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Chapter 484 – Encounter With an Acquaintance

“Qin Feng, what are you looking at?” Seeing that Qin Feng was in a daze, Lin Bei Bei waved her hands in front of him.

“Hehe, it's nothing. I just came back all of a sudden. I was really moved!” Qin Feng didn't mention anything about Han Ying Ying. Even though he did, he felt a bit sad. Before Qin Feng left three months ago, he specially barged into Han Ying Ying's villa and became even stronger than her. Now that he saw this woman spending time with the other two rich young masters, Qin Feng felt a bit uncomfortable!

“Oh!” “I don't know whose business this is anymore, but I do miss this place a little.” Previously, the waitress was sitting modestly across from Qin Feng. Now, she took the initiative to run up to Qin Feng and sit down. She obediently lay in Qin Feng's embrace with a blissful and sweet expression on her face.

“You miss this place too?” Qin Feng asked.

“Humph!” “It seems like you've forgotten about it. It's really infuriating.” Lin Bei Bei pinched Qin Feng's waist and continued: “My mom desperately needed money for surgery. In order to raise the money for surgery, I was forced to sell myself at the Royal Clubhouse, but the first customer was you. You didn't even ask for me at the time and gave me 100,000 yuan to send me away.

Of course Qin Feng didn't forget. He only thought that Lin Bei Bei would be embarra.s.sed and upset if he said it, but now that the two of them were walking together, it would be a wonderful fate and memory to say it.

“You're still talking about it. At that time, I was spying on your beauty in cla.s.s. That night, I nearly got you in my cla.s.s. Even I didn't expect that I would actually be able to control you!” Qin Feng smiled gently.

“Then why didn't you go up? Am I still lacking in your aesthetic standards? ” Lin Bei Bei suddenly felt a little nervous. She knew that Qin Feng had played with many women and they were all top quality beauties. Lin Bei Bei was a bit scared. If Qin Feng stayed with her for a while, would he just get tired of her?

“How could that be? The national beauties of Bei Bei are like heavenly beauties that have descended to the mortal world …. It's just that you're different from the other women I've met before, plus we're still at the same table, I don't want to hurt you.” Qin Feng was telling the truth, and Lin Bei Bei was extremely touched.

Very quickly, the dishes ordered by the two were served.

Lin Bei Bei rarely ate this kind of high-end food, so she didn't stand on ceremony with Qin Feng. She picked up her fork knife and began to eat the food. Qin Feng silently watched Lin Bei Bei eat and occasionally put his sliced steak on Lin Bei Bei's plate.

In the room across from Qin Feng, Han Ying Ying, Fang Xing, and Zhang Hui sat at the same table!
Fang Xing was the eldest grandson of Acropolis City's Fang Family, while Zhang Hui was the eldest grandson of the Zhang Family. Three months ago, the two of them were used by Qin Ye and Sima Tu as p.a.w.ns to deal with the Qin Family, but that day, Qin Feng brought Liang Yu and Zhao Ling Xian to the Amethyst Dragon Palace to run into two people.

Of course, there was also a kid called Li Xingliang who was with Fang Xing and Zhang Hui back then. The three families were all part of Acropolis City's Five Small Families, and because of the Liang Family's declaration of war, they had arranged for the three of them to go abroad, keeping a low profile from now on.

They had originally thought that the three small families were going to endure the humiliation and not be able to move forward due to the suppression of the Qin family. Who knew that the heavens would not predict the future? Three months ago, the Qin family suffered a great war and was obliterated …

So the Zhang Family and Fang Family called Fang Xing and Zhang Hui back to the country, and the two families teamed up in an ambitious manner. Now, they had already stepped into the ranks of the new Acropolis City's four great families, and Li Xingliang's family was still a little afraid.
Han Ying Ying wore a fiery-red dress, revealing half of her voluptuous chest. Her delicate and charming face was painted with thick makeup, and she looked just like a queen. Although she looked like a flirtatious woman, no one dared to get close to her.

“Director Han, you really are a busy man. It's really difficult for me to see you again!” Fang Xing had a fawning smile on his face as he looked at Han Ying Ying. Zhang Hui's att.i.tude was also respectful.

Han Ying Ying had taken over all of the Qin family's a.s.sets and became Acropolis City's richest woman. In addition to Han Ying Ying's beauty and s.e.xy figure, all of Acropolis City's young masters had their eyes on her. Anyone who could marry this woman would never have to worry for their entire life.

“If you have something to say, just say it. I'm indeed very busy. I have other things to take care of later!” Han Ying Ying took a sip of red wine, her every movement carrying a n.o.ble aura.

Although Fang Xing and Zhang Hui weren't happy in their hearts, they also hid it in their hearts. Fang Xing continued to smile and said, “Chairman Han, you have so many businesses in Acropolis City, do you think you can give us a little something so that the other families can have a taste of the meat?”

“Why? What qualifications do you have to do so? ” Han Ying Ying's expression suddenly became cold as she said tyrannically.

