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Chapter 1047 - Divine Armament picked up!

In a short moment, Tang Huan had moved ten metres, the spear in his hand directly piercing into the stones beneath his feet, leaving only a short section of the spear shaft. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

True essence flowed into the spear, and the boundless Strength Qi surged out like raging waves into the surroundings, causing countless stones to immediately roll in all directions. In just a few breaths of time, Tang Huan saw a cave that had collapsed at the entrance, and the tunnel inside was instantly revealed.


Putting away the spear, Tang Huan's body moved, he appeared in the inside the cave, and then followed the pathway and flew forward.

Very quickly, Tang Huan entered a stone room with an open door. It was extremely eerie and dark, as if the moment light from outside the cave entered, it would be completely swallowed up.

Tang Huan activated the spear in his hand once again, the resplendent fiery red glow exploded outwards, causing the stone room to have some additional light.

The stone room was about ten meters wide and was quite wide. The walls and ground were completely black, as if they were dyed with ink. A cold and gloomy atmosphere continuously emanated from the surroundings.

Tang Huan could tell that the stone room was probably made of "Ink Frost Stone".

The chilliness of this "Ink Frost Stone" could reduce the backlash caused by cultivating the "Underworld Blood Demon Spirit Forbidden Spell." Only by preparing this stone could one dare to practice this kind of skill. However, although this cultivation technique is vicious, once you succeed in cultivating it, its might is indeed limitless.

If it wasn't for the Flame Ancestral Dragon Seal that Luo Yue encountered, even a Void Transformation Stage powerhouse would not be a match for him.

Moreover, it would take a very long time. This could be seen from how Luo Yue took hundreds of years to step into the Virtual Level. Generally speaking, these absolutely stunning and talented cultivators would never touch the "Dark Blood Demon Spirit Forbidden Spell".

"Ga ji!"

The nine spirits flapped their wings and flew forward.

Tang Huan then looked over, only to see that inside the stone room, there was a prayer mat that was also made from 'Ink Frost Stone'. Not far away from the prayer mat, there was a long stone chest. The Nine Spirits flapped their tiny wings, causing the lid of the chest to fly out as a faint l.u.s.ter shot out from within the chest.

With a move of his feet, Tang Huan appeared beside the stone box.

There was a knife and a stick inside. The knife was about two meters long, the blade was thick and had a golden l.u.s.ter. The stick was about three meters long, as thick as an infant's fist and as red as fire.

"They are actually all Divine Armament!"

Tang Huan could not help but exclaim.

As a Upper Grade Blacksmith, he was certain that the moment he sensed the auras of the two weapons, they were both Divine Armament s, and they were both high ranking Divine Armament s.

This Luo Yue actually has two high leveled Divine Armament?

If it was a sect like the Ling Xiao Sword Sect or the Nine Star Holy Sect that had a Void Transformation Stage powerhouse possessing a Divine Armament, although it would be quite surprising, it would still be within an acceptable range. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

However, Luo Yue, a newly advanced Void Transformation Stage powerhouse, actually had a Divine Armament as well as two of them. This was not only shocking, but also inconceivable. After all, there were only thirty-six high ranking Divine Armament in the entire world!

Amidst his surprise, Tang Huan subconsciously reached out and grabbed the fire red rod in his hands.

Just by sensing it, Tang Huan understood that this high ranking Divine Armament had an owner before, and when he picked up the huge blade to look, it was indeed the same.

Divine Armament was the same as the Spiritual Fire. If a Weapon Refiner that had been fused with the Spiritual Fire died, it would not disappear, but would continue to exist in the world and wander around. Divine Armament was the same, once a cultivator's soul was destroyed, the Divine Armament would immediately be separated from the Dantian.

However, although the power of this kind of Divine Armament would not decrease, the strange power that originated from the Divine Artifact Atlas would continue to die down. Once it was obtained by the cultivators, it could only be used like the Heavenly Soldier, and would not merge into the body of the cultivators like the newly forged Divine Armament.

From this, it could be seen that these two high ranking Divine Armament s were picked up by Luo Yue from some place.

It was very likely that the two Divine Armament's masters had both died after an intense battle, and Luo Yue had accidentally discovered the weapon that they had left behind, resulting in him obtaining an extremely great advantage in the end.

"With these two Divine Armament s, the 'Absolute Yang Scarlet Scale Sword' might be able to be promoted to a high level Divine Armament!"

After thinking about it, Tang Huan's brows furrowed in surprise.

The strange power contained within the blade and rod did not disappear, but only calmed down. To cultivators who obtained the blade and rod, it was difficult to fuse with them, but to the "Absolute Yang Scarlet Scale Sword", it was not like that. As long as the mysterious power still existed, the foundation for the Divine Armament's fusion existed.

If all of them were thrown into the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace", it wouldn't take long before they were completely merged together.

The more he thought about it, the stronger the smile became in Tang Huan's eyes. To be able to find two high ranking Divine Armament s at this place was indeed extremely fortunate, and could slightly compensate for the loss of using the Dragon Seal today.

After putting away the two Divine Armament s, Tang Huan's gaze once again fell onto the box.

Inside was a thin, yellowed book, an old and small scroll, and a jade token that was about three fingers wide.

It was actually the method to cultivate the "Dark Blood Demon Spirit Forbidden Technique", Tang Huan only needed to look at it for a bit, before activating the Spiritual Fire and burning it to ashes.

As for the scroll … When he opened it to take a look, he saw a painting of mountains and rivers. There were numerous mountains surrounded by blue water, and it was extremely beautiful.

The jade tablet released a weak white glow, which contained countless complicated patterns, however, the pattern of the interweaving patterns was quite strange, it looked like two swords were placed together, and there seemed to be some kind of magical aura coming from it.

It was a pity that Luo Yue's soul had already been completely destroyed. Otherwise, he could have searched through the memories in his soul to see what had happened. A high ranking Divine Armament was definitely not something that could be found anywhere. Luo Yue definitely left the Firing Dragon Mountain Range to train, and the place where he obtained a high ranking Divine Armament was also extremely secretive. It's just that he didn't know if that place was related to scrolls or jade tablets.

Tang Huan pondered for a while, but could not think of anything, so he did not waste anymore time and accepted all of them into his Sumeru Magical Ring.

"Let's go!"

Tang Huan calmed his emotions and in a flash, he left the stone room. The nine spirits quickly followed.

When Tang Huan returned to the Chen Village, there were already a few young cultivators returning to the village. Tang Huan originally wanted to persuade Chen Kui to move his entire clan to the Wind Howling City. Tang Huan believed that with his relationship with Hu Lie, he would definitely be able to make the Tiger Clan look after the Chen Family's Disciples.

However, before Tang Huan could even open his mouth, Chen Kui had already suggested this idea.

It was obvious that the crisis this time had greatly touched him. Relying on Tang Huan's timely appearance, they were able to escape this calamity. However, if they were to encounter this kind of danger, there might not be people who would coincidentally save them all. Instead of regretting it when the time came, it would be better to move as soon as possible.

In regards to this, Tang Huan naturally wished for it, so he ordered the nine spirits to head to Tiger Clan to deliver a letter and ask the Tiger Clan to send people over, while he himself escorted the Chen Village cultivators and started his journey. Halfway there, the nine spirits brought the experts of Tiger Clan with them as they arrived. Tang Huan then bade farewell to Chen Kui and the others, going deeper into the Firing Dragon Mountain Range with the nine spirits.

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