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There was no trace of human activity in the mountain valley. Evidently, the location of the mountain valley was very secretive, so very few people would notice it. Moreover, it was a very normal mountain valley, so even if one noticed it, they would not care about it.

Mo Wen walked around around the valley and found that there were many fruit trees in the valley, including apple trees, pomelo trees, peach trees… There were even trees that Mo Wen did not know of. Some of them had bright fruits invitingly hanging off them with smooth and shiny surfaces. It still wasn't the season to harvest the fruits, though.

Other than that, the mountain valley also had several plots of barren land which resembled vegetable patches. However, n.o.body had maintained them for over 300 years, so they had long since become desolate.

Chang Qingfeng had evidently lived in the mountain valley for quite a period of time. Those fruit trees and vegetables had been cultivated by him, and the fishes in the pool of water were also reared by him.

The thing that shocked Mo Wen the most was that he had even found medicinal plots of land. In the south-east direction, there were many pieces of medicinal plots of land which made up at least over a hundred mu.

They had not been maintained by anyone for 300 to 400 years so the medicinal plots had long become desolate, with weeds growing out from everywhere and the medicinal materials spa.r.s.e, with no more than just a few stalks.

However, in such a big plot of medicinal land, some of the more resilient medicinal materials had quite a number of survivors left. Moreover, having survived till today, they would be 300 to 400 years in age. Even if they were the most average medicinal materials, they would still have become very good essence.

Many serious illnesses required the preparation of medicinal materials of a certain age before the treatment could proceed. Any of the random stumps could be deemed as precious.

Mo Wen's interest was piqued as he casually strolled through the medicinal plot. Although it was a difficult parting the medicinal materials from plots full of weeds, he was still happy from beginning to end.

As a miracle physician, he was naturally very astute towards medicinal materials. Only a miracle physician could bring out the full potential of the value of medicinal materials.

Chang Qingfeng had inherited the Ming Clan's impartation of medical skills. Back then, he was also a celebrated miracle physician. Thus, Mo Wen was not surprised that he planted so many medicinal materials while living in the cave abode.

Most of the medicinal materials that he had planted were the most common and basic of medicinal materials. Although there were one or two stalks of rare medicinal materials, they were few and in between.

Yet, it was very normal. The rare medicinal materials were rare, not because their numbers were little, but because cultivating them was difficult to the point of being impossible, where only the coincidental alignment of Heaven and Earth could allow their successful cultivation.

Even the rarest medicinal materials could be cultivated in huge numbers once it was okay to plant.

Some of the rare medicinal materials required special environmental factors in order to survive. There were also big limitations to the requirements. Hence, they were not easy to cultivate.

Perhaps Chang Qingfeng had cultivated many rare medicinal materials. However, after 300 to 400 years of neglect, they would have died off. Those one or two stalks that had miraculously survived was due to a coincidence or fate. Only common medicinal materials could adapt to all kinds of environments while being so strong and full of life.

Mo Wen leisurely strolled around the medicinal plot. Although the medicinal materials in the plot were all hundreds of years in age, they had basically become wild under such conditions. There were some 300 to 400 years old Lingzhi, over 500 year old ginseng, and over 300 year old sealwort which could all be sold at sky-high prices outside.

However, in Mo Wen's eyes, they were simply normal medicinal materials. One could not neglect the fact that in that lifetime, he had been an imperial court physician with good medicinal materials at his fingertips from the national treasury. Having seen so much, his expectations were naturally higher, therefore it was more difficult for some of the normal medicinal materials to impress him.

Although there were occasionally several stalks of rare medicinal materials, they had, at most, only made him look twice. Moreover, he had no use for those medicinal materials at that point in time, so he did not pay too much attention to them.

He would not harvest the medicinal materials that were not of use to him immediately without a thought. To a physician, respecting the life of medicinal materials was the most basic of medical ethics. It would not be too late to pick them in the future when he found the need for them.

After walking one round, the mildly happy Mo Wen had prepared to return to the cave abode. However, in the moment that he turned his body, he froze all of a sudden, his gaze strongly attached to a patch of wild gra.s.s.

In the midst of the wild gra.s.s, there was a small and young stalk of plant poking its head out, desperately absorbing the sunlight from outside.

