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"How could a student be this impressive?" The youth furrowed his eyebrows, evidently in slight disbelief.

"So what if he's a student? The famous Five Freaks of Hua Xia University are also students. How do you fare in their eyes?" Su Boyu said expressionlessly.

The youth paled in both his actions and expression. He wasn't even comparable to the Five Freaks of the Hua Xia dormitory. They could practice the Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger in Hua Xia University. Although in the end, it was a big melting pot; there were all kinds of people there. It was a place with a mix of sons of powerful officials, the sons of rich merchants, and odd, reclusive people.

Ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners that were rarely seen in other places were not in the minority in Hua Xia University. Many of the students were ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners, and many of the bodyguards of the young masters and young ladies were also ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners.

Su Boyu's situation was similar to this, as he constantly had two ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners with the Soothing Pulse realm by his side, such that it was impossible for normal people to harm him.

However, among so many ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners, there were only five people who earned themselves the t.i.tle of freaks. They were not like the normal students in the school. Even some of the ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners did not dare go close to the Five Freaks of Hua Xia University. Even the sound of them would make others go out of their way just to avoid them

"During the military period, Mo Wen had beaten Yang Qi. Given your standards, you're more or less on equal grounds with Yang Qi."

Before he began preparing to fight Mo Wen, Su Boyu had done a thorough background check on him. He found it odd, however, that he was unable to find anything about Mo Wen's early life, as the case file was complicated and confusing.

However, with his performance recently, he could check up on him; eventually, it became as clear as daylight. Mo Wen rather deserved being in the limelight during the military period, as his skills were so impressive. No wonder no one dared to go against him.

But it was not enough to base things solely on this. How could it be that a meager ancient martial arts pract.i.tioner with the Regulated Breathing realm think that n.o.body in the world was a worthy match for him?

After Su Boyu had waited for almost half a day, he realized that Mo Wen had completely no intentions on entertaining him when he did not go to the little forest.

All of his plans had been for naught. Moreover, it was as if he had received a slap on his face; it was not surprising that the look on his face wasn't good.

"Alright then, Mo Wen. Since you don't leave me much choice, don't blame me for what I will do next time."

Before, Su Boyu did not have any plans of killing Mo Wen. He had simply wanted to give him a good beating. After all, he had checked up on Mo Wen's life, and there was something fishy about it. Before he understood Mo Wen's background, he did not want to take things to the extreme just yet.

But did Mo Wen really think that Su Boyu wouldn't do anything to him?

"Young Master Su, why are you being so courteous with him? Just get w.a.n.g Shu to catch him personally."

The youth felt that it was unnecessary for Su Boyu to lure Mo Wen. He could have just sent someone to catch him directly, and it would have made things easier.

Although Mo Wen could defeat Yang Qi, he was young and was, at most, on the later stage of the Regulated Breathing realm. With w.a.n.g Shu's cultivation of the intermediate stage of the Soothing Pulse realm, catching him would be easy.

"You think Hua Xia University is like your backyard, where you can just catch anyone you wish?"

Su Boyu scoffed coldly. Although he had seen many unethical things that had happened in school, it had all been done outside the compound. He had never seen anyone do anything too extreme within the school compound.

Some of the rules inside were simply not understood by a servant. Even people like the Five Freaks of Hua Xia University were law abiding in the school compound and did not simply cause trouble, besides him. If not, should they violate the rules, Hua Xia University would have long been in chaos, given the number of ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners they had. Without their strict rules, it was likely to have a murder case every other day.

"But this matter cannot be left at that. Anyone who dares offend I, Su Boyu, will have to know that there is a price to pay."

Su Boyu called out to the middle-aged guy behind him and said, "w.a.n.g Shu, you keep an eye on that Mo Wen. If he steps out of the school gates of Hua Xia University, catch him immediately. Hmph. I'll let him experience a life so painful, that he'd rather die."

Since he could not make a move within the school compound, he would have to do it outside of the school. Although the school would definitely investigate if something were to happen to a student outside of the school grounds, it was easy to settle things, given his status.

Mo Wen was also an ancient martial arts pract.i.tioner. The school protected ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners far less than the normal students. When fights occurred between the ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners, the school usually did not care at all.

