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Chapter 705: Descent of the Fire Domain

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the mountains, the air was getting dense and there were tens of Beast Kings surrounding Mo Wen. They had him surrounded from above and below. At any moment, they could unleash their frightening powers to tear him into pieces.

“Tear that human ancient martial art pract.i.tioner into pieces for me. No, actually, catch him and bring him back to me alive. I want to eat him alive!” the brutal Golden Beast King said coldly. With his Cultivation of the second realm, he had the power to command all the first realm Beast Kings. Hence, he was the king of this particular mountain valley.

Roar, roar, roar!

All the first realm Beast Kings let out furious roars one after another. They were prepared to launch their attacks on Mo Wen. One could imagine just how terrifying it would be if tens of powerful Beast Kings attacked Mo Wen at once.

However, Mo Wen simply smiled. There was not a hint of nervousness in his smile. It was as though the things in front of him were not tens of frightening Beast Kings, but rather tens of delicious dishes.

A bundle of lightning suddenly appeared on the palm of his hand, and the lightning grew more and more intense. A spear also then gradually appeared. It was a long spear and it was entirely bright and glowing. Above it was a flickering silver electric arc and the blade of the spear was a very long snake’s tongue. The snake’s tongue had originated from the mouth of a very savage King Cobra. It had been gelled together so well that it looked as though a Heavenly Serpent had been converted into a spear.

The spear was a superb-grade profound level weapon called the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear. The moment the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear appeared, it radiated a very frightening aura. Its aura pervaded the entire mountain valley, as though a suffocating power had suddenly descended.

The many Beast Kings of the first realm immediately stopped moving. They instantly halted their attacks and began to look at Mo Wen in absolute terror. Their eyes were all filled completely with fear and disbelief. The aura of the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear was terrifying. Every Beast King felt as though their lives were being threatened by its appearance.

Even the second realm Beast King had been affected. When the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear appeared, its body froze entirely and it grew very tense. It was as though it had encountered its mortal enemy, as it looked at the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear with fear and vigilance.

There was still quite a number of seventh rank demonic beasts in the mountain valley, other than the Beast Kings. Those seventh rank demonic beasts were all the more afraid. They were so terrified that they began to tremble. They lay close to the ground, afraid to move a muscle.

“I’ll let you all have a taste of the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear’s strength.” Mo Wen’s lips curled up into a smile. Then, his figure slowly rose and a huge amount of silver light shot out of the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear he was holding. His actions were very slow but the atmosphere in the mountain valley had already become so tense that it felt like there was a strong force pressing down on all of them.


The Golden Beast King let out a low rumbling roar as the sense of danger caused all its hair to stand on end. The Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear had identified the Golden Beast King as its target.

The creature did not hesitate for even a moment. With a flash of the golden light, it ran into the valleys. It knew that if it stayed behind, it would be stuck in that place forever. However, it was a pity that it was all too late.

There was lots of lightning descending from the sky and the entire mountain valley had suddenly been filled with brightness. The figure of a magnified Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear appeared and teleported directly behind the Golden Beast King. No matter how fast that Golden Beast King flew and how it tried to vary its flight path, the figure of the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear remained close behind.

“Die.” Mo Wen said in a low voice. One could only see the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear lunge forward and in a moment, it went straight through the body of the Golden Beast King. The way it just weaved through so easily made it look like a gamma-ray with no restrictions. It met with no obstructions in piercing through the second realm Beast King.

“No…” The Golden Beast King’s eyes widened and were filled with unparalleled fear. It felt a highly destructive force appear within its body. The force could not be resisted at all. It was like a volcano had suddenly appeared inside the Golden Beast King, and it was about to explode.


Many rays of lightning shot out of the Golden Beast King’s body and the light was especially bright and colorful. In a moment, the Golden Beast King had become an electrified fireball, and began to burn up. In just a moment, the frightening second realm Beast King had turned to ashes.

The tens of Beast Kings in the surrounding area all let out sharp cries of fear. They looked at Mo Wen with frightened expressions. A reputable second realm Beast King had not been able to resist a blow from the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear. With their abilities, they would be even worse off.

When a leader falls from power, its subordinates will flee. Without a second thought, the surrounding Beast Kings immediately dispersed in all directions.

Mo Wen’s face had turned pale. It had just been a casual attack but the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear had already drained 90 percent of his inner Qi. It had almost sucked him dry of it.

Although the power of the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear was amazing, the drainage of energy was simply too much. With his current cultivation comparable to that of a whole martial arts sect, Mo Wen did not even have the ability to perform two attacks. However, Mo Wen was also shocked that a second realm Beast King could not withstand a single blow. The power of the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear was even stronger than he had expected.

A blue light flashed as Mo Wen used a Recovery Light. In the next moment, his inner Qi had recovered completely.

“Not a single one can escape.” Mo Wen looked at those Beast Kings that fled. Naturally, he could not just allow the big meal before his eyes to run away. The Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear in his hand emitted an electrifying bright light once again.

In the next moment, his revived inner Qi intensely entered the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear and in a second, it had actually drained all of Mo Wen’s inner Qi once again. However, he was prepared and with the flash of another blue light, he had used another top-grade Recovery Light.

