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As Han Jiangong once said, after w.a.n.g Huiru's organ failure disease deteriorated, the kidney would show many signs of declining. Now that preliminary signs of uraemia had occurred, danger was nearing.

With the current treatment possibilities, they would not be able to mend the kidneys that had almost rotted away. They could only transplant a healthy kidney in order to cure the patient.

The reason Mo Wen had run back to the hospital was to understand the condition of Qin Xiaoyou's mother and check if it was possible to cure her without having to transplant a kidney.

"Mrs. w.a.n.g, please just lie down comfortably. I'll check up on your condition," Mo Wen said as he smiled.

"You're treating me?" w.a.n.g Huiru was a little stunned as she looked at Mo Wen.

"Mrs. w.a.n.g, Mo Wen is a miracle physician. It's hard to say, but he just might be able to treat your illness," Han Jiangong smiled as he explained from the side.

Although he did not really believe that Mo Wen could cure w.a.n.g Huiru under the situation of not having a kidney transplant, he was still very curious and wanted to know what techniques Mo Wen knew.

This time, w.a.n.g Huiru was really shocked. It wasn't a small honor to be deemed a miracle physician by the director, Han Jiangong.

She followed Mo Wen's instructions and laid back comfortably, relaxing her whole body. She began to regulate her breathing whilst doing so.

Mo Wen's face was calm as he placed his hand on w.a.n.g Huiru's pulse. Two streams of hot and cold internal energy penetrated into w.a.n.g Huiru's body and circulated one round before slowly coming back out.

"How is it?" Han Jiangong asked a little curiously.

Mo Wen looked at Han Jiangong.

"The body has deteriorated greatly; it's very serious."

No wonder he had suggested the organ transplant. w.a.n.g Huiru's vital organs had all been seriously prostrated. The kidney especially was close to failure.

"Brother Mo, do you agree to the operation now?"

Han Jiangong smiled. How could he not know that w.a.n.g Huiru's condition was serious? After so many consultations with specialists in the hospital, not a single one of them had a solution. The operation was the only way out.

Initially, Mo Wen was seemingly against the idea of the organ transplant. However, know that he knew of the gravity of the condition, surely, he would not think so anymore.

Mo Wen shook his head. There was still some leeway left to save her, so there was no need to take the final step.

"Brother Han, let me take over Mrs. w.a.n.g's case. In the next four days, I will come and treat her once every day."

There were many things to learn from modern medicine. If w.a.n.g Huiru's kidney had completely failed, he wouldn't have a solution either. There would, indeed, only be one solution—the organ transplant.

Although he had quite a bit of knowledge on organ transplants, the things he learnt were not very in-depth yet. There were too many limitations within the technique though, so it was a very profound knowledge.

Modern medicine had many developments in this line that were slowly maturing and improving. Perhaps traditional medicine would really be taken over by modern medicine in the future, and medicine would see a new era.

Mo Wen sighed. He also felt it was a pity, with regards to the fate of traditional medicines' decline. Would the treasures pa.s.sed down by generations of ancestors possibly be eliminated one day?

He smiled. Perhaps his skills were not good enough, and that was why he would feel such a pity; the field of medicine was one with breadth and depth. He had only learned the bare minimum. How could he be a representative of traditional medicine to keep up the tradition?

"Brother Mo, can you treat her?"

Han Jiangong was stunned. He had not expected Mo Wen to say that. He let Mo Wen take a look at her simply because he wanted his approval on the operation. He really didn't think Mo Wen would have a solution.

"I'll try. Four days will not be much of a delay."

Mo Wen smiled but did not explain more. Previously, he would not have dared to claim that he could treat w.a.n.g Huiru's illness. However, after training the Nine Yin and Nine Yang Scriptures then combining them with his family impartation of the Celestial Scripture: Sun and Moon, his medical techniques had improved three times what it had been before.

With his reputation as the Miracle Physician in the past generation, it was not unimaginable for him to cure a disease caused by a failing organ.

