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Chapter 1388 - Riding the Rankings (1)


The ear-piercing sound of something tearing through the air sounded out once again. Tang Huan didn't give Lu Changqing the slightest chance to hold back and chased after him like his shadow.

Lu Changqing was jolted awake, his sword spinning like a dragon.

The majestic sword intent and the powerful Strength Qi mixed together and roared out, instantly condensing into a terrifying white torrent.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

In the blink of an eye, the dark blue light collided with the snow-white torrent.

An earth-shaking explosion resounded as the entire arena was filled with a buzzing sound. The white torrent of energy broke apart at a speed that was hard to see with the naked eye, transforming into a powerful Strength Qi that surged in all directions.

Lu Changqing was greatly shocked, his face was filled with shock.

The reason why he hated Tang Huan to the bone was because he had realized that he was the blade Tang Huan used to kill. If Tang Huan had simply escaped, he would not be so furious. Originally, he thought that he could give Tang Huan an unforgettable lesson this time, and take his life when he had the chance in the future.

However, he did not expect that the situation would be completely out of his expectations when he actually took action.

The scene of him defeating Tang Huan and then ruthlessly humiliating him did not appear. On the contrary, it was himself who was suppressed by Tang Huan with a destructive force. He was forced to retreat by the first strike of the spear, and the lower grade Dao Artifact was subsequently damaged.

If it was just this, then it wouldn't be a big deal. However, in this second exchange, the Dao weapons would be in trouble again.


Another sharp and crisp sound resounded through the air, Lu Changqing was sent flying along with his sword, his back fiercely hitting the wall.

Immediately after, a whirlpool appeared on the wall.

"I didn't lose! I haven't lost yet! "

Sensing the power of the sucking coming from behind him, Lu Changqing shouted angrily, extremely unreconciled, but before he could finish speaking, fresh blood spurted out from his mouth. However, regardless of whether he was willing or not, the power of the sucking did not slow down in the slightest. In the next moment, his figure disappeared into the depths of the vortex.

Tang Huan sat down calmly, as if he had done a small thing.

In this "Heaven's Mandate", Tang Huan had already met with quite a few Seven Transformations Heaven stage people, if not for that low grade Dao Artifact, Lu Changqing's strength would not even be in the top three. However, Lu Changqing was indeed young. According to Tie Kuo's introduction, he seemed to have just turned 30, and was even younger than him.

This was the advantage of growing up in the Heaven Realm.

In the lower realms, from the start of cultivation to the Heavenly Domain, no matter how fast one was, it would still take around ten years or so. But in the Heaven Realm, the Heavenly Domain was only the starting point. Of course, no matter what the reason was, to be able to step into the realm of seven transformations at the age of thirty, one could be called a genius of the heavens.

He did indeed have the qualifications to join the Heaven Sect.

However, this defeat would likely bring him quite a blow.

Tang Huan thought for a moment, then stopped paying attention to the matter, and started to absorb the Immortal Sky Spirit Qi, and started to recover the spirit energy he had expended earlier.

… ….

"Haha, did you see that? Tang Huan dropped to second place!

"First place!" Miss Qiluo is back to first place. "

"Yi Qiluo is first, Tang Huan won a little too long, seems like his opponent from before was more powerful!"


"Yi Qiluo, Tang Huan, and Ling Tianyi, the three of them are the third place in this' Heaven's Path Divine Art '. Lu Changqing from the Lu family used a Dao Artifact, but he only used a fifth."

"From the looks of it, the one who was defeated by Tang Huan just now was undoubtedly Lu Changqing."


The change in rankings on the Rankings immediately attracted a lot of discussion from the cultivators, and the plaza in front of the hall became even noisier.

"Tang Huan?"

At the edge of the crowd, a tall and st.u.r.dy old man's face became rather gloomy. "Evergreen possesses a Dao Artifact, so how could he lose to a Seven Transformations Heaven man like him? Could it be that he used some sort of trick?"

Beside him, another old man in a green robe had an ugly expression on his face, "If I can get first place, I'll be taken in by Elder Xue of the Heaven's Expanse School and then become his disciple. This is much better than going directly to Elder Yao to join the Heaven's Expanse School." "It's a pity, Changqing only got to fifth, so Elder Xue might not set his eyes on him."

"Even if I lose to Yi Qiluo in the end, it would still be good to get second place!" The tall and st.u.r.dy old man's face was filled with anger, "That Tang Huan, he is truly hateful! By now, Evergreen should have already come out. Go to the entrance of the hall and bring Evergreen here, this old man would like to ask, just how exactly did he lose? "

"Yes, Head!" A young man quickly walked away.


… ….

"That Lu Changqing's Dao Artifact is probably going to be destroyed."

In the Rise to the Earth Hall, Sun Kui gave a loud laugh as he clapped his hands, "Being able to step into the Seven Transformations of Heaven at such a young age, your talent is indeed astonishing. His strength is not bad, and with the help of a Dao Artifact, that's why he was able to defeat his opponent all the way in the 'Heaven's Path Divine Art', and rush into the top six. Unfortunately, he met Tang Huan, the brat. "

"It can actually destroy an opponent's Dao Artifact with a Saint-rank Heavenly Soldier."

Yue Zichuan praised, "Even in the entire Crimson Radiance Sect, I'm afraid not many Seven Transformations Heaven stage people would be his match. This time, the person who will be ranked first on the Rankings will definitely be him. "

Xue Yu was also endlessly praising in his heart, but the more it was like this, the more he felt that the situation wasn't good.

The reason why Tang Huan was able to destroy Lu Changqing's low-grade Dao Artifact was not only because of the unparalleled sharpness of his attack, but also because he had merged the power of his Dao Fire into his attacks. The moment the two weapons clashed, the power of his Dao Fire invaded the low-grade Dao Artifact and directly destroyed the dao artifact it contained.

From this, it could be seen that Tang Huan's Tools Method Attainments was extremely profound and it might not be long before he could successfully forge an Inferior Grade Dao Artifact.

Back then, Guo An hadn't exaggerated at all.

Since he was able to see through this point, Sun Kui and Yue Zichuan's cultivation were not weaker than his, and naturally would not be an exception. From their expressions, it could be seen that the two were probably pondering how to s.n.a.t.c.h the brat Tang Huan inside.

Through the previous battle, Sun Kui and Yue Zichuan probably completely understood that his real target was Tang Huan.

In this regard, Xue Yu was extremely depressed. Luckily, compared to the two great sects, the Royal Sky Hall and the Limitless Temple, the Heaven Arts Sect had a much more obvious advantage. If Tang Huan wanted to go further in terms of Tools Method, the Qian Yuan Sky Sect was naturally the better choice.

When he thought of this, Xue Yu slightly calmed down.

"Two more matches left!"

Time flowed like water. In the arena, Tang Huan suddenly opened his eyes and shot up, "I wonder who will be my opponent for the second world war?"

Presently, there were only three people left within the "Heaven and Earth Arena."

Tang Huan had to fight with each of them, and if he won both battles, he would be ranked first on the Rankings; if he defeated one, he would be ranked second; if he lost both battles, he would be ranked third on the Rankings.

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