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Chapter 333: Episode 62 - G.o.d's Enemy (6)

Jung Heewon emitted a pure white light as she pointed the Sword of Judgment at Athena.

Athena spoke, [Uriel… I didn't hear that Eden was coming?]

[I'm not here as part of Eden.]


[I'm just helping my incarnation.] Uriel continued speaking. [Athena. Up to here, haven't you done a lot for Olympus so far? How long are you going to worry about Gigantomachia? Are you going to keep creating it with the bureau?]

[I'm concerned. It is very serious, Uriel. We are just trying to recall the tale of encouraging good while punishing evil. Good wins and evil is defeated. It is right to emphasize this a few times.]

[Encouraging good while punishing evil…]

[As the good story increases, the constellations will consume good scenarios. The more this happens, the cleaner the Star Stream will become.]

Uriel's eyes shook when she heard the words. Carrying out many good stories and scenarios would make the world better. Certainly, there was a time when she believed so.

[Then is the Star Stream better now? Do the constellations love the good stories?]

[It isn't enough right now. But someday―]

The angel's wings flapped and moved.

[Athena, you are usually on the side of the weak.]

Uriel looked down at the giants fighting on the ground. To be precise, she was watching the smallest giant Breaking the Sky Sword Saint.

[I want to ask you, Spokesman of Justice and Wisdom.] Uriel's tone changed and Athena's expression became stricter. [Is that 'giant' evil?]

Athena looked down at the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint. The Breaking the Sky swordsmanship smashed the sky and tore at the constellations. The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint was small but strong. Perhaps she was stronger than the giants who had been idle in Tartarus.

However, she wasn't strong from the beginning.

「 Go away! Get away from me! You unlucky girl! 」

「 Cursed girl! You ruined my family! 」

「 The blood of the giants. It is said that if you eat that girl's heart, you will gain the strength of a tiger. 」

The suffering that the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint experienced were narrated and entered Athena's eyes. It was a bitterness she had to bear just because she was born as a giant or because she had a different appearance.

Athena bit her lips. [All giants are dangerous. Their nature is fierce and they can bring about another terrible disaster.]

[Disaster? Who will they bring the danger of disaster to?]

Athena firmly grasped her spear but she was avoiding Uriel's gaze.

[Of course, to humans…]

[Humans? Since when does Olympus care about humans?]

[Uriel! You better be careful with your words―]

[Athena, you know it as well.]

Athena's mouth half-closed and Uriel continued.

[The thing you are trying to create right now is a fake 'encouraging good while punishing evil. It is a fake myth that arbitrarily designates 'evil' and 'good.']

Athena's eyes shook.

[So what if it is fake? Even if it is fake…]

[Athena, did you forget? The scenario of 'encouraging good while punishing evil' because of the rampant 'fakes.'] Uriel's voice quivered as she remembered the time of 'demon hunting.' [Athena. In this scenario, there is no good or evil. There is only our desire to see the story.]

Uriel stared up at the sky and a light shone. [I… don't want to see this story anymore.]

Archangel Uriel was staring at the Star Stream.

[Now I want to see 'real evil' being broken.]

Athena's eyes widened. Her trembling voice flowed out. […That story has disappeared a long time ago.]

[No, it hasn't.] Uriel smiled as she watched me. [That's why I came here.]

The Sword of Judgment and Athena's spear pointed at each other.

[There is no more room for compromises.]

The archangel of Eden collided with the G.o.ddess of Olympus. Athena's onslaught went beyond the probability. Jung Heewon seemed to be pushed at first but the situation soon stabilized thanks to Yoo Jonghyuk's partic.i.p.ation. It wouldn't be impossible to stall Athena while the synchronization with Uriel lasted.

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' is rejoicing in the b.l.o.o.d.y battle between constellations!]

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon' wants both to die!]

[The 'absolute evil' constellations are cheering for the collision between 'absolute good' constellations.]

A huge admission fee was pouring into the channel through Biyoo. Biyoo shook a bit.


I looked at the other side of the sky. The problem was that red-headed man flying over there. He was riding a huge carriage with a red sun behind him.

The Almighty Sun, Apollon. Just like the myths, he had a very handsome face. It was almost enough to slap Yoo Jonghyuk's cheeks once… no, it would be twice.

[The constellation 'Almighty Sun' is directing intense anger at you!]

He was one of the 12 G.o.ds and too much for me to handle alone. Pluto was broken and the body parts hadn't fully recovered. Maybe my incarnation body would turn to ash after being hit once or twice by the sun.

However, I wasn't worried. It was because I wasn't the one who would fight the Almighty Sun.

In the distance, I heard something like a locomotive horn. There was the sound of train wheels. At one time, I didn't know how scary this sound was.

[The constellation 'Almighty Sun' is confused.]

If there were 12 main G.o.ds in Olympus, there were eight Lokapala in Vedas. The Lokapala that appeared was one I knew well.

[Surya, why are you here?!]

The sun carriage and sun train collided, creating a blinding explosion. The lacking probability meant Surya's train wasn't as big as before but it was enough to match Apollon's carriage.

[Surya… Can I accept this as Vedas' meaning?]

[I have no relationship with Vedas. I left it a while ago.] Surya laughed. [I just came here to determine who the best sun G.o.d is.]

