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Chapter 1484 - Nether Realm, Dan Yang Sect

At the same time that the pressure from the pa.s.sage was pressing onto the cauldron, an extremely violent shockwave was also roaring towards Tang Huan who was inside the cauldron from all directions.

Tang Huan had no other choice but to circulate his Sky Origin Stage to defend against the surging power of the shock waves in his surroundings.

When resisting the power of the shock, the Dantian Dao Nascent Soul could be said to be the first to bear the brunt. This was because all of the Sky Origin Stage cultivators were infants born from the Dantian. Although the effect of the vibrating power was greatly weakened by the Sky Origin Stage, there was still a part of it that followed the Sky Origin Stage, directly hitting the Dantian, attacking the Dao Nascent Soul.

Because of this, the cracks that the nascent soul revealed were even more dense than the surface of his body and his internal organs.

Although Tang Huan was well aware of the changes to his body, he could do nothing about it.

If he did not circulate his Sky Origin Stage to resist the shock power, then the harm his Nascent Soul suffered would not be so severe. However, that would directly cause the shock power to affect his flesh body. As time pa.s.sed, even if one possessed the "Celestial Body of the Sun", it would completely collapse, and not break on the surface or in the internal organs.

Without the flesh body barrier, the Nascent Soul wouldn't be able to hold on long when it faced the power of the vibration.

Using his Sky Origin Stage to resist the shockwave at the same time as his flesh body and Dao Soul was already the best choice at this moment. Tang Huan's mind was as calm as water. Inside the Dantian, the illusion of the cauldron had long started to operate frantically, refining the pills that were stored there.

The Sky Origin Stage was like flowing water, but it was replenishing fast. It was barely able to maintain the balance.

The speed at which the pellet turned into Sky Origin Stage far exceeded the speed at which the pellet turned into a Dao crystal.

Seventy crystals... Fifty crystals … Thirty crystals … Ten crystals …

Unknowingly, the few dozen 'Golden Crow Purple Heart Pellets' that remained were already spa.r.s.e, but the surroundings of the 'Nine Yang Divine Furnace', was still filled with boundless darkness.

"After completely refining the 'Golden Crow Purple Heart Pill', I can only use the 'Dragon Soul Formation Pill'!"

Tang Huan frowned slightly. He had originally planned to save the ten Dragon Soul Formation Pills to break through to higher realms in the future, but he couldn't care less now. However, just as Tang Huan was about to take out the pills, his mind suddenly caught a glimpse of a golden light through the cauldron.

"Almost to the Nether Realm?"

Tang Huan thought for a moment, and in the blink of an eye, the golden light became much larger, to the point that it had the shape of a skeleton.

It really was the entrance to the Nether Realm!

With the memories of Pan Ji flashing through his mind, Tang Huan heaved a sigh of relief.

The pressure was still there, but he could still hold on for a while, so he didn't need to waste the Dragon Soul Formation Pill. At this moment, Tang Huan was suddenly rejoicing in his heart. His nascent soul was already close to the edge of collapse, and it would be very difficult for it to continue for a long time.

If the Nether Realm hadn't appeared, his fate would have been very bad. Fortunately, when the "Golden Crow's Violet Heart Pill" was exhausted, the entrance to the Nether Realm had also appeared.

As the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" shuttled back and forth at high speed, the skull-like golden color became more and more ma.s.sive. It quietly floated in the void of darkness, exuding an endless sense of mystery. Within the golden light, black and white auras circulated unceasingly, forming a huge whirlpool, mysterious and mysterious.

At this time, Tang Huan could clearly feel the stable pulling power in front of him start to increase rapidly, and the speed of the cauldron also increased explosively. It was estimated that in the blink of an eye, it could travel thousands of kilometers in this dark void.

After several dozen breaths, the cauldron finally submerged into the black and white vortex.

