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Chapter 1655 - Robbery? Courting death?

"Huff …"

In the inner s.p.a.ce of the Nine Colored Spirit Leaf, Xiao Zihan let out a light sigh as if a heavy burden had been lifted from her shoulders, "It seems that nothing unexpected will happen."

As she spoke, her beautiful eyes revealed unconcealable surprise.

Ever since Nine Spirits and Tang Huan had consumed the "Misty Cloud Violet Pill", she, Pang Xuan, Gu Jingbo and the other elders had always been by their side.

Almost at every moment, the bodies of the two people emitted an extraordinary and violent fluctuation of medicinal energy.

From the fifth day onwards, the fluctuations of the medicinal energy within the body started to gradually weaken. From the tenth day onwards, the fluctuations of the medicinal energy within the bodies of the nine spirits also began to weaken.

This caused her and the other elders to be rather surprised.

Tang Huan was a Heavenly Master of the eighth step, the former's cultivation was stronger than the latter. Logically speaking, the former should have absorbed the medicinal energy faster, but looking at the change in the medicinal energy aura, it was the complete opposite, the latter had actually surpa.s.sed the former, and by a large margin.

And now, ten days later, the fluctuations of the medicinal power within Tang Huan's body had completely disappeared. Although the nine spirit bodies were still emitting the aura of the medicinal power, it had become much weaker.

Judging from the current situation, the possibility of them encountering danger again was very slim.


Pang Xuan, Gu Jingbo, and the others glanced at each other and couldn't help but laugh. However, there was also a hint of surprise in that smile.

"I really never imagined that with the current cultivations of the two Patriarchs, it's one thing to directly consume the Misty Cloud Violet Pill, but the speed at which the medicinal strength is absorbed is actually swift to such an extent." Gu Qingbo sighed with emotion.

"With such a fast absorption speed, the refining speed will definitely not be too slow." Qin Shuang could not help but sigh.

"He truly is worthy of being the sister of Patriarch Nine-Colored Grandmaster and the disciple of his husband. He truly is extraordinary." Dai Xinhe squinted his eyes and smiled, and could not help but exclaim in admiration.

"The two Ancestors are only at the Eight Heavenly Swords. If their physiques were ordinary, then no matter how strong their bodies are, it would be very difficult for them to withstand the impact of the medicinal power of the 'Misty Cloud Violet Pill'." Xiao Zihan looked at Tang Huan and Jiu Ling who were like wooden statues, and muttered, "In my opinion, the physiques of the two ancestor should be different from normal cultivators, it's just that I am still unable to determine what physiques they possess."


Pang Xuan, Gu Qingbo, and the others all nodded in agreement. Just as they were about to speak, Xiao Zihan let out a low cry.

He could vaguely see that there were dozens of people outside through the overflowing, colorful walls. Two of them were violently attacking the "Nine Colored Spirit Leaf".

"What audacity."

Pang Xuan's pretty face froze as she snorted angrily, "Our Nine Colored Immortal Sect is not well-known in the 'Zi Yun Tian'. Even the s.p.a.ce Aircraft that has been around for countless years has been robbed!" The people inside the spirit leaf immediately understood why the two people outside attacked the "Nine Colored Spirit Leaf".

"Sovereign, we have to teach them a good lesson!" Gu Qingbo sneered.

"Lesson?" Xiao Zihan's eyes slightly narrowed, a wave of ice-cold intent flashing through them. "They're looking to die. How can just teaching them a lesson be enough to satisfy them?" As soon as he finished speaking, a purple shadow flashed, and Xiao Zihan's graceful and lithe figure had already disappeared from Pang Xuan and the others' line of sight …

… ….


Black Costume Old Man and the yellow-robed man attacked together. The sky and earth around them changed, the sound of their roars resonated, and the terrifying pressure instantly filled up a radius of thousands of metres.

Behind the two of them, the crowd of cultivators couldn't help but reveal a mocking smile.

In this purple cloud sky, although the Canghai Sword Sect and the Thousand Revolution Sect could not compare to the most powerful sects like the "Great Demonic Saint Sect", the "Mysterious Heaven School", the "Nine Heavens Sect", and the "Battle Dragon Sect", they were not weak either. Amongst the tens of sects that were second only to the Four Major Sects, the Canghai Sword Sect and the Thousand Sword Sect could be ranked.

A high rank s.p.a.ce Aircraft, was equivalent to a sect's signature move.

Cultivators of the Canghai Sword Sect and Qianji Sect all knew about the high grade s.p.a.ce Aircraft s of famous sects very well. Furthermore, if a famous sect acquired a new high grade s.p.a.ce Aircraft, they would have shown it to the cultivators of the Violet Cloud Sky Sect long ago.

In this way, the sect's cultivators activated their s.p.a.ce Aircraft to travel, in order to prevent others from stealing from them.

Therefore, under normal circ.u.mstances, if some unfamiliar high level s.p.a.ce Aircraft appeared, the possibility of them belonging to one of the famous sects was very small. Most of them came from sects with mediocre strength. Even though most of the time, those sects would keep the secret of possessing high-level s.p.a.ce Aircraft a secret and would not use it unless it was absolutely necessary, in order to prevent it from being taken away by others, there would always be a few exceptions.

Just like the s.p.a.ce Aircraft that appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

With how fast it was, it was obvious that it was not of a low rank. If its master did not have sufficient strength to possess such a s.p.a.ce Aircraft, it could be said that she was destined to be robbed if it was used to flaunt herself. It was the fortune of the Canghai Sword Sect and the Qianji Sect that they had encountered this time, but it was the misfortune of the aircraft's owner.

The two people who were making a move, Black Costume Old Man was the Canghai Sword Sect's Sect Leader, Hong Kuanghai, and the yellow-robed man was the Thousand Revolution Sect's Sect Leader, Hua Xing Guo.

Both of them were ninth level heaven dukes.

With their strength, they would only need two to three rounds of attacks to force the cultivators of the s.p.a.ce Aircraft out. After that, if he killed those people, he would be able to seize them. Next, they would have to discuss how to distribute the s.p.a.ce Aircraft. After all, there was only one item, but the sect had two.

After a short while, almost everyone couldn't help but laugh mockingly.

Before the first round of attacks from Hong Kuang Hai and Hua Xing Guo landed on the s.p.a.ce Aircraft, a graceful purple figure flashed from within. With the combined strength of the two rank 9 Heaven Marquis, the purple-clothed woman would probably be reduced to ashes very soon.

However, just as the crowd was prepared to watch a good show, the smiles on their faces all froze, and uncontrollable shock surfaced in their eyes.


The purple-clothed woman waved her large sleeve and two b.a.l.l.s of purple qi roared out. They struck the blue sword light and the golden blade light with lightning speed.

After a loud boom, the powerful sword gleams and blade gleams started to melt rapidly like snow under the scorching sun. The strong attacks of the two rank nine marquis were dispelled by the purple-clothed woman in a carefree manner?

Before everyone could recover from their shock, two jade like, white and tender hands came out from the purple sleeves. With just a swipe, they seemed to have teleported through some distant s.p.a.ce and accurately grabbed Hong Kuanghai and Hua Xing Guo's necks.

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