Once again, his recovered inner Qi only remained in that state for a short moment. Soon, half of it was drained by the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear.

The Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear glowed brighter and it became more piercing to the eye. Its electrifying silver light had essentially flooded the entire mountain valley and created an unprecedented pressure. Those Demonic Beasts that were of lower cultivations were frightened, and they died violent deaths.


Mo Wen threw the spear and, at that moment, thunder and lightning descended. The entire mountain valley was lit up by lightning and the rumbling of thunder echoed all around. Tens of Heavenly Serpent Divine Spears appeared simultaneously in the mountain valley. Each and every one of them was aimed directly at an escaping Demonic Beast.

Puff, puff, puff…

A series of puffing sounds rang out. Those Demonic Beasts simply had no means of resisting. All of them were victims of the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spears weaving through them. Then, electrifying fireb.a.l.l.s appeared in the sky one after the other. They made the sky look splendid and eye-catching. With just a single blow, all the Demonic Beasts had died violent deaths, and not a single one was spared.

There was a huge number of stars gathered in the sky and they had essentially covered up the entire mountain valley. Only after a whole five minutes did all the starlight weave back into Mo Wen’s body. Mo Wen felt as though there was a huge rise in his Cultivation. If things carried on this way, he would be able to achieve the level of Martial Arts Grandmaster in no time.

As Mo Wen kept the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear, the surprise in his eyes dimmed gradually. Every time he used it, he still felt the same surprise as he did at first. The power of a superb-grade profound level weapon was very strong indeed. There were four great realms of the profound level weapons and each realm was truly a whole different ballgame.

After glancing back at the badly destroyed mountain valley, Mo Wen turned into a golden light and gradually left the place. Other than the Beast King, he had no interest in the other Demonic Beasts. With his current Cultivation, any Demonic Beast of a lower level than the Beast King was of no use to him.

Afterward, Mo Wen continued to search for any signs of Beast Kings in the area. He realized that there were more and more Beast Kings appearing in the area. In fact, there were a few Pinnacle Beast Kings that had appeared already and Mo Wen had encountered them a couple of times before. However, he did not battle with any of them. That was because, at the time, he could not be certain whether he was able to fight against a Pinnacle Beast King. Although the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear had strong powers, its demand for inner Qi was also very high. If he did not have the confidence to kill the Pinnacle Beast King in one blow, it was very possible that he would die at its hands.

Moreover, it was very difficult to kill a Pinnacle Beast King. Even if he could one, it would take up too much of his time which would be a great loss to him as well. With Mo Wen’s Cultivation, he was still perhaps not a worthy opponent of the Pinnacle Beast King. However, it would not be difficult for Mo Wen to escape from one easily.

Time slowly drifted by and as Mo Wen was nearing the end, he had killed more and more Beast Kings. Unknowingly, the number of Beast Kings he killed had already exceeded a hundred and was quickly approaching 200.

His Cultivation had also already broken through into the realm of the Martial Arts Grandmaster, officially allowing him to become an authentic Martial Arts Grandmaster. Moreover, as he continuously killed off Beast Kings, his Cultivation continued to rise more and more.

When he was only five minutes from the end, Mo Wen met with a Pinnacle Beast King. However, this time, he did not choose to avoid it. Instead, he was going to face it. That was because now, he was finally at the Martial Arts Grandmaster Realm. In fact, his inner Qi had already exceeded that of a Martial Arts Grandmaster. It was already comparable to that of a second realm Martial Arts Grandmaster.

“Human, you’re not running when you see me?” The Pinnacle Beast King in front of Mo Wen found his behavior odd. It looked at Mo Wen curiously. Previously, the Pinnacle Beast King had encountered countless human ancient martial art pract.i.tioners. However, they were usually killed. Instead, they had escaped as soon as they encountered it, and had no intention of battling whatsoever. This was the first time the Beast King had encountered a youth that did not avoid him.

“I want to kill you and improve my Cultivation. So, I won’t be running from you,” Mo Wen answered.

“Kill me? You must be dreaming!” The Pinnacle Beast King did not get angry, but burst into laughter. However, before it could finish laughing, it lost the ability to laugh. Its expression had been frozen in place.

An unbelievably large and pole-like long spear had collided into the Beast King, and it exuded an unparalleled force. The Beast King was shocked to itself unable to avoid that frightening long spear.


The Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear collided into the Pinnacle Beast King’s body and a very strong force weaved into its body. It was like an atomic bomb going off. In the next moment, that Pinnacle Beast King had become a huge fireball and turned to ashes, completely disappearing in the sky.

Once the Pinnacle Beast King was killed, there was a huge change in the sky. The entire sky was dyed red and it looked like the clouds had caught fire. A bunch of fire cloud descended from the sky and fell lower and lower, giving the impression that the sky was falling.

“Attention all human ancient martial art pract.i.tioners, the final challenge is about to begin. The descent of the Fire Domain.” The voice of the Tower Spirit rang out from the middle of nowhere. The fire cloud in the sky continued to spread and grew bigger. Finally, it covered the entire sky. The fire cloud descended gradually and the entire area was filled with an unprecedented frightening pressure.

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