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Chapter 154 - Rainbow Spirit Mouse

"Fortunately, I didn't leave that place. Otherwise, I would have become the target of public criticism."

Deep into the night, Tang Huan came out from an extremely unremarkable and narrow crack. Hearing the clamor from afar, he couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief.

This was a secret entrance that Star Ocean Commerce discovered after he found the "Phoenix Flame Essence" and probed the Phoenix Spirit Valley.

It was fortunate to have such an exit, otherwise, upon seeing the bundle in his hands, countless Martial Warriors would have the thought of killing him and stealing his treasures.

In his bag, there were not only "Phoenix Flame Essence", "Scorching Sun Stone" and "Dragon Crystal". Even before she left the Phoenix Spirit Valley, the purple-clothed woman had thought of something and gave him a piece of "Blazing Iron" from the materials that she had just delivered in every few days. The value of this pile of items was not something that could be measured by gold coins.

With such a great treasure in hand, quietly leaving the Phoenix Spirit Valley was naturally the best choice.

As for Gu Ying and Gu Fei who were waiting outside the valley, it was already too late for Tang Huan to say goodbye to them.

After determining the direction, Tang Huan ran towards the b.l.o.o.d.y Flame Mountain.

At this time, between the Phoenix Spirit Valley and the peak of the Blood Blaze Mountain, the figures of Martial Warriors could be occasionally seen moving about. Tang Huan carefully dodged. He spent close to two times before he entered the b.l.o.o.d.y Flame Mountain, and with the fastest speed possible, he arrived at the pile of rocks outside the "Phoenix Lair".

After confirming that there was no one around, Tang Huan entered the cave.


Not long after, a cheerful and crisp sound rang out.

Immediately after, a blue figure ran out from the cave ahead with heavy steps, and arrived in front of Tang Huan in a matter of moments. After jumping up, she grabbed onto her clothes and with a flick, Xiao Budian's small body landed on Tang Huan's shoulder, her mouth intimately rubbing against Tang Huan's cheek.

"Thank you for the past two days."

Tang Huan smiled widely and pinched Xiao Budian's cute little wings.

These past two days, Tang Huan had been worried that something would happen to it, but seeing that it was safe and sound, the boulder in Tang Huan's heart finally fell to the ground.

Very quickly, Tang Huan saw the wood case of the "Mortal Spirit Tree" that he had hidden in the crevice of the stone.

His current position was connected in all directions, and was no longer the same cave where he had previously avoided the "Flamewing Phoenix King". In here, even if Xiao Budian were to be discovered, he would be able to escape in time. As for the "Phoenix Feather" and "Phoenix Stone" in the wooden chest …

At that point, he could only resign himself to fate.

Fortunately the worst case scenario did not happen, Xiao Budian and the wooden chest were still inside. Tang Huan opened the wooden box and put away the parcels on his body.

The Martial Compet.i.tion had ended and the "Phoenix Flame Essence" was in his possession. It was time to try to fuse with the "Nirvana Sacred Fire".

Once the fusion with the Spiritual Fire was successful, the effects of using "Phoenix Flame Essence" and "Dragon Crystal" to forge weapons would definitely be much better.

Now he had to find a quiet place that was not easily disturbed!

With that thought, Tang Huan made a decision. Carrying the even heavier wood case of the "Spirit Severing Tong", he walked out in large strides.

However, after walking out of the cave, Tang Huan did not leave the pile of rocks. Instead, he carefully entered another cave.

… ….


A graceful figure appeared at the foot of the peak like a ray of light.

It was a young woman. Under the red light of the peak, her body was graceful and convex, making her already charming and beautiful face even more enchanting.

She was Mu Yan.

"Even a bunch of tramp like you dares to target my 'Phoenix Flame Essence'? You really don't know your place." Turning his head back to glance at her, the corner of Mu Yan's lips slightly raised, and a trace of ridicule and disdain surfaced on her beautiful face. After a while, Mu Yan retracted his gaze, and muttered as if he was talking to himself, "Is it here?"


A high-pitched voice suddenly called out.

In the next moment, at Mu Yan's full and straight b.r.e.a.s.t.s, a long and sharp head peeked out from under the collar. Immediately afterwards, her fluffy little body was revealed, and it was only the size of two fingers, her entire body's fur actually had a beautiful rainbow color, and her pair of pitch black eyes rolled around, not only looked extremely cute, they also looked exceptionally agile.

"Lead the way." Mu Yan's jade hand relaxed, and the little fellow jumped from her chest to her arm, then slipped away into the white and tender palm.


The little fellow cried out, and its long pointed nose twitched a few times, before jumping out from Mu Yan's palm, flying forward quickly.

After a moment, the little guy was already ten meters away.

Mu Yan quickly followed it. Every time they pa.s.sed a certain distance, the little fellow would stop to sniff and take a walk. Not long after, a pile of rocks appeared in front of them. The little guy twitched his nose, sniffed left and right, and very quickly brought Mu Yan into a blood-red cave.


The little guy stood up, and lightly scratched the side of the cave a few times with its two little red claws. Mu Yan looked carefully for a long time, and realized that it was actually a large flagstone that could move.

"Inside?" Mu Yan was a little doubtful.

"Zhizhi!" The little guy waved its claws and nodded its head.

"He really hid it well."

A hint of mocking flashed past his eyes, and Mu Yan muttered to himself, "Fortunately I have the seventh ranked 'Seven Colored Spirit Mouse' in this world, and I marked you with it beforehand, otherwise, you would have really slipped away."

"Little brat, come back."


Mu Yan waved his hand lightly, and the little guy seemed to listen to the imperial edict as it jumped up high and landed on her palm, then jumped up onto her chest and burrowed in close to her collar. After a while, its sharp little head peeked out again, and two small red claws grabbed onto its lapel, looking left and right.

With a turn of her beautiful eyes, Mu Yan gently moved the stone tablet away and entered the place. A moment later, the stone tablet returned to its original state.

At this moment, the number of people outside Phoenix Spirit Valley had decreased by a lot.

Mu Yan and Meng Zixuan walked out of the valley one after another, immediately attracting the attention of many Martial Warriors. Under the attentive gazes of the crowd, the former quickly set up a tent and moved in, while the latter returned to the resting area and stayed with Mo Shang and Gong Cheng, seemingly continuing to heal their wounds.

But not long after, Martial Warriors found that Mu Yan's tent was empty, and she had disappeared without a trace.

No one thought that Mu Yan and Meng Zixuan would bring the "Phoenix Flame Essence" out. After all, after the "Phoenix Flame Essence" left the area of production, it would be hard for them to live for long. Mu Yan was the most likely person to do this, because she bulged out her chest when she came out, as if there was something hidden inside.

Her silent departure seemed to prove this point. Many of the Martial Warriors s were restless and continuously people left in groups, but there were even more Martial Warriors s who continued to closely watch the exit of the Phoenix Spirit Valley.

Mu Yan and Meng Zixuan's "Phoenix Flame Essence" were only the small heads, while Tang Huan's was the large head!

Sensing the thoughts of the surrounding Martial Warriors, Gu Ying and Gu Fei, however, sneered in their hearts. They had just obtained the news that the Star Ocean Commerce had secretly revealed that Tang Huan had already left through another secret entrance.

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