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Chapter 72: Xiaoyou’s Mother is in Danger

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

With Shen Jing’s personality, if all she wanted was to give a kind reminder, she wouldn’t have called Mo Wen to her apartment just to say it. There was definitely something else going on.

As expected…

“I have two more pieces of information. Which one do you want to hear first? The good news or the bad news?”

Shen Jing cut Mo Wen a glance. Her lips curled into a playful grin.

“The good news.”

Mo Wen chuckled plainly. He didn’t seem to show much interest towards Shen Jing’s good and bad news.

“Why are you so emotionless? Would it kill you to be curious for once?” Shen Jing asked helplessly. She wanted to see Mo Wen’s reaction, and what she got made her uninterested and discouraged instead.

“The good news ,is that next week the City of Devils will have a specialized conference for the medical field. Famous medical field experts from all around the country will gather at the City of Devils. Around a third of the nation’s heavyweights will be attending, and it seems that even international medical experts will be in attendance. It’s the medical field event.”

Shen Jing peeled an apple for Mo Wen and placed it in front of him as she explained this to him.

“What does that have to do with me?”

Mo Wen took a bite out of the apple as he asked this. Shen Jing’s handiwork wasn’t bad. The apple was peeled very nicely. As for what she was talking about, he was confused. A specialized conference for the medical field. Why would that be good news for him?

“Professor Pan Aiguo will represent our Hua Xia University at the conference. He is allowed to bring along two students with him. One of them is me. As for the other, I recommended you. Professor Pan has agreed.”

Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. It wasn’t easy for her to help him secure such an opportunity, but the man himself didn’t seem too interested.

She was bringing Mo Wen because she was afraid that he would face Su Boyu’s retribution if not, so she called him along for the ride. Surely, Su Boyu had no way of getting back at Mo Wen if they left the capital, right?

“Professor Pan agreed?” Mo Wen asked strangely. A national level medical field specialized conference. As a freshman university student, was he even qualified to attend this conference?

Professor Pan was a supervisor to doctorate students; the number of PhD students under him was large. Bringing a first year university student, instead of doctorate students would be weird to anyone who saw this. Those who knew would probably call foul play.

“It’s just a conference, nothing too big. Professor Pan could make the call. You don’t have to belittle yourself. Your medical skills have surpa.s.sed many and are something many people can only be envious of.”

Obviously Shen Jing read Mo Wen’s mind; she put on a smile while explaining. She put in a lot of effort in order to recommend Mo Wen, but Professor Pan most likely agreed because of Mo Wen’s medical skills, which amazed him.

“Can I not go?” Mo Wen asked rather helplessly. A good offer from Shen Jing’s point of view seemed to be a not-so-good offer for him. A specialized conference might not be much help to him.

After all, his heritage of medical knowledge was from another world. It was similar to the medical skills of ancient Hua Xia, but it with a huge gap with the current mainstream medical field. The two had different core philosophies. So a specialized conference was completely unnecessary for him.

Recently he had been busy practicing, looking for a way to help Mo Qingge get by the episode in a month’s time. Due to this, he didn’t want to simply run off.

Even though he appeared free, there were many things waiting for him to be settled.

“Nope, the faculty has already decided,” Shen Jing said with a stoic face. She felt a bit wronged. She had spent a lot of effort to help Mo Wen obtain this opportunity, yet he still wasn’t grateful for it.

She said that this was good news, but judging now from Mo Wen’s expression, this seemed like bad news.

Although he could tell that Shen Jing was a little angry, Mo Wen still had to clarify one thing before he made his decision.

“How long will we be gone?”

Shen Jing’s lips pressed together. She averted her gaze.

“A week. If you don’t want to go, so be it. I’ll talk to Professor Pan.”

Mo Wen laughed awkwardly.

“I will go. Why wouldn’t I go? Such an opportunity, I couldn’t ask for it even if I wanted to.”

It should be fine for a week. Mo Qingge’s body’s killing spirit would not have an episode within half a month, based on her current situation. A trip now shouldn’t affect much.


Shen Jing stared at Mo Wen doubtfully. He seemed to have been reluctant just a moment ago.

“Of course. I really wanted to visit the City of Devils too. I have always heard stories about how rich and developed that place is. Now I can go and see for myself.”

Mo Wen revealed an excited smile, hoping to conceal his guilt.

The City of Devils was one of the most developed cities in the country. The capital was the hub for the country’s political affairs; meanwhile, the City of Devils was the country’s center of economy and finance. The businesses there prospered, and the city was the center of the country’s economy, transportation, technology, industries, finance, trading, and shipping businesses. It was crowned as the Pearl of the Orient.

“That’s right. When we are in the City of Devils, I will show you around and let you experience the culture of the Pearl of the Orient. With the magical charm of the City of Devils, you will definitely feel that the trip is worth it.”

Shen Jing finally smiled. Her mood seemed to be much better.

“You don’t need to worry. The specialized conference is like a higher cla.s.s meet up. In other words, it basically doesn’t concern us, so go as though we are going on a trip.”

Previous specialized conferences that were organized had little time allocated for academic discussion. The various social gatherings were the main bulk of the event. For a few hundred people, wanting to deeply discuss a problem was impossible. Therefore, most discussions were carried out in private.

Not everyone was keen on sharing the results of their research with others to discuss as well. Everyone was selfish; experts and professors were not exceptions.

Some large scale specialized conferences were actually a gathering of the counterparts, offering a platform for everyone to socialize, exchange latest information in the circle, and get acquainted with their valuable friends.

“Then, what is the other thing?” Mo Wen laughed as he asked this. Shen Jing said it was bad news for him, making him curious as to what could be the bad news.

“Do you have a friend warded in the Leading Military Hospital?”

Shen Jing’s expression turned serious when speaking of this.

“Indeed. What happened?”

Mo Wen frowned. A patient in the Leading Military Hospital that could be regarded as his friend? It could only be Qin Xiaoyou’s mother. Before this, he asked Han Jiangong to help take care of her. He hadn’t visited her in the hospital for a while. Was it possible that something had happened to her?

“Your friend has the Multiple Organs Dysfunction Syndrome. I am afraid that she must undergo an organ transplant operation in order to stay alive. Director Han Jiangong was looking for you recently, but he didn’t have your contact number. He asked me to tell you about this after he found out that you were studying at Hua Xia University,” Shen Jing said, while frowning slightly.

When a patient with Multiple Organs Dysfunction Syndrome reached the stage where he or she needed an organ transplant, the person had entered the final stage. The probability of surviving was low. After all, the organ transplant operation was not fully developed yet; it still carried a high risk.

Mo Wen’s expression slowly turned serious.

“Her condition has deteriorated!”

He knew a little about the condition of Qin Xiaoyou’s mother. Last time, it was quite serious, but it was not at the stage where an organ transplant was needed.

Furthermore, she had been hospitalized for a month; her body should have recovered. Why would it worsen?

The Leading Military Hospital was one of the best hospitals in the country. It was unlikely that they would cause a patient’s condition to worsen. Was it possible that something had happened in the hospital, which caused Qin Xiaoyou’s mother’s condition to deteriorate?

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