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Mo Wen lowered his head; his facial expression turned ghastly. Indeed, the reason why he really wanted to help Mo Qingge was merely because he wanted to make up for the regret he had. Often, he subconsciously treated the girl before him as his sister, since she looked like the spitting image of his sister, whom he relied upon for life. But in reality, she wasn't his sister.

If she was unwilling to accept his help, all of his deliberation and preparations were merely one-sided.

Looking at Mo Wen, who remained silent, Mo Qingge smiled.

"My contact information is on there."

For a moment, everything seemed to fade into the shade as her smile seemed that it could overthrow a city. It was a rare occasion to witness the smile of such a calm lady.

After giving Mo Wen a light blue colored card, Mo Qingge left the lotus pond indifferently, leaving Mo Wen with her aloof silhouette. She was clean and detached as usual, like a fairy isolated from the chaotic world.

Staring at the card in hand, Mo Wen softly let out a breath. In the end, Mo Qingge didn't reject him; it was definitely good news for him.

The card was light blue in color, decorated with delicate silver pattern. The design was exquisite. There was even a tint of fragrance that remained on it.

The card material was very odd; it seemed like a type of metal. But Mo Wen held it between his fingers and realized that it was extraordinarily hard. It was most likely harder than normal steel. 

The content was simple. A name, a phone number, a weird seal, and at the bottom, a string of numbers like a secret code.

"Mo Wen, who were you with?"

As soon as Mo Qingge left, a voice rang behind Mo Wen. w.a.n.g Yuan trotted towards him, staring at him with a strange expression.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrow, staring at him quizzically. w.a.n.g Yuan's expression didn't seem like he was asking him a question.

"Don't you know that the girl is Mo Qingge, the G.o.ddess of the university?"

w.a.n.g Yuan smiled helplessly. How dare Mo Wen flirt with Mo Qingge! Didn't he know that this was a well-known taboo in the university?

"So?" Mo Wen asked quizzically. Judging from Mo Qingge's fame, it was probably rare to meet someone in the university who didn't know about her. w.a.n.g Yuan's question seemed redundant.

"She is Mo Qingge. How dare you flirt with her! Are you tired of living?"

w.a.n.g Yuan rolled his eyes. Is Mo Wen truly this ignorant, or is he pretending to not understand?

"What do you mean?"

The corner of Mo Wen's lip curled. He stared at w.a.n.g Yuan, interested. He was curious too. With Mo Qingge's beauty, it was surprising that there were no men bugging her. 

"Even though Mo Qingge is well established as the First Beauty in the University, have you ever seen any man who dares to get close to her? Don't you know that the Five Freaks had collaboratively declared that whoever dared to get close to Mo Qingge is their enemy?"

w.a.n.g Yuan had completely given up on Mo Wen. How could he not know about such a serious matter? 

When Mo Qingge first entered the university, countless men had pursued her like swarms of bees after a flower. She had no peace.

During that time, the Five Freaks, who were seldom seen, strangely announced the joint declaration. They even punished a few young masters who went overboard harshly in order to subside the waves of pursuers.

After that, basically n.o.body dared to have any thoughts about Mo Qingge. Even the top three people on the list of College Hunks would go to lengths to avoid her.

However, the strange thing was that no one knew what relationship Mo Qingge had with the Five Freaks. No one ever saw her having any contact with the Five Freaks either. But for her, the Five Freaks had appeared together for the first time.

"So that's why."

Mo Wen laughed. No wonder no one dared to approach Mo Qingge. He was well aware of the terror the Five Freaks. Normal people might not understand too much, but the gentlemen from good families would not be ignorant. The ability of the Five Freaks was enough for them to directly deal with the families of the gentlemen. They would not bother with a few young men. 

Once the young men from good families were set straight, with them as an example, the normal students would be more afraid of crossing the line.