A blazing sunlight filled the air. It was a showdown between Surya and Apollon. The arrows containing Apollon's light power covered the sky like a waterfall and Surya's third eye disrupted the trajectory of the arrows. The myth and myth were crashing together. It was enough to leave Apollon to Surya.

I looked around the rest of the battlefield.

"Dokjssi! I like the new shield!"

Lee Hyunsung, who held Heracles' Shield, was crossing the battlefield while knocking down heroes and giant soldiers. Han Sooyoung precisely managed her magic power and handled the ma.s.s produced Heracles one by one.

Once Stage Transformation started to collapse, the balance was slightly leaning towards us. The powerful Gigantes pushed the heroes and Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung controlled the chimera dragon, using its breath to turn the beach into a sea of fire.

Lee Jihye was constantly firing sh.e.l.ls at the ma.s.s produced Heracles. I had increased Lee Jihye's magic power in preparation for this day.

[A new myth is emerging in Gigantomachia!]

The myth of Kim Dokja's Company was being recorded in real time. Everyone was fighting well and nothing was wrong.

「 Nevertheless, Kim Dokja was strangely nervous. 」

It was a very small hunch. I subtly felt that something was wrong. There was nothing wrong when I checked calmly. Uriel and Surya partic.i.p.ated in a timely manner and Yoo Jonghyuk returned safely from Earth's crisis. Then why?

「 Actually, Kim Dokja knew the reason. 」


「 Look around. 」

The one I was looking for didn't exist. Athena, Jason, Apollon, Achilles…

There were many G.o.ds and heroes who made a name for themselves in Olympus but none of them was Olympus' leader.

If the scenario was correct, there should be one more leader other than Ares. I had to kill them in order to end this scenario.

Perhaps it was the Volcanic Blacksmith Hephaistos who hadn't appeared but he didn't directly partic.i.p.ate in Gigantomachia in the original novel or the revised versions. Then who the h.e.l.l was the other leader of Olympus?

「 At this moment, a hero entered Kim Dokja's eyes. 」

[Stop! You have to stop!]

I looked at the hero. A beautifully tanned, muscular body and eyes full of dizziness. The 'status' I felt from him was similar to Yoo Sangah.

The Hero of the Labyrinth, Theseus.

[This fight has no meaning!]

Theseus was trying to stop the fight.

[We have to stop here! There is no need to fight the giants! Doing this won't help Olympus! Athena! Apollon! Don't you know?]

I couldn't figure out what the h.e.l.l was going on. In the past Gigantomachias, Theseus had never appeared and done such a thing. It wasn't an impossible story but…

[Please! Stop! At this rate, Olympus will…!]

It happened at this moment. A red arrow flashed over Theseus' head. It was an arrow stating he was the leader of Olympus.

Then Theseus grabbed his head and groaned with pain.

[T-This… no, no. No, Father!]

Something went wrong.

Dionysus, watching the scenario on the sofa of the Administrative Bureau, jumped up. The popcorn box rolled across the ground.

The surprised Bihyung was going to open his mouth when Dionysus exclaimed. [d.a.m.n! Why is Theseus there?]

Dionysus shouted at the dokkaebis. It was as if he was the Dokkaebi King.

[Quickly prepare the 'probability plausibility screening'. Or everyone in that scenario will die!]

The next moment, there was an explosion on the screen.

I couldn't tell what was happening. My ears rang and my vision turned completely white. I was caught in the explosion and flew through rock walls into a cave.

[Your incarnation body is severely damaged.]

[The damage to your incarnation body is serious. You need urgent treatment!]

I bandaged the wounds to stop my stories from escaping. I staggered up and looked outside the coastal cave.

A battlefield strewn with blood. The foam reached the tip of my toes and the sea breeze soaked my lips. In addition, no one could be seen on the battlefield.

There was no Shin Yoosung and Lee Gilyoung flying in the sky on a dragon. Lee Jihye directing the phantom fleet as well. In addition, Lee Seolhwa and Lee Hyunsung who had just been protecting the party.

"Yoosung! Gilyoung!"

I couldn't see Yoo Jonghyuk fighting Athena in the sky or Han Sooyoung destroying the ma.s.s produced Heracles. There wasn't even Uriel or Surya.

"Han Sooyoung! Yoo Jonghyuk!"

My shouts echoed inside the cave where the sea breeze was blowing. My heart sank. What the h.e.l.l happened?

After a while, something huge emerged from the water. An immeasurable and inscrutable being to human cognition.

I thought as I faced it, 'This is a G.o.d.'

It felt like all the constellations I previously saw were fake. It was an existence that could only be described as a 'G.o.d.'

[I am the Spear that Parts the Boundaries of the Sea, Poseidon.]

The mythical father of the great hero of Olympus, Theseus. The moment his true voice rang out, my heart throbbed and blood poured out. It was just like the first time I met an outer G.o.d a long time ago.

My fingertips shook like I had palsy. Why did Poseidon descend? It wasn't possible. Poseidon had never intervened in any period of Gigantomachia. If the myth-grade constellation like him intervened, not only would the odds of Olympus be seriously damaged, the entire scenario would be blown away.

Nevertheless, he appeared here. What the h.e.l.l? What was he thinking? My hand kept shaking. Then after a while, I realized that I wasn't the one shaking. The smartphone that I subconsciously held tightly was vibrating.

TL: Rainbow Turtle

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