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Chapter 1830 - Asura High School

Illusory Sword Heavenly Mansion, beside the Great Xuan Lake.

Yu Xinhe, Yun Feihong, Shen Hanyun, and several hundred other marquis were trapped in their respective s.p.a.ce cages, unable to escape as curses and curses came out one after another.

These people were either sect leaders or sect elders, but now, they were all waiting to be slaughtered like lambs, their eyes full of fear and panic.

Although they still did not know what had happened outside the round cover before the sucking came in, they could guess at least a little. When Tang Hailan had sent the two lower level Heavenly Kings, Tan Bai and Sang Xiangyang, out to help, the middle level Heavenly King Chongze's condition was already extremely bad.

Since then, Yantong cypress and Sands Xiangyang should not have been able to save Chongze's defeat.

It was only when he was aware of this point that Tang Hailan decisively abandoned the others and gave up on fighting against Tang Huan's spatial treasure. She chose to quickly escape.

For Tang Hailan's decision, the crowd didn't hate her.

Any middle level Heavenly King would probably make the same choice in that situation.

At this time, everyone's hearts were mostly filled with shock at Tang Huan's strength and worry for their own destinies. If Chong Ze was defeated, Tang Hailan was forced to flee, and even two middle level heavenly kings were unable to do anything to Tang Huan, who could stop Tang Huan? The entire Crimson Sky Kingdom, would probably become the world of Tang Huan and the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Palace very soon.

If they fell into Tang Huan's hands now, their fates would probably be extremely disadvantageous.

For example, Dong Xingzhou and the other marquis in the Divine Martial Sect, including Sect Leader Dong Zhengcai, were killed, while the rest of the Elders were injured and crippled.

They had all partic.i.p.ated in the siege of the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Palace ten years ago, how could Tang Huan let them go so easily?

In an instant, everyone within the spatial cage was panic-stricken. Those fellows who had once killed a cultivator of the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Palace were even more panic-stricken.


Two figures suddenly appeared by the side of the Tai Xuan Lake.

The slender and tall black clothed man was Tang Huan, and the pet.i.te, delicate, and beautiful white clothed young lady beside him with an ice-cold expression was Jianxin.

The s.p.a.ce within the cage instantly went silent, and one by one, gazes descended onto the two of them.

"Perhaps everyone has already guessed that I am Tang Huan." Tang Huan swept past everyone and suddenly said.

"Tang Huan? You are Tang Huan! "

"Tang Huan, what the h.e.l.l did you devour?"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what did you do to our Grand Elder?"


The s.p.a.ce cage was in an uproar.

Tang Huan did not care about the crowd and only continued in a low voice, "Among you people, you guys killed the cultivators of the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Palace ten years ago. As for the others, they can conserve their cultivation, but they must fuse with the 'Puppet Soul Seal' that is condensed from her soul force! "

"Tang Huan, you can kill us all!"

"Tang Huan, you sinister villain, will die a horrible death!"

"Puppet Soul Seal?" This old man understands, that Elder Guo Yao from the Divine Martial Sect was able to take over the position of Sect Master, he must have also merged with that Puppet Soul Seal! "


Hundreds of s.p.a.ce cages filled the air with shouts and curses, screams, and pleas.

"Jianxin, I'll leave it to you!"

Tang Huan nodded at Jianxin, ignoring the clamoring noises that were going up and down, she disappeared from her original position, and when he reappeared, she was already inside the Supreme Profound Hall. There were also two dimensional cages around the palace, and inside the cages were sandalwood and San-Xiangyang, the two Lesser Heavenly Kings.

"Tang Huan, I am willing to swear an oath to the heavens that I will be loyal to you!"

Yama Minamiya's face was slightly pale, but the moment he saw Tang Huan, he couldn't wait and shouted out. Hearing his words, Sa Xiangyang widened his eyes in shock.

"You are more sensible than Chong Ze."

Tang Huan laughed when she heard it.

However, in the next moment, Tang Huan's expression had already become ice-cold, and her eyes revealed a ridiculing glint, "Unfortunately, I do not intend to accept … Ten years ago, Elder Sun Kui and the rest of our Emperor Dragon Heaven Palace no longer had the power to resist, but you severely injured their Nascent Souls and crippled their cultivation. If we do not let you enjoy the same taste, then how can we face Elder Sun Kui and the others, who have lived for ten years and have died a life worse than death? "

When he heard this, he couldn't help but be stunned.

"You, you …"

Yumei's eyes were opened even wider, and the smile on her face immediately froze, unable to believe her ears, "Tang Huan, I am an Inferior Heavenly King!"

He had originally thought that as long as he made a vow to swear loyalty to the heavens, Tang Huan would definitely agree to it. But Tang Huan actually rejected it now, and even more so, the reason for his rejection was actually because he intentionally abolished the cultivation levels of some of the elders of the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Palace ten years ago.

In the Crimson Radiance Sect, the Heavenly Kings only numbered a few, but the Marquis of Heaven was everywhere.

It went without saying that he would have to choose how to choose, but Tang Huan was the best. He actually wanted to cripple his cultivation just for the sake of those marquis?

"Of course I know that you are an Inferior Heavenly King."

The ridicule in Tang Huan's eyes grew even stronger, "Back then in the Primal Beginning Immortal Domain, there were more than one or two Inferior Heavenly Kings who died to me. In my eyes, a lowly Heavenly King like you doesn't even have a single hair on your head compared to Elder Sun Kui and the others.

"You should be glad that you did not kill any of the cultivators of the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Mansion ten years ago. Otherwise, you would be just like that Dong Xingzhou, scared out of your wits. You wouldn't even have the right to continue living as an ordinary person!"

"Tang Huan, you … You are simply going too far! "

Honolulu was shocked and furious.

Forget about him being injured, even at his peak, he wasn't a match for Tang Huan. Other than waiting to die, he had no other choice for Tang Huan to kill him. Terror and despair appeared involuntarily in the depths of his eyes.

"You're going too far?"

Tang Huan shook his head lightly, "You are truly a little ridiculous. Ten years ago, if you had known about these four words, you wouldn't have ended up like this." While speaking, Tang Huan had already walked to the front of a spatial cage at a moderate pace. The five fingers of her right hand were like hooks as she grabbed towards the sandalwood cage.

In front of Tang Huan, the spatial cage seemed to be devoid of anything. After a moment, the claws had pa.s.sed through the cage and slowly approached Yama Minamiya's throat.

Yanzhi's eyes grew larger and larger, filled with fear. His face was covered with a deathly gray color, and his facial features were distorted, making him look extremely sinister.

"Stop! Tang Huan, stop!

Almost at the same moment her fingers touched her neck, sandalwood seemed to have thought of something and she shouted fiercely, "My father, sandalwood, is now an elder of the Asura High Sect. The Asura High Sect is a super sect that spans 18 days. If you attack me, my father will immediately know that he will never let you go. "

After she finished speaking, her eyes turned red as she stared straight at Tang Huan.

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