He wondered how Mo Qingge got involved with the Five Freaks. Based on his knowledge, none of the Five Freaks had any contact with Mo Qingge.

By the time Mo Wen reached the cla.s.sroom, it was already full of people. The slight delay caused by meeting Mo Qingge made it that cla.s.s would start soon. 

Today, Qin Xiaoyou did not bother with Mo Wen. She just gave him a glance from afar. Then, heavy heartedly, she found a seat far away from him and sat down.

w.a.n.g Xiaofei shrugged her shoulders helplessly at Mo Wen, then seated herself next to Qin Xiaoyou.

Mo Wen, uninterested, took a book of ancient poems from his drawer, flipping the book page by page. He discovered that the ancient world and Hua Xia were very similar in the past. The way poets chanted and wrote poems of various topics and styles were almost the same as that of the other world.

This was the first time Qin Xiaoyou took a cla.s.s so inattentively. She stared at the textbook, not knowing what she was thinking of. Her tiny face was pale and much frailer than usual.

She subconsciously touched the necklace that Mo Wen gave her on her neck. Her eyes started to fog up unknowingly.

She did not know when she started noticing that she liked Mo Wen. Compared to their innocent friendship before, there was something new in place. Ever since the military training camp, she realized that she was getting more and more attached to Mo Wen. She found herself thinking about him a lot.

His calm smile, his silent care, his simple, yet always upheld promises.

Alas, fate was a cruel mistress. She could not be together with the person she liked. Instead, she had to pretend to spend every day with a person she hated. It was to the extent where she didn't dare to have any more contact with Mo Wen.

She knew Su Boyu's temperament. If she got close to Mo Wen, he would surely deal with Mo Wen. She did not want to involve Mo Wen in her problems.

After cla.s.s, Qin Xiaoyou split with w.a.n.g Xiaofei and silently walked over to Mo Wen's seat alone.

Mo Wen was in the midst of placing the book back into his desk. The book of ancient poems wasn't his. It was left in the drawer, probably left behind by another student.

Suddenly a person appeared in front of him. He looked surprised at Qin Xiaoyou. Qin Xiaoyou had not actively approached him these few days, even somewhat avoiding him. What was up today that she would come at her own accord?

"Mo Wen, I'm sorry. That day…."

Qin Xiaoyou lowered her head. She wanted to apologize for her att.i.tude towards Mo Wen that day, but half way through, the words wouldn't come out.

"Why are you sorry? Silly girl." Mo Wen smiled.

"That day I was in a bad mood. Please don't mind that...I'm returning this."

Qin Xiaoyou unlatched the necklace on her neck gently, stuffing it into his hands. Then, she turned and left without saying another word.

Mo Wen frowned slightly. Why would she return the necklace? Did she not like it?

Could it be that Qin Xiaoyou knew about the true worth of the necklace, so she did not want to receive it?

With Qin Xiaoyou's personality, if she knew about the true worth of the necklace, she would surely do such a thing.

Mo Wen helplessly tucked the necklace away. He had only given it to Qin Xiaoyou as a small token, but it had stirred up so many issues.

Since Qin Xiaoyou did not want it, he could sell the necklace now, since he was currently short of money.

After thinking a bit, since he had already given it to Qin Xiaoyou, to take it back and sell it did not feel proper. Therefore, he changed his mind about selling the necklace.

As to why Qin Xiaoyou returned the necklace to Mo Wen, she was worried that if Su Boyu knew the relationship between them, he would harm Mo Wen. Su Boyu had prestige and his family had power and influence. It wasn't something commoners could stir up without consequence. So, for the past few days, she had been gradually treating Mo Wen colder, a far cry from how they were before.

She already had the determination to take Su Boyu down with her. No matter what, she would protect her chast.i.ty, but she would also save her mother. Even if Su Boyu had laid a trap for her, what was wrong with her doing the same to him? As for the results, she didn't want to think about it. The worst case scenario would be their deaths.

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