pin dropping silence could be heard.

Everyone's hearts were filled with shock, a peak lower celestial king was actually unable to handle Tang Huan's avatar, if Tang Huan's main body had acted earlier and attacked Dong Xing Zhou together with the avatar, wouldn't he be defeated in an instant?

Previously, everyone thought that the news regarding Tang Huan in the Primal Beginning Immortal Domain would more or less be exaggerated, but now, the death of Dong Xingzhou, the peak level Sky King, made them realize that Tang Huan might have become even more powerful than she was back in the Primal Beginning Immortal Domain.

"I never thought that this Tang Huan would actually be so powerful. If I knew earlier, I would have …" A sigh sounded out. The one who spoke was the sect head of the Wei Ling Immortal Sect, Lu Bin. There was a trace of regret in his tone.

"What's the point of saying this now?"

She was the Seven Stars Immortal Palace's Palace Master, Shen Hanyun, "The most pressing matter of the moment is to immediately eliminate Tang Huan. If a sect like that were to attack him, we don't know how great our losses would be."

"That's right."

A soft clapping sound was heard, and then a clear voice sounded out, "According to the information from the Jade Imperial City, there was an Inferior Heavenly King from the Emperor Dragon Sky Mansion and dozens of marquis left behind. Currently, the Divine Martial Sect's information has confirmed this point. It will not be easy to find Tang Huan, since that is the case, we will directly go to the Jade Imperial City and capture those people, force Tang Huan and the rest to reveal themselves, and then eliminate them in one fell swoop. "

While they were speaking, four figures entered the hall at a moderate pace.

The one who spoke was a girl dressed in a white dress, her face was pretty, her skin was glistening, she looked like a sixteen or seventeen year old girl, very pure, but her figure was extremely slim and graceful, her delicate body was also exceptionally s.e.xy and plump, giving others a feeling of maturity.

Pure and mature, it perfectly fused with the white dressed woman's body, causing a fatal temptation to radiate from her.

Almost at the same time she appeared, she became the focus of everyone in the hall. Everyone in the hall had their gazes on her, but Du Siwei, Yun Feihong and the rest quickly shifted their gazes away as they did not dare to look directly at the white dressed woman.

The reason for this was very simple.

This white dressed lady was not an ordinary person. She was the previous Palace Master of the Seven Stars Immortal Palace and also Shen Hanyun's Master. Her name was Tang Hailan, a Mid Heavenly King Stage powerhouse.

Beside Tang Hailan stood a white-robed old man with white eyebrows and white hair, and a ruddy complexion. He was tall and slender, with a very sage-like aura.

He was the supreme elder of the Mt. Xumi, Chong Ze. He was also a G.o.d King.

Behind Tang Hailan and Chong Ze were two old men, also Inferior Heavenly Kings. One of them was the previous Sect Leader of the Supreme Sword Sect, Sang Xiangyang. Just like Yun Feihong, they were tall and st.u.r.dy with a full beard. The other was the supreme elder of the Spiritual True Immortal School, Yanzhi. His appearance was ordinary, but he had a smile on his face from start to finish, giving people a feeling of warmth and closeness. However, in reality, he was a cruel and merciless individual.

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