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Her figure was slender and graceful. Even at a glance, one would be amazed by her unadulterated elegance.


He took a step forward; excitement was written all over his face. For the first time, Mo Wen, who was usually calm, was excited.

But the girl didn't seem to hear him at all. She continued striding forward.

Mo Wen took a deep breath. The shock in his eyes slowly receded, but his gaze still remained fixed on the girl's silhouette.

They were way too alike! It was like a mirror image!

The girl that pa.s.sed by Mo Wen just now was the spitting image of Mo Wen's sister from the other world, Mo Dong'er. Their faces, temperaments, figures… even their presences were alike.

Just now for a moment, he thought his sister had appeared in front of him. If wasn't for the fact that it was impossible for Mo Dong'er to appear on Earth, he would have surely mistaken the girl as Mo Dong'er.

In the other world, both Mo Wen's parents pa.s.sed away rather early. His only close family member was his sister, Mo Dong'er.

So when he found out that his sister had an incurable disease, Mo Wen had felt like the whole world had come tumbling down.

For a few years, he had traveled across the world and tested hundreds of herbs, offering himself as the subject to experiment the medicine. But still, he couldn't cure his sister's disease, which was his biggest regret in his other life.

Staring at the figure gradually disappearing in front of his eyes, Mo Wen's facial expression shifted. After a while, he took a deep breath and chased after the girl.

In the library, the girl walked towards one of the tables and sat down. She read the book in her hand quietly. 

Mo Wen sat down in the seat opposite the girl.

"Excuse me. What is your name?"

He blurted out the question without considering whether it was brusque.

The girl frowned slightly. She raised her head a little. A face, beautiful beyond comparison, appeared before Mo Wen's eyes.

All the t.i.tles of the Four Great Beauties [1] were unable to describe the girl before him. This beauty was like a snow lotus from the heavenly mountain; sacred and pure.

Just looking at her would inevitably induce a sense of peace and calm, achieving enlightenment. Any qualms, impulses, and anxieties would just be washed away.

Mo Wen stared at the face near him, falling into a trance again. It was too similar. Not just the face, but even her gentleness and elegant temperament were the same. 

Why would a person who resembled his sister to such an extent appear all of a sudden? Of the countless worlds, was this really coincidence?

The girl looked at Mo Wen; her raised eyebrows relaxing slowly. She didn't say anything though, and instead lowered her head and returned to reading her book.

"Mo Dong'er?" Mo Wen testingly called out. Although the girl's intention of not wanting to be disturbed anymore was clear, he could only pretend he didn't see it.

"My name is Mo Qingge. Please do not disturb me from reading."

Mo Qingge's voice was ethereal, like a humming phoenix. Very few people could have voices as pure as hers.

"Mo Qingge!" Mo Wen muttered to himself. Suddenly his eyes shot wide open. He asked strangely, "Your surname is also Mo?"

"What else would you like to know? If there is nothing else, please leave."

Mo Qingge calmly looked at Mo Wen. Did he really not know her name? She should be a new student, otherwise how dare he flirt with her?

Mo Wen smiled unnaturally, his eyes looking dejected. Although she looked exactly like Mo Dong'er, in the end it wasn't her.

"In the future, if you have any problems, you can come and find me. My name is Mo Wen."

He took a deep breath. Knowing that forcing himself on a girl was rather brusque and rude, he got up and prepared to leave.

But the next second, his facial expression changed; it suddenly became gloomy. His rising body sat down again.

Mo Qingge looked confused. Why was someone who was about to leave sit down again?

But she didn't say anything, continuing to focus her attention on the book in front of her. She was as indifferent as a pool of still water, and Mo Wen was a clump of air; he could not affect her mood.

"You are ill."

Mo Wen said this with a ghastly face, because he had discovered that Mo Qingge had the exact same strange disease that his sister Mo Dong'er had! He did not dare to believe that this was true, that the world would have such a coincidence.

Up until now, Mo Wen have no idea what the cause was for Mo Dong'er's strange disease. He had expended all means, but had yet to find a cure. Facing his sister's disease, the usually unimpeded genius of his generation, the Miraculous Physician Mo Wen, for the first time in his life, thoroughly felt helpless and useless.

The symptoms of the disease were not only strange, but were terrifying when it surfaced. If they were not kept in check, the consequences would be unthinkable.

No one knew when it began, but Mo Dong'er's body started to automatically generate a type of killing spirit. The terror induced by this killing spirit was unparalleled. No one should have such a killing spirit.

Even the killing spirit of the Northern Devil was child's play when compared to Mo Dong'er's killing spirit. It was not even worth mentioning; like a drop in an ocean.

One was an external power, developed later in life; the other was internally generated endlessly. It was as though her body had a source of this spirit, oozing out unceasingly.

Usually Mo Dong'er's killing spirit in her body was always in a dormant state. If there was no external disturbances, it would normally not be revealed.

But every year, there would be a day where the killing spirit would rampage out of control and would uncontrollably seep out of her body. As the killing spirit overflowed from her, it would wither any vegetation within a hundred yards of her, rendering the land a wasteland.

Even people could not approach her. Those with low Cultivation would be corroded by the killing spirit instantaneously, becoming a shriveled corpse.

At that moment, if her will was not strong enough, she would lose consciousness and turn into a demon who would not stop killing until it had died from exhaustion.

Also, once demonized, her strength would increase to an unimaginable level, far surpa.s.sing what mere mortals could handle. If Mo Dong'er had completely demonized, the entire Mo clan would have probably perished at her hands.

That year if Mo Wen had not defended her, Mo Dong'er would have been banished from the Mo clan.

The first few times when the killing spirit ran amok, if her willpower was strong enough, she could still use her power to suppress it.

But every time the killing spirit ran amok, the next time would be stronger and more violent. Under the worsening state of the killing spirit, regardless of how strong her willpower, she would, one day, completely succ.u.mb to it.

Also, whenever the killing spirit went on a rampage, outsiders couldn't interfere - only she could suppress it with her willpower. Mo Wen had tried countless times, but with his Inner Qi Cultivation level, he could not suppress it.

Mo Dong'er's killing spirit was like a sea - wide and vast. For his cultivated Inner Qi to contend with such a vast killing spirit was like a grain of sand in a vast ocean.

That was why he had never asked the senior masters from the martial arts circle for aid. He knew, no matter who it was, that it was impossible to use their Cultivation to suppress the killing spirit in Mo Dong'er's body. Using external force to forcefully interfere would only result in an even more serious backlash.

[1]: The Four Great Beauties are four Chinese women in ancient China history, renowned for their beauty. These were Xi Shi, w.a.n.g Zhaojun, Diaochan, and Yang Guifei.

Xi Shi is said to be so entrancingly beautiful that fish would forget how to swim and sink below the surface upon seeing her reflection in the water.

w.a.n.g Zhaojun is said to be so beautiful that her appearance would entice birds in flight to fall from the sky.

Diaochan is said to be so luminously lovely that the moon itself would shy away in embarra.s.sment when compared to her face.

Yang Guifei is said to have a face that puts all flowers to shame.









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