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Chapter 1078 - Divine Dream Heart Sect (2)

"Heavenly Note Soul Controlling Art?"

The black-clothed female and the other six people could not help but exclaim in surprise. But after that moment, the Qi undulations seeping out from Tang Huan's soul had undergone a huge change.

"Heavenly Luo Soul Refining Art!"

Immediately afterwards, the six blurted out at the same time.

Tang Huan smiled slightly, his soul undulations changing over and over again. Each time changing, it represented a new type of soul technique.

"Heart Twining and Soul Searching Method!"

"Divine Sense and Soul Consolidation Method!"

"Eight Directions True Devil Soul Formation!"


Strings of characters involuntarily jumped out from the woman in black's mouth.

After Tang Huan continuously used more than ten soul techniques, the six of them had extremely strange expressions on their faces. There was some shock, some suspicion, and even some excitement.

"You … Who exactly are you? "

When Tang Huan stopped, the woman in black could not help but ask with her trembling voice. The six of them stared at Tang Huan with their twelve pairs of eyes.

At this time, they had completely eliminated all suspicion that this person was an enemy of the Divine Dream Heart Sect.

What he had displayed just now were all the secret arts of the "Divine Dream Heart Sect". Being able to call out their names to their enemies was already very unbelievable. It was impossible for them to be able to use every single one of them. There were even a few secret techniques that they had only heard of before.

Moreover, judging from his demeanor, he would definitely know more than what he had just revealed.

This person had extremely deep attainments in the path of the soul. He definitely had to carefully guide him through the 'Divine Dream Heart Sect'. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to reach such a level.

When Tang Huan saw their expressions, he vaguely understood what was going on.

There was a 90% chance that the "Soul Method True Explanation" found by the small world's Demon Lord Fen Tian s originated from Xuanzhou's "Divine Dream Heart Sect". It must have been a huge battle that happened at the southwest border of Forging G.o.d Great World. The "Divine Dream Heart Sect" also had strong experts partic.i.p.ating in it.

It was very likely that the expert had suffered heavy injuries or even died in battle.

Therefore, the "Soul Method True Explanation" that he carried with him ended up in a small world, which Fen Tian later obtained, and in the end, fell into Tang Huan's hands.

From the reactions of the six people just now, it was obvious that this was the first time they had seen Tang Huan using some methods, and they had probably only heard of it before. From this, one could see that the 'Soul Method True Explanation' was left behind in a small world. There were many things recorded within that 'Divine Dream Heart Sect' that had lost their inheritances.

He really didn't think that the 'Soul Method True Explanation' would actually be related to the 'Divine Dream Heart Sect'.

There were many methods recorded in the "Soul Method True Explanation", many of which could be used when one's cultivation was extremely low, such as the "Sky Sound Soul Controlling Art", but there were many methods as well. Until now, Tang Huan still had not mastered them, and they could be considered a complete book on soul techniques.

When he was in the "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm", Tang Huan had controlled a Yang Calamity disciple who was born in the "Divine Dream Heart Sect". He had also searched through her memories, but he did not find any information related to the "Soul Method True Explanation". Although she could also use soul attacks, she could only use a few of the simplest techniques. "Soul Killing Stab", "Soul Killing Storm", and "Flying Star Soul Explosion", these were things that she had never heard of before, nor had she even heard of them.

Now it seemed that the reason she didn't know was because her status in the Divine Dream Heart Sect wasn't high.

If he could get some information from her memories regarding the "Divine Dream Heart Sect" and "Soul Method True Explanation", Tang Huan would definitely make sufficient preparations before teleporting to the Illusory Mountain Range.

Fortunately, it wasn't too late to find out now.

Tang Huan had a faint premonition that he might be able to obtain some good fortune in this "Divine Dream Heart Sect." This could be seen from the expressions of the six women.

When they had surrounded him, the six of them had been enraged to the extreme.

However, after seeing the various soul techniques that he had used, their expressions became rather intriguing. When they looked at Tang Huan, their eyes were mixed with shock, doubt, and even excitement and joy. However, they did not have the greed to force Tang Huan to reveal all of his soul's methods.

"My name is Pure Yang Sword Sect's Young Sect Master, Tang Huan." In a second, Tang Huan cupped his hands and smiled.

"Tang Huan? You are Tang Huan? "

The moment she heard Tang Huan's name, the woman in black couldn't help but cry out.

After a short moment of disbelief, she asked again urgently: "That Tang Huan who possessed both the ident.i.ty of Weapon Refiner and Gem Synthetic Master, and had comprehended the entire 'astral bridge' Spirit Map in the Realm of the 'Heavenly Mystery Realm', and pa.s.sed through the bridge with the fastest speed?"


Tang Huan smiled and nodded without hesitation.

After receiving Tang Huan's affirmative answer, the woman in black and the others couldn't help but exclaim in a low voice.

After the 'Heavenly Desolate Secret World' was opened, many disciples of the 'Divine Dream Heart Sect' also entered into it to gain experience. After three years, when they came out, the person they talked about the most was a Yan State cultivator called "Tang Huan." As "Divine Dream Sect" elders, they had naturally all heard of him.

They were also extremely surprised that they had suddenly received information regarding Tang Huan.

When he first entered the "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm", he was only at the Essence Condensation Realm. In a short three years, he had already improved to the Profound Mysteries, to the point where even the second transformation Ling Xiao Sword Sect cultivators were not his match. It was fine if he was just that, but he was actually a Weapon Refiner, and also a Gem Synthetic Master.

There were very few cultivators with such status in the entire Forging G.o.d Great World.

As for the other things that Tang Huan had done in the "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm", almost every single one of them was enthusiastically discussed by the many cultivators of the "Divine Dream Heart Sect". There were even many young disciples who viewed Tang Huan as their idol, they did not expect that he would suddenly appear in the middle of the "Divine Dream Heart Sect".

"I have heard of the 'Pure Yang Sword Sect' as well."

"That sect seems to be most proficient at sword skills. You are the young master of the 'Pure Yang Sword Sect', so why would you be proficient in all sorts of soul techniques of our 'Divine Dream Heart Sect'?"

"Before I joined the 'Pure Yang Sword Sect', I went deeper into the southern part of the Yan State to train. By chance, I encountered a residual soul that was about to dissipate."

As he spoke, a look of reminiscence flashed past Tang Huan's eyes, "I don't know where that residual soul actually came from, and he didn't take the initiative to mention it either. But looking at the things that he revealed piecemeal, he should have partic.i.p.ated in that great battle that occurred in the southwest border of Forging G.o.d Great World, and caused the entire 'Spirit Province' to fall apart. From this, it can be seen that he truly has existed for an extremely long period of time.

His voice slightly paused, Tang Huan then softly sighed: "That senior took me in as his disciple before my soul completely died out and even taught me the 'Soul Method True Explanation'. All the soul techniques that I am able to use now, all of them were cultivated from the 'Soul Method True Explanation'."

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