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Chapter 1358 - The Second Transformation


"You're courting death!"

After a blink of an eye, the two middle aged men had already regained their senses and shouted angrily. However, they suddenly realized that after being absent-minded for just a moment, Tang Huan had already moved as fast as lightning dozens of metres away, and his figure submerged into the pitch black mountain forest. The two of them were anxious and furious as they chased after him.

A few hundred meters away, Lu Changqing and the rest who were walking along the foot of the mountain sensed the commotion behind them, they suddenly stopped in their tracks and turned around, just in time to see the two middle-aged men chasing Tang Huan as they rushed into the forest.

The two people that stayed behind were two people that had condensed more than ten Dao Crystals, but they actually let a newly ascended man, who had just converted his primeval essence into Heaven Origin Stage, escape?

"Chase!" The corner of Lu Changqing's mouth twitched, his expression was dark and uncertain. He waved his hand and bellowed while gritting his teeth, "If you want to see life, if you want to see death, if you want to see corpses!"

"Yes, young master!"

There were only a few people left beside Lu Changqing, the rest of the dozen or so men all started moving, rushing towards that direction, after a while, they also went into the forest … …

… ….

This mountain range, which had been cut off by the Shansa River for dozens of miles, was called Shadow Mountain Range. It was located at the edge of the Shadow Dark Swamp.

"Although the mountain range is not very tall, it is extremely vast and the widest part of it is several thousand li wide. The mountain is covered in lush vegetation, and it is said that there are many extremely vicious Heavenly Beasts known as" Blood Phantom Wolves "growing inside." Although the Blood Shadow Wolf was only a Heaven Realm beast of the lowest level, its flesh body was extremely strong. A normal "Blood Shadow Wolf" could completely contend with a Three Transformations Heaven man, and the strongest could even contend with a cultivator of the Seven Transformations Heaven Realm.

To the current Tang Huan, the Shadow Mountain Range was indeed a rather dangerous place.

However, Tang Huan couldn't care so much for now. Right now, the most important thing was to get rid of Lu Changqing's lackeys. He had purposely stalled for time just now, and only when Lu Changqing and the rest were almost at the same distance from the two middle-aged men did he suddenly take action, with a very good effect.


In the dark forest, Tang Huan's body moved like a stream of light, rapidly jumping up and down.

At this moment, he had already activated both the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" and the "Dao Nascent Soul" to their limits, and within his body, heavenly essence was boiling. When combined with the tyrannical power of his flesh body, Tang Huan's speed became rather astonishing. Not only did the speed of the two middle-aged men behind him not decrease, it actually increased.

Tang Huan did not hold back at all, as long as he left the line of sight of the people behind, he could easily shake them off.

The large decrease in the Perception Ability was actually beneficial to Tang Huan. If they couldn't detect his condition, it meant that they could only rely on their own eyes. In such a dark night, it was impossible to find him without being able to see him at all.

Tang Huan's speed was extremely fast and had already grown to a Perception Ability of about fifteen meters in radius. He was like a fish in water, and wherever he went, he practically did not leave any obvious traces in the forest.

Not long later, the two middle-aged men behind him disappeared.

Tang Huan continued to walk left and right in the forest, and after a long time, he finally arrived at an extremely hidden tree hole. Tang Huan breathed a sigh of relief as he camouflaged himself at the cave entrance. He no longer had the Immortal Spirit Insight that he had left in his body when he went through the tribulation.

Even if those people were to pa.s.s by, they would not be able to detect his existence.

After about half an hour, Tang Huan heard extremely soft footsteps, and a total of four people appeared in the vicinity at almost the same time. Obviously, after Lu Changqing discovered that he had escaped, he sent even more cultivators to chase him down and kill him.

The four did not stop and quickly continued their search.

Tang Huan sat cross-legged quietly. He was not in a hurry to refine the "Golden Cicada", as he did not want to attract those people again by dragging the surrounding immortal energy. Time quietly flowed by. Unknowingly, there were already a couple of faint rays of light seeping into the tree hole. It was obvious that it was already daybreak outside.

Tang Huan crawled out of the tree hole, avoiding the path that the people had left behind last night, and continued deeper into the mountain range.

had no choice but to change his plans as he had unexpectedly formed an enmity with Lu Changqing. Originally, he had planned to go to Quiet Cloud City. But now … it seemed he would have to stay in the Shadow Mountain Range for a while longer. Although he did not know Lu Changqing's specific cultivation level, but he should be the strongest person he had seen in the past few days, a celestial being.

After approximately half a day, Tang Huan finally stopped at a dry ravine in the mountains. Luckily, along the way, they did not encounter any of Lu Changqing's henchmen, nor did they encounter any of the Shadow Blood Wolves.

"I don't want to be the one to borrow a blade to kill someone, but in the end, it's still my blade!"

Thinking about Lu Changqing, the killing intent in Tang Huan's heart surged, but it was instantly suppressed. After that, he sneered and sat down cross-legged.

At this time, within the cauldron lay the eighty-one fruits. Each fruit was the size of a thumb and glittered brightly like a golden cicada. This was the origin of the name 'Golden Cicada'.

Every "golden cicada" contained an extremely gentle and pure power.

Tang Huan calmed his mind and focused, choosing a random "Golden Cicada" to refine. Not long after, strands of power flowed out of the fruit and into the Dao Nascent Soul. Surrounding Tang Huan, the Immortal Sky Spirit Qi swirled around slowly. Although he had not absorbed it intentionally, but following the operation of the cauldron, the Immortal Sky Spirit Qi was unavoidably drawn and circulated around the surface of his body. Of course, such a movement would definitely not be too big.

The refining speed of this "Golden Cicada" was rather slow, but the effect was still better than directly absorbing and refining the spiritual energy of the heavens.

Three days of time quietly pa.s.sed by. In Tang Huan's cauldron, the "Golden Cicada" had already been completely refined, and within the body of the Dao Nascent Soul, there were two additional dao crystals. Tang Huan did not hesitate at all and immediately picked a second "Golden Cicada" to refine, then a third, then a fourth …

Along with the increase in the number of dao crystals, the refining speed of Tang Huan's "Golden Cicada" became faster and faster.

The first one took three days. The second one took two and a half days. The third one took two days. By the fourth time, it only took a little more than a day. After contacting four "golden cicadas", the number of crystals within Tang Huan's Dantian Soul had increased explosively, from two to ten.

The content of the ten Dao Crystals was almost at the level it was before the ascension of the heavens.

As the Dao Nascent Souls continued to circulate, the ten Dao-Crystals began to tremble violently. Not only did they resonate with each other, they even seemed to form tiny connections with each other. This also caused the nascent soul to experience an unfathomable change. And it was this change that greatly increased the power required to condense a dao crystal. After a day, Tang Huan had completely refined the fifth "Golden Cicada", and only then, a new Dao crystal appeared in his body.

However, with eleven dao crystals, it also meant that Tang Huan had reached the second stage of Heaven's Transformation.

What was rather strange was that this newly condensed dao crystal's inner strength s.p.a.ce was actually slightly larger than the first ten. Moreover, the moment it appeared, the other ten dao crystals also began to rapidly expand amidst the violent tremors.

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