Mo Wen's eyes squinted slightly, and he walked over to it, a little surprised. He pushed apart the wild gra.s.s, and a stalk of a dark red gra.s.s appeared in front of his eyes.

"Blood-Heart gra.s.s!"

He inhaled deeply; there was excitement in his eyes, as he simply did not expect that a Blood-Heart gra.s.s would appear in this medicinal plot. This was such a surprise!

Even to Mo Wen, who was a miracle physician from his other lifetime, a Blood-Heart gra.s.s was a very rare type of medicinal material. Its value was unmatched, even by thousands of gold. There were only a few stalks in the national treasury of the imperial palace, and every single stalk was as valuable as a whole city.

Even with his status as the imperial physician, he was unable to employ the Blood-Heart gra.s.s. It had to be approved by the emperor before it could be used.

The Blood-Heart gra.s.s was so precious, not just because its medicinal effects were astonishing, it also had extremely strict conditions for survival. It was basically impossible to be manually cultivated by man, as n.o.body knew of the conditions required by the Blood-Heart gra.s.s for cultivation.

To Mo Wen, the Blood-Heart gra.s.s had many uses and could be put to good use. A single stalk of the Blood-Heart gra.s.s could save a critically sick person and therefore was deemed as a sacred item of human medicine.

The significance of the Blood-Heart gra.s.s was even more exceptional to a martial art pract.i.tioner. Using the Blood-Heart gra.s.s to make the Blood, Vitality, and Qi trans.m.u.ting powder could change a person entirely and greatly alter the physical const.i.tution of a martial art pract.i.tioner. It could even directly raise the cultivation of one's Inner Qi.

As the successor of his highly respectable medical family, Mo Wen naturally knew of the secret recipe for making the Blood, Vitality & Qi trans.m.u.ting powder; if it had been in that lifetime, the Blood-Heart gra.s.s would probably not be of much importance to him, but in this lifetime, it was different.

In his other lifetime, he had been exceptionally talented and was originally already at his peak as he had trained from a young age and had built a strong foundation. Hence, his training journey had been smooth-sailing. Before the Sea of Qi realm, he did not face many obstacles.

The Blood, Vitality, and Qi trans.m.u.ting powder made from the Blood-Heart gra.s.s was simply the icing on the cake to him and did not have much use.

However, in this lifetime, he had only started training at 18 years old. He was delayed in catching the period most effective for training; it would not be easy to have any big achievements.

But if he had the Blood, Vitality, and Qi trans.m.u.ting powder made from the Blood-Heart gra.s.s, he could become a whole new person and improve his physical const.i.tution. He could then regain his top training form.

The true significance of the Blood, Vitality, and Qi trans.m.u.ting powder was not to improve an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner's cultivation of realms, but rather to improve physical const.i.tution and allow the body to regain vitality.

The younger the person, the more malleable. Once the most effective period was missed, wanting to alter one in the future would be very tough.

However, the Blood, Vitality, and Qi trans.m.u.ting powder could return the body's potential to one's younger days when there was still strong vigour and abundance of intelligence; back to the time when the body possessed the most malleability.

With Mo Wen's experience, once he regained the potential of his body from his younger days, his cultivation would definitely improve by leaps and bounds. It was even possible for him to regain his previous level of cultivation within a short period of time.

One may well imagine how big of a significance the Blood-Heart gra.s.s was to him. It had given him a chance to start fresh.

Mo Wen carefully cleared the wild gra.s.s surrounding the Blood-Heart gra.s.s and finally revealed the entire appearance of it. One stalk was roughly about half a foot long and had seven leaves growing off it. Every leaf was bright red, inviting, and exceptionally gorgeous.

The rootstock of the Blood-Heart gra.s.s were like threads of blood vessels. It was as if there was blood flowing within the plant; it was rather unusual.

Mo Wen looked at the Blood-Heart gra.s.s in front of him, a little surprised. Although the Blood-Heart gra.s.s was not big, it had grown for at least 400 over years.

"A medicinal plant of 450 years of age. It's so amazing!"

Given the strict conditions that the Blood-Heart gra.s.s required to survive, the mere fact that it survived all these years was simply a miracle.

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