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At almost the same time, the pressure pressing down from all directions suddenly increased by more than a dozen times, and the shaking power that invaded Tang Huan's body also increased by leaps and bounds along with it.

In that moment, Tang Huan's mind was in turmoil, his originally strong and st.u.r.dy soul became a little dazed, while cracks immediately appeared on Tang Huan's body and internal organs. Inside the Dantian, the severely injured Nascent Soul could no longer hold on, and actually exploded.


Golden blood sprayed out from his mouth as Tang Huan's body fell backwards …

… ….

Among the rolling jungle, a mountain that was a thousand meters high stood alone.

The mountain peak was neither grand nor steep. It was extremely ordinary, as if the mountain peak was used as a encampment for the Sect of Danyang.

In the "Nether Life Domain", there are thousands and thousands of small sects, the Dan Yang Sect is one of them.

Compared to the other small sects, the only thing that could be done about the sect was to use pills. In a circ.u.mference of hundreds of thousands of miles, the lives and deaths of other small sects were fleeting. In so many small sects, there were only two that had existed for over three thousand years.

One was the Sky Cicada Sect, which had been in existence for eight thousand years. The other was the Pill Yang Sect, which was exactly three thousand years old.

However, the Dan Yang Sect that had existed for three thousand years was now at the critical moment of life and death. If he didn't take care of it properly, it would be destroyed right in front of him.

The Sect had an "Emperor's Spirit Celestial Elixir", which the Sect Leader had unintentionally found. It was incredibly magical, ordinary elixirs placed beside could be contaminated by the elixir Qi, and it would only take a few days for the elixir's efficacy to increase greatly. The reason why the Pill Yang Sect was able to rely on elixirs to stay in this region for three thousand years was because of that elixir.

Originally, the existence of the "Celestial Emperor Pill" was top secret.

In the entire Sect, only the previous Sect Leaders knew about it. However, recently, when the Void Zen Sect received the news, they directly came to the Sect to ask for it.

Although they were all small sects, the strength of the Void Zen Sect was far above the Dan Yang Sect.

After a fierce battle, there were only thousands of people left in the Sect. Almost all of them were wounded. Now, the cultivators of the Void Zen Sect had sealed off the area around the mountain. The Pill Sun Sect was limited to handing over the "Di Ling Immortal Pill" within ten days. Otherwise, they would attack again.

At that time, the Sect of Dan Yang would surely be annihilated.

"Do you really want to hand it over?"

On the altar on the peak, a barely audible sigh sounded out. The person that spoke was a young man in his twenties or thirties. His round face was filled with bitterness.

He was the current head of the sect, Zuo Yi. He had only been in office for two years.

"Even if we hand it over, I'm afraid we won't be able to protect the sect."

Zuo Yi shook his head with a wry smile.

He was very clear on the situation the Sect was facing right now. It was very easy for the Void Zen Sect to destroy the Sect, but the reason they didn't attack was to force him to hand over the pill. If they killed him, it would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens to find a small pill in the mountains.

By sealing off the surroundings of the Pill Yang Sect, he could first bring immense pressure to him and the other sect cultivators, and secondly, prevent the news from leaking out.

As long as that "Emperor Spirit Celestial Pill" was obtained, the possibility of the Void Zen Sect keeping their promise and letting the Pill Yang Sect live was very slim. The Void Zen Sect was also afraid of the news about the Immortal Pill being leaked, so as long as the Pill Yang Sect was exterminated, they would be able to completely relax.

He knew this, but the other cultivators of the Sect might not be able to understand it under the threat of death. Just now, the dozens of elders of the Sect had forced him to hand over the immortal pills to protect everyone's lives.

This was only the first day of the ten-day time limit given by the Void Zen Sect.

"My ancestors, how should I …"

Zuo Yi looked at the statue of the founder of the sect on top of the altar, and mumbled tiredly, but before he could finish, his voice suddenly stopped. Shock involuntarily appeared on his round face, and his vision was filled with a brilliant golden light.

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