The essence of the Celestial Scripture: Sun and Moon lay in the cultivation of the two Qis and the mutualism of the Yin and Yang, allowing their continuity which will then produce the spirit of life.

"Since Brother Mo has confidence in his procedure, it is more than welcome."

Interest flashed through Han Jiangong's eyes. Smiling, he looked at Mo Wen, saying, "Is Brother Mo is preparing to perform the treatment now?"

"Now would be good. The earlier the treatment is done, the more beneficial it will be for Mrs. w.a.n.g's illness," Mo Wen said.

There was no reason for Mo Wen to drag out the procedure, as w.a.n.g Huiru's treatment would not be that complicated. If he said that he could perform the treatment within four days, he had the confidence to do so.

After four days, the functions of w.a.n.g Huiru's body would almost completely be regained. She would only require remedial rest in the hospital.

As he said that, Mo Wen fetched an intricate little box from his arms with a set of long needles inside. They were the Ming Yang ancient needles.

There were nine types of traditional golden needles. That was, however, only the basic combination. In reality, the needles used by a physician were very particular. There could be as many as a hundred needles, usually more. Two needles could appear to be the same but are actually used for different purposes. The differences could only be distinguished by someone who was knowledgeable in the area.

Mo Wen's medical skills were specialized in making prescriptions, treatment using the Inner Qi, and the technique of acupuncture.

However, in his current situation, it wasn't very possible for the prescription of medicine to help. Many of the medicinal materials that he was familiar with before were not found. In his other life, he had brought hundreds of medicinal materials along with him in case he needed them. Clearly, he did not do so now.

As for the treatment using Inner Qi, with his current cultivation, it was still insufficient to do so. He did not have the Sea of Qi realm, so the effect of the treatment using his Inner Qi would be next to nothing. Thus, he could only settle for the acupuncture method which did not have as many requirements.

Han Jiangong did not make a sound, but simply observed in detail at Mo Wen's side. It was the second time he had seen Mo Wen display his acupuncture techniques. The first time was when he had given treatment to Lao Yun. He had used 81 needles all at once which had shocked even him.

Of course, now that he knew of Mo Wen's prowess in acupuncture, he was not shocked this time. However, his eyes were still wide open as he looked at Mo Wen unblinkingly, afraid of missing out on any details.

He also understood the techniques of acupuncture, but paled in comparison to Mo Wen. Being able to watch Mo Wen perform his acupuncture techniques was beneficial to him.

w.a.n.g Huiru knew that Mo Wen was prepared to treat her, so she laid on her bed, completely still. Her body had subconsciously tensed up, especially after seeing the long needles, as if she was a little nervous.

"Mrs. w.a.n.g, please don't be nervous. Acupuncture does not cause any pain."

Mo Wen smiled and the long needle in his hand wobbled. Suddenly, it flashed out and pierced into w.a.n.g Huiru's Baihui Point.

After that, the golden needles flew out of Mo Wen's hand one after the other and accurately pierced into the vital points of w.a.n.g Huiru's body. He pierced the needles so quickly that it could not be seen clearly by the naked eye. One could only see streams of golden light flashing by.

Mo Wen did not get that close to w.a.n.g Huiru's either, from beginning to end. He always kept a distance of three feet away. Only the golden needles in his hand moved continuously.

Han Jiangong looked at the way Mo Wen was piercing the needles, stunned. His method was simply unimaginable. It was impossible to believe that acupuncture could be as such! It was simply unheard of.

However, Han Jiangong was also a person with substantial experience. Thus, he was not too shocked. However, a wave of admiration for Mo Wen rose within his heart.

The golden needles had all been pierced into w.a.n.g Huiru's vital organs. Although he did not know which technique Mo Wen had used, and the method was also very odd, it could be said that there were no such specific techniques. Sometimes, it had even deviated from the basic principles of acupuncture.

However, the things that he did not understand were not necessarily wrong. Mo Wen's special technique was the first he had seen in his life. Even experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians he knew did not have such skilled techniques.

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