Killing intent flashed across Fang Xing and Zhang Hui's faces, and Fang Xing no longer had a mischievous smile on his face. He said in a neutral tone, “Director Han, business is about money. With your current att.i.tude, I'm afraid it will attract a lot of trouble.”

“What trouble?” Han Ying Ying smiled playfully.

“Director Han has taken down all the properties of the previous Qin family, making him the largest merchant group in Acropolis City. There is no doubt about this matter. But this is a Acropolis City after all, and Director Han is a person from Jincheng City. In order to do business here, you have to show some gifts, otherwise, our relationship will get out of hand and it will not be good for everyone! ” Fang Xing said with a cold expression.

“Are you guys threatening me?” Han Ying Ying didn't seem to be afraid at all.

“It's good that you understand, Director Han. Some things that you say too clearly hurt your feelings …” Our two big families have already made our decision, give Director Han three days to think it over, and we don't need too much time. Just transfer the shares of this Royal Clubhouse, and in the future, our Fang and Zhang families will be good friends with Director Han. Fang Xing began to talk about the various benefits he could gain in an attempt to tempt Han Ying Ying.

Han Ying Ying acted as if she didn't hear anything and sneered: “Then what if I don't hand over any shares?”

“Humph!” Then, if you refuse a toast and don't eat a forfeit, Director Han's safety will be a real headache! ” Fang Xing laughed coldly.

At this point, Han Ying Ying no longer had any thoughts of staying. Just as she was about to leave, her gaze suddenly fell on a room diagonally opposite her. Han Ying Ying's body shook violently as if something exploded in her head!

“Qin Feng, let's toast to celebrate how you saved me …” And celebrate how I became your woman tonight! ” Lin Bei Bei didn't drink before, but she was extremely happy tonight. As soon as the red wine was served, she took the initiative to toast Qin Feng.

“Drink slowly, as much as you can drink!” Qin Feng lovingly patted Lin Bei Bei's head, then shook the goblet in his hand as he slowly tasted the 82 year old Lafite Wine.

Lin Bei Bei didn't understand this, so she treated it as a sip of beer. After hearing that they had a deep relationship, she felt a bit bored.

“Cough cough!” This wine tastes so weird! ” Lin Bei Bei's delicate and charming face wrinkled. She stuck out her tongue and fanned herself with her small hands.

When Qin Feng saw Lin Bei Bei's cute appearance, he couldn't help but hug her tightly: “Bei Bei, this is Lafite from 82 years. How can you drink it like beer? If you drink that just now, 10,000 yuan would be gone!”

“Ah?” What did you say? 10,000 yuan? “Why is it so expensive!” Lin Bei Bei jumped in fright and started to pin her throat with her finger. Qin Feng immediately patted off Lin Bei Bei's hand and asked with a frown: “Bei Bei, what are you doing?”

“Ah?” This wine is so expensive, just thinking about it makes me feel guilty, I want to spit out everything I drink! ”

Qin Feng's mouth twitched. Lin Bei Bei's appearance really made him cute: “Don't. Spit it out. She won't give you the money back.”

Lin Bei Bei immediately stopped and looked at Qin Feng with an expression of realization: “That's right! Then forget it, since Young Master Qin is rich, I'll take it as having your glory. ” Lin Bei Bei thought like this and didn't think much of it.

Qin Feng smiled and patted Lin Bei Bei's head: “Bei Bei, actually, kissing after drinking red wine gives you an unexpected feeling!” Do you want to try me? ”

Lin Bei Bei blushed and nodded slightly. Qin Feng hugged Lin Bei Bei and sat in his embrace. He lowered his head and began to kiss her pa.s.sionately.

“Director Han, have you made up your mind?”

Fang Xing and Zhang Hui saw that Han Ying Ying was still in a daze and impatiently urged her on. They thought Han Ying Ying was pondering over the suggestion.

“I'm leaving first!” Han Ying Ying came back to her senses, and her face suddenly became pale. She felt as if all her energy had been drained from her body. She picked up her handbag and walked outside.

The sweet image of Qin Feng and Lin Bei Bei kissing still surfaced in Han Ying Ying's mind. This scene was what Han Ying Ying imagined she would get every night. It really happened now, but the female lead wasn't her. Han Ying Ying missed Qin Feng so much these past three months, but she didn't expect Qin Feng to really come back. He was carrying that little beauty from the Royal Hotel. From the looks of it, the two of them were really together?

Han Ying Ying thought that she was a joke because she went the wrong way and split up with Qin Feng. Han Ying Ying spent her own money to buy all of the Qin family's businesses, and in these three months, the Qin family's businesses were thriving. She wanted to wait until Qin Feng came back and return the new Royal Group to him, then ask Qin Feng: “Can you forgive me?”

Now that Qin Feng had returned, Han Ying Ying no longer had the courage to walk in front of him and ask for his forgiveness. Now that Qin Feng had returned, but Han Ying Ying no longer had the courage to walk in front of him and no longer have the face to ask for his forgiveness.

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