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Chapter 1316. It didn't take long to get it!

"Good!" "Alright!"

Hearing this, Tang Huan was overjoyed.

Xiao Budian should have just learned how to speak not too long ago, and there would be a long period of time before its speech would become smoother and smoother. It was just that he did not know if this little fellow could transform into a human or if it could not, it would be difficult to transcend heavenly tribulation.

After a while, Tang Huan asked with some curiosity: "Xiao Budian, how did you find this place?"

"I'm here... Heavens … Yi ya... After Heavenly Forging City, I found … Yi ya... Shan Shan, I heard she said you … Yi ya... Coming this way, so. "He's here too..."

Xiao Budian explained with difficulty as he gestured with his two thick and short front paws.

Then, Xiao Budian seemed to have thought of something, "Oh right, Tang … Brother Huan … Yi ya, I … On the way … To come across this... Yi ya... Personal... Scolding you … I put him. Yi ya... "He's here..." As he finished speaking, Xiao Budian loosened the wings that were wrapped around Tang Huan's body and slowly floated up into the air. Then, as if he was offering a treasure, he lifted up one of his hind legs.


Hearing that, Tang Huan looked over in confusion. Only then did he realise that a person was lying on Xiao Budian's claws, wearing a gold crown and a white robe. It was the former king of the upper realms who had escaped using some kind of mysterious method.

"Little guy, well done!"

Tang Huan immediately smiled, his eyes full of surprise and joy. The white robed man never expected that after escaping from this place, he would run into Xiao Budian and be caught by him.

"Tang Huan... Yi ya... Brother, he is … Yi ya... "Who is it?"

Xiao Budian was also somewhat curious.

When it was just a few hundred kilometers away from here, a figure suddenly appeared in front of it without any warning. Furthermore, the moment it appeared, it cursed fiercely at Tang Huan. Xiao Budian was furious and immediately took action, easily capturing him.

"I was fighting with this person just now, and in the end he accidentally escaped. It's fortunate that you encountered him. Otherwise, the chances of finding him again are minuscule." Tang Huan said with a smile, but he was secretly rejoicing in his heart. This white robed man coincidentally fell into Xiao Budian's hands and was caught, which could be said to have helped Tang Huan solve a mental problem.

"So it's like this … Yi ya... Speaking of which … My contribution... Yi ya... "It's not small..." Xiao Budian squinted, and said happily.

"Not big, but very big!"

Tang Huan laughed, and extended his hand to grab, causing the white robed man's body to fall into his palm. After that, Tang Huan's six hundred meters tall body quickly shrank, and quickly returned to normal. His new clothes once again covered his body.

If one performed the "Soul Transformation of the Dao", the robe would not be damaged at all. One could use the "Battle King's Golden Body", and the robe would definitely be torn to pieces.

Every time he revealed the "Battle King's Golden Body", Tang Huan would have to take out a new robe to cover his naked body. Although he had s.p.a.ce tools to carry around with him, it was still quite a headache. Since it wasn't enough and he couldn't think of any other good methods, he could only give it a shot.


Seeing this, Xiao Budian's fat body quickly shrunk like a deflating ball. In the blink of an eye, the huge beast had turned into a small blue beast that was as big as a plate, sparkling and translucent. It was extremely adorable.

Compared to before, its body was still a little bigger.


A soft voice rang out. It was Yujiang and the others who had returned nearby. They looked respectful, but their eyes were still filled with shock.

"Send the order back."

Tang Huan slightly nodded his head, and said in a deep voice, "Tell Wu Hongchang to gather some men and immediately enter the 'Heavenly Ancient Region'. This time, not only will we destroy the 'Heavenly Ancient Region', we will also kill our way into the City of Heaven's Will, and then take advantage of this situation to occupy the entire Vermillion Bird Great World!"

"Yes sir!"

Yu Jiang and the rest bowed in response. However, their expressions were somewhat complicated. They were well aware that it was likely that Heaven's Will City would be uprooted this time around.

From then on, the Vermillion Bird Great World no longer had Heaven's Will City, and the tentacles of the Glory Empire would quickly spread to every corner of the Vermillion Bird Great World. If Tang Huan were to promote martial arts education in the Vermillion Bird Great World, he estimated that in a few hundred years, the two great worlds would become one. And the Vermillion Bird Great World would never be able to escape the rule of the Glory Empire.

However, they were all Tang Huan's puppets, so these were not something that they could be concerned about.

A moment later, Yu Jiang and the other ten Void Transformation Stage cultivators left with complicated emotions and quickly returned to the Heavenly Forging City.

Under Xiao Budian's curious gaze, Tang Huan grabbed the white robed man's head and slowly closed his eyes. After a long while, a cloud of white-colored odor's head rose from the white robed man's head, and condensed in Tang Huan's palm.

The aura was extremely dense, as if it had solidified.

It fluctuated crazily in Tang Huan's palm, as if it was desperately trying to escape. Unfortunately, its struggles were of no use.

This was the soul of the white-robed man!

Inevitably some accident occurred, but Tang Huan did not choose to plant a "puppet soul imprint" on him, and instead directly extracted his soul from the head.

The stability of this fellow's soul was somewhat beyond Tang Huan's expectations. Other cultivators at the peak of the Void Transformation Stage, even those like Gu Jinglei, could easily extract their souls. But this time, Tang Huan had spent a lot of effort.

It was fortunate that Tang Huan's soul had merged with the "Intangible Buddha" and the G.o.d Crafting Crystal. Otherwise, he would probably fail.

"Stop struggling to the death."

Tang Huan laughed and then used the Heart Twining and Soul Searching Method.

After a long while, Tang Huan finally let out a sigh of relief, and with a surprised look on his face, he looked at Xiao Budian who was looking at him anxiously and smiled: "Little fellow, do you know the ident.i.ty of the person you have just captured?"

"What... "Ident.i.ty?" Xiao Budian was suspicious, he forced himself to swallow the yayaya sound that rushed to his mouth.

"The Heavenly King of the Heaven Realm!" Tang Huan laughed.

"Heavens …" Heavenly King? "


This white-robed man's surname was Pan Ji. Countless years ago, he had indeed been the upper realm Sky King.

Speaking of which, the fact that Pan Xi would appear in the lower realms also had a great relationship with the Cast Divine Dragon Abyss. Pan Ji was from a great sect in the Heaven Realm, called the "Pan Gu Heaven Sect". Furthermore, he was an elder of the "Pan Gu Heaven Sect".

At that time, Long Yuan did not have the strength to continue on. He had unintentionally formed enmity with Pan Ji and was now being chased. In the end, Pan Ji was captured by Long Yuan.

If he killed Pan Ji, Long Yuan would definitely be found by the powerful cultivators of the "Pan Gu Sky Sect". Therefore, letting Pan Ji go wouldn't be feasible either. After weighing the pros and cons, it was unknown what kind of method Long Yuan used to return to the great world where he came from, to heavily injure Pan Ji, and suppress a inside the cave within the "Ancient Clear Heaven Domain".

That cave was the current "Ancient Celestial King Cave".

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