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Chapter 947: Descending From the Heavens

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Mo Wen did not know that, a million miles away, there were two strange people who were constantly watching him.

“The outside human world? That is a hundred million miles away. With the young master’s current flying release technique, he will most likely not make it out of here, even if he flies for another ten years.”

The stern middle-aged man in gold said this as he raised his eyebrows. This was the remnant land of the Ancient Age. Although, in the Ancient Age, this distance would have been considered nothing, for the young master currently it was too huge. Even if he were given ten to twenty years’ time, he would not necessarily be able to fly out of here.

The Snowy Region was just one of the land’s domains. The place where the young master lived was already near the border of the Snowy Region, so it was very easy for him to fly out of it from there. However, based on his current trajectory, the Water Region and Sand Region that he would pa.s.s through were different. The huge Water Region and Sand Region would take the young master at least fifty years to fly out at his current speed, even if he did not stop to rest at all.

“What should we do? We cannot just watch the young master continue to fly so foolishly,” the huge giant, Old Tu, said in a m.u.f.fled voice. His voice was like thunder. On the snowy peaks below, large-scale avalanches and landslides immediately started.

“Besides, the Water Region and the Sand Region are beyond huge. No one knows what could happen. We can absolutely guarantee the young master’s safety in the Snowy Region, but aside from that, we cannot manage places that are too far away. What if some dimwits that have poor eyesight in the Water Region and the Sand Region cannot recognize the young master and do something that cannot be undone? That would be the end of it.”

The huge giant said this somewhat worriedly. Right now, they managed the Snowy Region and had absolute authority in it. However, there were other rulers in the more distant Water Region and Sand Region; they could not do anything at all.

Although the entire remnant s.p.a.ce of the Ancient Age was under the rule of their master, but in the huge remnant s.p.a.ce, no one knew what accidents would happen.

“Old Tu, the master has most likely thought for a long time about the matter that you are worrying about. If my guess is correct, the young master probably has the master’s Spirit Imprint on him. Once the young master is in danger, the Spirit Imprint will automatically activate. Otherwise, do you imagine that the master would truly not be worried and leave us to protect the young master’s safety?”

The middle-aged man in gold spoke plainly. The master had instructed them to not interfere in the young master’s affairs. The reason why they were on guard here was also because they were worried that an accident might occur. Nevertheless, the young master was precious. How could the master not leave some insurance on him?

“Although we do not need to worry about the young master’s safety, we also do not need to watch him fly foolishly around the remnant s.p.a.ce for decades. Since we know that he wants to get out, let us send him on his way.”

The eyes of the middle-aged man in gold suddenly released two blinding beams of golden light. The next moment, the golden light shot up to the sky and crossed the s.p.a.ce, instantly appearing a million miles away.

A million miles away, Mo Wen was looking at the vast ocean. He was very anxious. He could not get a grasp on how huge the ocean before him was. With his current ability level, he did not know whether he could enter this region. Unknowingly, he was already backing off in his heart. With his current ability, it seemed that he was not qualified to explore this world.

Just as Mo Wen was being indecisive, a beam of golden light suddenly descended from the heavens seemingly without any premonition. It came down so fast that he could not respond at all. Then, the scene before his eyes went black, and, the next moment, the heavens and earth began to spin.

“d.a.m.n it, you old thing, you actually aided the young master on your own.”

The huge giant that stood beside the middle-aged man in gold said this, somewhat fl.u.s.tered and exasperated, as he leapt up and pointed at the nose of the middle-aged man in gold. It was not because the man in gold had helped Mo Wen, but because it was clearly an opportunity to appease their future master, and the huge giant had missed it.

Although the master instructed them to not meddle in the young master’s affairs, these words were not absolute. For instance, in situations like this one, where the young master encountered difficulties, they could lend him a hand. No matter how one looked at it it, although the young master was still young right now, he would certainly become their master one day. The huge giant had missed a chance to appease his future master. He felt very uneasy as he thought about it.

“So, do you mean that I shouldn’t help the young master?” The middle-aged man in gold looked at the huge giant with a smile. However, his smile caused the huge giant to feel a shiver down his spine.

“You… Old thing, I will remember this.”

The huge giant was speechless. Wasn’t this old thing provoking a rift between them? Moreover, he was driving a wedge between the huge giant and the young master.

The Xu Village was a small village in the Xiping Country. It practiced slash-and-burn agriculture, and its economy depended on small-scale farming. The villagers seldom interacted with the outside world.

However, on this day, a troop of soldiers dressed in full combat uniforms disrupted the peace of the village. All the males in the village were detained by the soldiers. They were sent to the front line of a battlefield a hundred kilometers away to help repair a city wall.

It just so happened that, in recent years, the influence of Xiping Country had been weakening. They lost multiple battles against Fengyu Country. The military troops of Xiping Country kept retreating, and they had lost more than a thousand kilometers of land. Xu Village which was located n the central region of Xiping Country was also affected by the war.

