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Chapter 1348 - Celestial Body of the Sun

Inside the Heavenly Road pa.s.sage, Tang Huan had already taken out a new set of clothes and put them on, as her eyes closed slightly.

The wondrous feeling of "Celestial spiritual energy" entering his body made Tang Huan feel as if he was drinking nectar, pottery, and intoxicating. It also made him feel as if he was walking in a hot spring, floating gracefully.

In the blink of an eye, it felt like tens of thousands of years had pa.s.sed ….

Immediately, Tang Huan woke up from his stupor. In the blink of an eye, he discovered that the Heavenly Road was no longer surrounded by the Forging G.o.d Great World's vast and limitless sky, but instead a white spatial barrier whose thickness was unfathomable.

In Pan Ji's memory, even those Heaven Realm warriors who were at the peak of their power could not forcibly break the barrier between the two realms.

If he wanted to enter the lower realms from the Heaven Realms above, he could only do so through other means.

Generally speaking, such methods were extremely rare.

"We will be entering the Heaven Realm soon!"

Tang Huan thought for a while, and then allowed the Heavenly Road's pa.s.sageway to pull him through the spatial barrier at a fast speed, while focusing on his own body.

Now, his injuries from the heavenly tribulation had completely healed.

What was even more miraculous was that under the infusion of "Celestial spiritual energy", his body, which had been tempered by the Law of the Tao's power countless times during the heavenly tribulation, was finally undergoing a transformation from a new body to a new one. Tang Huan could clearly feel that his skin, flesh, blood and bones all contained a majestic power. Not only that, Tang Huan also discovered that every part of his body had a faint aura of immortality overflowing.

"It used to be a 'Sun Spirit Body'. Now, it might even be called a 'Sun Immortal Body'!"

A faint smile emerged between Tang Huan's brows.

Compared to the "Sun Spirit Body," the "Sun Immortal Body" was many times stronger in all aspects, and the two were on a completely different level. If he had used this flesh body during his tribulation, even without using the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace", Tang Huan was confident in being able to withstand the final eighteen heavenly tribulations with his flesh body.

Inside the Dantian, the transparent Dao Nascent Soul had undergone a tremendous amount of "Celestial spiritual energy" infiltration, making it seem increasingly pure. In addition, within the small and exquisite body of the Dao Infant, there was actually a round and tiny crystal.

"Dao crystal?"

Tang Huan could not help but be pleasantly surprised.

Normally speaking, after the cultivators of the lower realms ascend to the heavenly tribulation, they would need a relatively long time to condense a Dao crystal. However, Tang Huan had yet to enter the Heaven Realm, and the Dao crystal had already formed.

In the Heaven Realm, how many Dao-Crystals there were depended on the strength of the person.

The more Dao-Crystals a Nascent Soul contained, the stronger one would be, and vice versa. Before the upper realm king like Pan Ji had been captured by the Cast Divine Dragon Abyss, he had over a hundred million Dao crystals, and eighty percent of his Dao Nascent Soul body had been converted into Dao crystals.

Just the thought of more than a hundred million Dao-Crystals was enough to make one feel terrified.

Compared to Pan Ji at that time, Tang Huan, who only had one Dao crystal, was not even worth mentioning.

After obtaining the memories of Pan Ji's soul, Tang Huan deeply understood how lucky he was to be able to kill Pan Ji. If Pan Ji, who had been suppressed by the G.o.d Creation G.o.d, was the one in his prime, even a single glance would be enough to kill him.

However, he was already very satisfied with possessing a Dao crystal.

Amongst all the cultivators who had just ascended the heavenly tribulation, one could obtain a Dao crystal before entering the Heaven Realm.

In the next moment, Tang Huan discovered that the surrounding spatial walls seemed to have become thinner.

"We're almost there."

Tang Huan thought for a moment, then immediately calmed down and made his preparations.

After only about ten breaths of time, the heavenly path which had guided him all the way up disappeared, and the s.p.a.ce in front of him seemed to have been affected by a violent gust of wind as it rippled out in all directions. With a flash, Tang Huan landed on the ground, and his vision changed accordingly.

However, before Tang Huan could even take a good look at his surroundings, he felt an extremely dense "Celestial spiritual energy".

However, the "Heavenly Immortal Aura" here was completely different from the one in the Heavenly Road. The "Celestial spiritual energy" on the Heavenly Road was pure and gentle and would not cause any harm to a cultivator's body. However, right here, the "Heavenly Immortal Aura" turned from a gentle breeze to a violent storm. It was abnormally violent and oppressive. One could immediately feel a terrifying pressure coming from it, causing one to be unable to breathe.

"This is the Heaven Realm!"

After the moment of surprise, joy started to surge in Tang Huan's heart.

The Heaven Realm was no longer filled with the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, but with the Spiritual Qi of Immortality.

In the Heavenly Road, all cultivators who successfully crossed heavenly tribulation would be infused with "celestial spiritual energy" during their ascension. This allowed the cultivator's body to adapt to their existence. After entering the Heaven Realm, it would also greatly offset the pressure from the "Celestial spiritual energy" in the area.

If they hadn't experienced this, of the ten thousand cultivators that ascended to the heavens, nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine would have immediately died under the terrifying pressure of the "Heavenly Immortal Spiritual Energy". Only one particularly strong cultivator would have managed to survive.

After pouring in the "Celestial spiritual energy", the terrifying pressure would still remain, but with the gentle "Celestial spiritual energy" pushing against each other, the pressure on the body would be greatly reduced. Even though he had felt that it was extremely inappropriate in the beginning, at least his life was fine. Especially for Tang Huan who possessed an extremely tyrannical flesh body and the "Celestial Immortal Body", the pressure he felt from the "Celestial Energy" was completely unbearable.

Of course, in order to completely adapt to the environment of the Heaven Realm, one had to make the primeval essence in their body transform into Tianyuan.

Beneath his feet was a mound of green gra.s.s that was more than ten meters tall. Surrounding him were mound after mound of gra.s.s, and between the mound and the depression in the ground, it was also covered with cl.u.s.ters of green gra.s.s.

Tang Huan subconsciously activated his "Dao Infant", "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" and "Intangible Buddha", but discovered that his sensing range was only around ten meters.

This couldn't help but cause Tang Huan to slightly frown.

Through Pan Ji's memories, Tang Huan had long known about this situation. However, after personally experiencing it, he still felt extremely uncomfortable. For cultivators who had just ascended the heavens, their true essence had yet to be converted to Heaven's Essence, and the Perception Ability would be strongly suppressed by the "Celestial Sky Spirit", causing it to decrease greatly.

Generally speaking, the first time he entered the Heaven Realm, his sensing range was only around a meter, which was almost negligible.

Tang Huan being able to sense the area within ten meters was already very magical. If the news were to spread out, countless cultivators who had just entered the Heaven Realm would be dumbstruck.

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