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Chapter 74: Insidious and Crafty

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After Qin Xiaoyou heard his words, some awkward emotions flashed through her face. She looked at Mo Wen with some hesitation.

“What’s the matter?” Mo Wen raised his eyebrows.

“Nothing. You may eat first. I’m going to go over there for a bit.”

Qin Xiaoyou pursed her lips, and her expression stiffened when she began to follow Su Boyu to the restaurant on the fifth floor of the canteen.

Mo Wen glanced at Qin Xiaoyou’s back as his brows knitted slightly. When did Qin Xiaoyou have anything to do with Su Boyu?

“Qin Xiaoyou, what’s the matter? That Su Boyu is not a kind person. He is a famous casanova on the campus and a scoundrel,” w.a.n.g Yuan blurted out uncontrollably when he saw Qin Xiaoyou leave with Su Boyu. As far as Su Boyu was concerned, nothing good would come out of it.

“You don’t know? As of recently, Su Boyu has been looking for Qin Xiaoyou at the lobby of our dormitory. He seemed to be interested in Qin Xiaoyou,” a girl said softly, the volume of her voice greatly reduced as she was obviously apprehensive of Su Boyu.

“Qin Xiaoyou doesn’t look like someone who would attach herself to the bigwigs for connections. Why would she agree to have a meal with Su Boyu?” Chen Zhongqing asked puzzledly.

He had some understanding of Su Boyu. He was the son of a rich, aristocratic family in the capital, and his family was very influential in the capital. Although Zhongqing’s family background was good, he paled in comparison to Su Boyu’s.

A guy with a pair of gla.s.ses laughed sinisterly.

“Who knows? It is difficult to say when women are concerned. Although Su Boyu has a bad reputation, there is never a lack of beautiful women who make moves on him, fantasizing to be a Cinderella.”

w.a.n.g Yuan became angry at what he heard. Zhang Laishun’s words were just implicit slander against Qin Xiaoyou, especially when Mo Wen was still sitting here. Everyone in the cla.s.s knew that Qin Xiaoyou and Mo Wen had some kind of unusual relationship.

“Zhang Laishun, you are spouting nonsense. Qin Xiaoyou is simply not that kind of person.”

Mo Wen laughed, but there was no expression on his face.

“Let’s eat.”

The meal was eaten in an awkward silence, as n.o.body spoke a word. Then, the students at the table left in groups of twos or threes. At the end, only w.a.n.g Yuan and Chen Zhongqing stayed behind.

“Mo Wen, that…”

w.a.n.g Yuan hesitated, as he ran out of words momentarily. Su Boyu was not a kind person. Even he couldn’t afford to offend him. In addition, he was a petty person, so once he was interested in Qin Xiaoyou, he wouldn’t let Mo Wen off the hook, knowing that Mo Wen had some ambiguous relationship with her.

Initially, he intended to warn Mo Wen to be wary of Su Boyu, however, Qin Xiaoyou had already left with Su Boyu. Through his point of view, it was equivalent to slapping Mo Wen on the face, so he couldn’t make himself say it.

“Mo Wen, just don’t think too much about it too much. Perhaps Qin Xiaoyou had personal reasons. Just let us know if there is anything we can do. Although we can’t afford to offend him, we are definitely able to set him back a little,” Chen Zhongqing uttered gravely.

Mo Wen laughed while patted on w.a.n.g Yuan’s and Chen Zhongqing’s shoulders.

“Thanks for your concern. But it’s not a big deal.”

Then he stood up and walked out.

n.o.body realized that there was a daunting glint deep within Mo Wen’s eyes that was gradually turning chilly. He was not bothered by Su Boyu seeking revenge on him. If he had the ability, he would just take him on, regardless of methods. However, to look for Qin Xiaoyou was going past the line.

He didn’t walk out of the canteen, but instead walked towards the fifth floor.

In the private room on the fifth floor of the canteen, Qin Xiaoyou sat indifferently on the chair like a log.

“Xiaoyou, don’t just sit there. Eat more dishes.”

Su Boyu, who was sitting opposite her with a warm smile as usual, kept piling Qin Xiaoyou’s bowl with dishes, although Qin Xiaoyou didn’t touch her chopsticks since she stepped into the room.

“Speak. Why did you look for me?” Qin Xiaoyou asked without any expression on her face. When facing Su Boyu, she didn’t have any emotions.

“Xiaoyou, you really don’t like me, even though I was true to you. Even though you have not accepted me, you should still know how I feel towards you.”

Su Boyu put his chopsticks down and looked at Qin Xiaoyou sincerely, like an affectionate, yet melancholic prince. His acting skills were indeed fabulous. It was able to enchant the girls.

“I know I owe you a lot, but I will definitely repay you. If you thought you could threaten me with that… dream on!”

Qin Xiaoyou cast a prudent look at Su Boyu slowly, without any emotion in her eyes.

Although she tried to show a calm façade, her eyes were filled with misery and hopelessness. Life made a fool of her, as she initially thought that she had met a kind person who was willing to help her and her mother altruistically. She found out that everything was premeditated with an ulterior motive when the help was extended.

A kind person?

Qin Xiaoyou’s curled her lips bitterly. When Su Boyu claimed that he was the one who provided the financial a.s.sistance for her mother’s treatment and requested to be her boyfriend after that, she no longer believed that there was such a thing as a kind person in this world. In reality, everything was just the scheme of a casanova.

Fate was so ridiculous sometimes. She looked all over to find the kind person who had helped her and was so grateful every day about it. However, when the truth was unravelled, it was such an agony to bear.

Perhaps he would help her in silence. Qin Xiaoyou thought of Mo Wen subconsciously. Mo Wen had always been helping her altruistically, and although his help was limited, he had always tried very hard.

“Why would I threaten you, Xiaoyou? I have always been true to you. I have noticed you since you entered the school, and I truly admire your beauty and kindness. Although I don’t believe in love at first sight, at that moment, I truly found that I had fallen for you.”

“I have to admit that I did a search on you to know some things about you and found out that your mother was hospitalized with a serious illness. However, I helped her out of kindness. I would never use it as the stake for courting you.”

Su Boyu placed a cup of tea in front of Qin Xiaoyou. His tone and his actions were very natural, as if it was about a normal topic and not getting the credit for helping Qin Xiaoyou’s mother.

Qin Xiaoyou took a deep breath and looked to the side, as she couldn’t listen a word of whatever Su Boyu was saying. She had heard of Su Boyu long ago. His reputation was great; everyone knew about it, even if they didn’t want to.

When Su Boyu started to approach her a few days ago, w.a.n.g Xiaofei had been constantly iterating some of Su Boyu’s “glorious” deeds in her ears; about his casanova acts, womanizing, ditching his pregnant girl… there was simply nothing bad that he wouldn’t attempt.

She understood that w.a.n.g Xiaofei was reluctant to let her have more contact with Su Boyu. However, when she knew that Su Boyu was the one who provided the financial a.s.sistance for her mother’s treatment, she knew that it was long premeditated, and that it was ridiculous that she had been so grateful to the person who had helped her.

“Today, I looked for you for nothing else but to tell you something.”

Su Boyu took a sip of the tea and smiled at Qin Xiaoyou, but with a strange smile. He lowered his gaze to drink the tea, the disguised sincerity and admiration in his eyes disappearing without a trace, replaced with treachery and mischief.

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