People from Fengyu Country showed no mercy toward citizens of Xiping Country. Once they conquered a place, they would burn down the buildings and plunder the citizens’ belongings. If anyone resisted, they would beat and kill them in public.

Now, the soldiers of Fengyu Country came to the village and acted like a troop of bandits. Cries could be heard continuously from the village. All the males were detained to become slaves, while all the young maidens were captured to join the military brothels. Only the useless elders and children were spared and tossed aside.

“Let go of me. All of you, let me go…”

“What are you doing? Let go of my daughter. I will fight you to the death…”

At a farmhouse in Xu Village, a few soldiers in shiny armor were blocking the door. Two soldiers grabbed hold of a young maiden and dragged her out of the house. The girl was around fifteen or sixteen years old. She looked innocent and wore plain clothes. She had a demure temperament.

Precisely because of her beauty, she had attracted the attention of the soldiers who had forced their way into the village.

An old man in his fifties wore a sorrowful expression. He leaped forward, intending to save his daughter. However, he was no match for those brawny soldiers. He was kicked and lay on the floor, unable to get to his feet again.

“Old man, you are tired of living.”

The Fengyu Country soldiers had built up a strong momentum as they invaded many lands in Xiping Country and plundered everywhere they went. They were used to acting in a tyrannical manner and respected no one. Now, an old codger from a small village had actually dared to resist them. The old man’s action had provoked the anger of a soldier who was wielding a sword. After the soldier kicked the old man, he took a step forward and moved to behead him.

“No, father…”

“Old man…”

Two forlorn and bitter screams sounded in the house. An old woman ran towards the soldier and swooped toward the ground, hugging his thigh. A pleading look filled the old woman’s eyes. She hoped that this ferocious soldier would spare her husband.

The young maiden who was detained by two other soldiers struggled with all her might, too. Unfortunately, a weak maiden like her could not possibly free herself from the grip of two strong men.

“You dare to go against my order. Die.”

The soldier who was wielding the sword showed no mercy. His sword slashed downward forcefully. As a soldier who spent most of his time on the battlefield, killing someone was easier than eating and drinking for him.

However, a golden light suddenly appeared above the house. The next moment, the roof was smashed open with a loud thud. It was as though something heavy had dropped into the house.


An agonizing shriek sounded in the house. The soldier holding the sword, who had acted intimidating just a moment before, lay on the floor with blood covering his face. A person was lying on top of him. It was a young man. He looked decent, but he could not be described as very handsome.

At that moment, the young man seemed to not understand what was happening. He was shaking his head in a daze. He didn’t even realize that he was sitting on top of the soldier.

“Who goes there?”

The sudden accident shocked the other few soldiers. A man had suddenly descended from the heavens. No one would have expected this to happen.

Mo Wen got to his feet in a daze. He had a hazy look on his face, too. Forget the others – even he did not understand what exactly had happened. Before, he had been standing beside the ocean, contemplating whether he should venture into it or return where he had come from.

Suddenly, a golden light had descended from the sky. The next moment, he sensed that he must have traveled through s.p.a.ce and time, and he mysteriously ended up here.

“What’s happening? Could this be the legendary s.p.a.ce shift? Otherwise, this could not possibly have happened.”

Mo Wen wore a bizarre expression. Even though he did not know what exactly had happened, he could guess that the golden light had a.s.sisted him in conducting a s.p.a.ce shift. s.p.a.ce shifting was an ultra-long distance movement within the same s.p.a.ce. In some ways, it was harder than moving between two s.p.a.ces.

In order to move from one s.p.a.ce to another, one only needed to cross the barrier between them. However, s.p.a.ce shifting was really traversing a long distance in a short amount of time.

Mo Wen felt as though he had shifted more than a billion kilometers in a split second. Even despite his body’s strength, it was almost torn apart by the shift.

“Who are you exactly? State your name.”

An officer-like soldier furrowed his brows slightly. He stared at Mo Wen coldly. If Mo Wen hadn’t appeared in a bizarre fashion, causing the officer to hesitate, he would most likely have long since ordered his soldiers to attack together and capture Mo Wen.

“Are you talking to me?”

Mo Wen shook his head as he looked at the team’s captain. Only now did Mo Wen observe his surroundings carefully. The people, the villagers, and the soldiers… This place was clearly very different from the s.p.a.ce he had been in, where there was hardly anyone to be found. At least there were people here. The golden light had most likely shifted him to a very faraway place.

Seeing that Mo Wen was in a haze and seemingly slow-witted, the team captain couldn’t help but laugh coldly. How could such a person pose any threat to his troop? He immediately ordered, “Capture this brat who is disrupting my flow of business. I will interrogate him after this. Maybe he is a spy sent by the enemies.”

As soon as the captain gave his order, a few soldiers pounced forward like hungry beasts. They had been annoyed for some time at this brat who descended from the sky and frightened them. After they caught him, they would surely torture him well.

However, before the soldiers could get within five meters of Mo Wen, they were all sent flying backwards.

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