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Chapter 1461 - Legacy of the Communion

Originally, they thought that the Tools Method Inherent Skill and Tools Method Attainments that Tang Huan had revealed was already frightening enough, but they never expected that Tang Huan had actually hidden his true strength.

Ancestral Master Green Heaven was a water and fire dual attribute dao flame, and Tang Huan was actually also a water and fire dual attribute dao flame.

With Tang Huan's innate talent, under the condition of the fusion of dao and fire, the chances of him successfully obtaining the Tools Method of the Green Sky Ancestral Master was at least ninety percent.

"G.o.d is unfair! "The heavens are unfair …"

His face had already become rather pale, the little bit of excitement he had earlier had vanished completely. With the sect's level of importance towards Tang Huan, if he were to receive the inheritance of the Tools Method of the Green Sky Sect's Ancestor, how could there possibly be a place for him in the future in Heaven's Fault?

However, Lu Zhitao still had a last glimmer of hope.

Nothing in the world is absolute. As long as it is not the last moment, Tang Huan still has a chance of failure in obtaining the inheritance, even if the probability is less than ten percent. Without Lu Zhitao having such a thought, the other low-rank divine tools in this s.p.a.ce had the same thought in their minds.

However, in the next moment, the lucky thought in their minds shattered.


The earth-shaking vibrations spread out, seemingly condensing into a powerful sound wave that instantly filled up the entire s.p.a.ce. At the same time, the Green Sky Sect Ancestor's statue burst forth with hundreds of millions of red and blue lights that dazzled and dazzled people's eyes, making them hard to look at.

In a split-second, a ball of red-blue Qi condensed and formed above the head of the Green Sky Ancestral Master statue, shooting towards Tang Huan like lightning, entering between his eyebrows in an instant.

"Success!" "It's a success!"

Du Xinghe could not help but burst into laughter, tears streaming down his face, "It's been tens of thousands of years, and a junior Disciples has finally obtained the inheritance of the Azure Sky Ancestral Master's Tools Method, hahahaha …"

Liu Tiangang and He Qingzhu also let out a long sigh, their faces filled with joy.

Lu Zhitao was suddenly as if he was a deflated ball, his expression was dejected and dejected, his entire being seemed to be dejected and dejected. The rest of the lower heaven's work did not look any better, all of them were like frosty eggplants, Tang Huan had actually obtained the Tools Method inheritance of the Green Sky Ancestral Master.

This was the legacy of saint rank heaven's work!

Because he had forged sixty low-grade perfect artifacts in a month, Tang Huan had already received great attention from the sect in the first place, and even unhesitatingly gave rewards which made people jealous of him by entering "Soaring Cloud Violet Palace" to cultivate for seven days, as well as any materials needed to forge artifacts. Now, even though Tang Huan had also obtained such a powerful Tools Method legacy, as long as he did not commit suicide, he would definitely be able to soar into the skies within the imperial palace.

When they thought of this, everyone was so jealous that they felt like they were going insane.

Under numerous gazes, the Green Sky Ancestral Master's sculpture finally regained its calm, and Tang Huan also withdrew his right palm.

With narrowed eyes and focused mind, Tang Huan was like a statue, unmoving.

The red-blue aura that had smashed into the center of Tang Huan's brows had already turned into countless pieces of information, and blended into the depths of Tang Huan's soul.

They were all scenes when Ancestral Master Green Sky was forging Dao artifacts. Starting from an ordinary Heavenly Blacksmith, to lower tier Heaven Crafting, to middle tier Heaven Crafting … All the way to the saint rank.

In the blink of an eye, several hours pa.s.sed ….

All of Ancestor Master Qingtian's experiences on the road of Tools Method had already been accepted by Tang Huan. Obtaining the inheritance of Tools Method through this method was much better than inspecting the artifact forging skills in the "Transmitting Immortal Seal", because all of the other party's insights into the Tools Method would be directly branded into the soul.

This was much easier than slowly experiencing it himself.

Tang Huan took in a light breath and slowly opened his eyes. The Green Sky Ancestral Master was a saint ranked work of heaven, and anyone who could become a saint rank expert was at least as powerful as Pan Ji, a Heavenly King Stage expert. The Tools Method Attainments could be said to be vast and profound, reaching an extremely shocking level.

Compared to the inheritance of the Tools Method of the Green Sky Ancestral Master, the amount of experience Tang Huan had gained in artifact forging previously was not even worth mentioning.

Of course, although the Tools Method Endowment method of the saint rank heavenly work was quite unique, it still couldn't compare to the Forging Divine Dragon Abyss's Tools Method Endowment.

However, if he could completely absorb the inheritance of the Azure Sky Ancestral Master's Tools Method, it would also be of no small help to Tang Huan. Most importantly, after obtaining this inheritance, his goal of coming to the Heart Palace had been achieved, and in the future, his performance in terms of Tools Method would be outstanding, so as to not arouse suspicion.

With that thought, Tang Huan faintly smiled, and in the blink of an eye, he swept his gaze over, and the first thing he saw were those gazes filled with jealousy and hatred.

Tang Huan did not take the matter to heart. His figure moved, and he gracefully landed in front of Du Xinghe and the others.

"Good!" Good! "Alright!"

Du Xinghe's surging emotions had already calmed down quite a bit, but at this moment, he still praised repeatedly with the word "good". An unconcealable smile was on his face as he said, "Little fellow, work hard, and don't disappoint this Tools Method inheritance of Ancestor Qing Tian's. If there is ever a day that I see another Saint rank heaven-defying expert from our royal palace, I will die with no regrets, even with the end of my life. "

Tang Huan said with a solemn expression on his face, "This disciple does not dare say that I will definitely become a saint rank heavenly work in the future, but no matter what, I will do my best to increase my own Tools Method Attainments."

"Then this old man is relieved."

Du Xinghe laughed and patted Tang Huan's shoulders, "Little guy, with the inheritance of the Azure Sky Ancestral Master's Tools Method, the other elders' inheritance of the Tools Method, I think you don't have much respect for them. If you don't want to stay here, you can leave now and return to the inheritance. "In a few days, all of the low-grade heavenly resources in our Huang Long Heavenly Mansion will leave the sect and make a trip to Sky Cloud City."

"Sky City?"

Tang Huan was surprised, but did not ask, "Then, this disciple will take his leave first."

After bowing towards Du Xinghe, Liu Tiangang, and He Qingzhu, Tang Huan turned and walked towards the empty s.p.a.ce at the edge of the s.p.a.ce where there were endless undulations.

"It's out! It's out! "

The crowd outside the Artifact Heart Hall immediately went into an uproar, hundreds of Weapon Refiner s exclaimed as they looked at the figure that suddenly appeared from outside the hall.

"Tang Huan! It's Tang Huan! "

"They actually came out so quickly?" Could it be a failure? "

"How is this possible? Don't think about Tang Huan's Tools Method Attainments and Tools Method. Since everyone else has failed, Tang Huan will not fail as well. "

"Indeed, even if he can't obtain the Tools Method inheritance of the Heaven rank, the high-rank Heaven rank Tools Method inheritance would still be no problem. I wonder which one he obtained?"


Everyone began discussing and discussing amongst themselves.

Tang Huan did not stay any longer. The moment his feet touched the ground, he leapt forward again, and in the blink of an eye, he had disappeared from the view of the several hundred Heavenly Blacksmith s …

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