Mo Wen ate his lunch leisurely. He should go to the cla.s.sroom for Shen Jing's afternoon lesson. If he skipped cla.s.s daily, Shen Jing would nag again.

Since it was still midday and there was still a gap until the lesson time, there were not many people in the cla.s.sroom. There were only about seven to eight students that were gathered into groups of twos and threes.

w.a.n.g Yuan spotted Mo Wen who had just entered the cla.s.sroom immediately and said his greetings.

"Mo Wen, you know how to attend cla.s.s? What a rare sight."

"What are you guys discussing?" Mo Wen smiled.

There were three or four others gathered with Mo Wen that were in a seemingly intense discussion before.

"We're talking about the big issues in school. You don't care about what happens in school," answered a youth whom Mo Wen did not know the name of, but found familiar, as he rolled his eyes.

It was probably a student from the military period belonging to the 3rd Company. He noticed that many students from the 4th Battalion were students of the Traditional Chinese Medicine course, and there were quite a few who were in the same cla.s.s as him.

For example, w.a.n.g Yuan, Chen Zhongqing, and w.a.n.g Xiaofei were all in Shen Jing's cla.s.s. Other than them, there were also some other students who looked very familiar, as he had trained with them.

Evidently, the students who had been training together in the same military region had forged better ties after it had ended and often hung out together.

After school had officially started for a week, Mo Wen rarely went to cla.s.s for lessons. He usually didn't stay in the Traditional Chinese Medicine course cla.s.s 1413's dormitory, so he didn't come into contact with many of the people in his cla.s.s. Hence, their relationships were not on a deep level.

"Mo Wen, you don't know about this yet, right? Qin Xiaoyou is in the List of Campus Beauties and is even in third place. The entire cla.s.s is discussing it now."

w.a.n.g Yuan giggled as he said this and continuously shot looks at Mo Wen to curry favor with him. In his eyes, the relationship between Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou had gotten to an obscurely amorous stage.

"List of Campus Beauties?"

Previously, Mo Wen had heard of the List of Campus Beauties, the List of College Hunks, and whatnot, but he had not cared much about them.

"You don't even know the List of Campus Beauties?"

w.a.n.g Yuan rolled his eyes with an expression that seemed to say "of course". Sometimes, he wondered if Mo Wen was a monk in a temple without a care for anything else and instead devoted his whole heart to reading sage scriptures.

"The List of Campus Beauties is a list launched by the Publicity Committee. They chose the top ten campus beauties in school, which encompa.s.sed all of the courses and cla.s.ses in Hua Xia University. The people who could make it onto the list were the generally acknowledged great beauties. Each of them have a huge number of students wooing them."

"The List of Campus Beauties has a long history. Because the list is not decided by the Publicity Committee, but is done by the voting of the general student population, there is an election every year, so only the most well-liked girls would have a chance of making it on the list."

"Qin Xiaoyou is the only freshman female student to have made it on the list. Moreover, she immediately got ranked as third place. But it is no surprise. The over 2,000 students whom we went through the military camp with basically all become her fans. Amongst the freshman, almost half of them had nominated her. Never has a freshman been so popular. The fact that Qin Xiaoyou got elected onto the list is really shocking!"

Chen Zhongqing smiled and extended his hand to pat Mo Wen on the shoulder as he said, "You're lucky."

To have a girlfriend that was part of the Campus Beauties of Hua Xia University was the dream of every guy. It was reaping both beauty and honor. Moreover, the Campus Beauties of Hua Xia University would also receive a lot of kindness when they step out into society in the future. No matter the field, companies would treat the Campus Beauties of Hua Xia University as their goals.

This was because of the strong superstar effect of each of the Campus Beauties of Hua Xia University. They were recipients of the vigorous support of Hua Xia University students, which was a source of talents where children of reputable families gathered. One who had such popularity in such a school would naturally be exceptionally influential. No matter where they went, they would bring great benefits to the organization they joined.

To someone who was of a normal family background, having a girlfriend who was a Campus Beauty of Hua Xia University was getting the best of beauty, wealth and honor.

Who in the cla.s.s would not be filled with jealousy and hate, with Mo Wen's close relationship with Qin Xiaoyou? All of them had seemingly been attacked by the green eyed monster of envy as they sighed, for why they didn't they have such a good life.

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