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Published at 11th of July 2019 02:25:07 PM Chapter 346: 346

“Pay attention to your image!” Mo Wen stared at w.a.n.g Yinru and Gu Jingman sternly . Neither of them were acting their age, which was totally inappropriate!

Gu Jingman snorted softly .

He is instructing others to pay attention to their images, but does he even have an image?

w.a.n.g Yinru pursed her lips, but refused to be goaded . Instead, her mood remained relaxed . She looked askance at Gu Jingman .

Some things were definitely sensitive between women . For instance, Gu Jingman had intentionally called her a senior, which was not very nice .

Could she be afraid that Mo Wen and I have something going on?

w.a.n.g Yinru curled her lips and smiled mischievously at the thought .

“Only when one is alive, can there be a future . Don't worry . I am a Miracle Physician . Your mild injury is not a big deal . ” Mo Wen patted his chest and gave her a.s.surances . He knew that one reason that w.a.n.g Yinru was thinking of ending her life was because she knew her injury was very serious and she didn't want to burden others with it .

“Gu Jingman, you should cook something for Sister w.a.n.g to nourish her body . I will find you later,” Mo Wen said .

Now, the Jiang Clan was completely annihilated, including Clan Leader Jiang Quangui and Sect Leader Jiang Qinghong . As for the disciples of other three big aristocratic families, they didn't dare to approach, so Gu Jingman and w.a.n.g Yinru naturally didn't have to worry that the others would harm them .

Gu Jingman stared at Mo Wen angrily, her mind racing . She was reluctant to obey his words, but this was not the time to create conflict . After all, w.a.n.g Yinru's injury was more important, as her body was very weak and needed nutrition .

So, she left with w.a.n.g Yinru, a frown spreading across her face . There were many cooking premises in the Dafang Sect, so they naturally didn't have to worry about finding proper accommodations .

After sending both women away, Mo Wen's countenance turned cold again . He then walked into the main hall of the Dafang Sect .

This main hall was at the center of the interconnected buildings and was the grandest and broadest of all of the buildings in the Dafang Sect . Normally, whenever any big issue arose, this was the place where the Sect Elders would gather to discuss it .

The main hall was huge . Mo Wen strode in confidently, then sat on the main seat at the highest level .

“All of the Dafang Sect's Elders and above have come to the Square Main hall for a meeting . ” Mo Wen's voice was not loud, but it instantly resonated throughout the entire Dafang Sect . It could even be heard clearly at the top of the mountain!

A while after he had spoken, people began to appear in the Square Main hall . As numerous figures streamed in, everyone looked cautiously at Mo Wen, who was sitting on the main seat, not daring to breathe too loudly .

Since everyone knew him to be a killing machine, his mere presence terrified everyone . After all, he had single-handedly annihilated the entire Jiang Clan! Not only was he cruel and ruthless, his cultivation was also so earth-shattering, even the exceptional expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm was killed at his hands!

After Mo Wen's ma.s.sacre, the Jiang Clan had been completely annihilated, so there were not many Sect Elders left in the Dafang Sect . In fact, there were only about sixty of them .

Previously, the Dafang Sect had more than a hundred people in the Qi Nucleation realm . However, more than half of those people were from the Jiang Clan or were somehow related to it . Hence, they had all been killed by Mo Wen during the calamity .

Now, among those people here, half of them belonged to the other three big aristocratic families . Although the three big aristocratic families couldn't compare to the Jiang Clan, they did have great backgrounds and members, with at least one or two ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners in the Qi Nucleation realm .

“According to the Dafang Sect's rules, from now on, I shall be the Sect Leader . Do you have any objection to this?” Mo Wen threw the black insignia onto the floor as he spoke, looking indifferent .

He had obtained this insignia in the Dafang Sect's forbidden land . And, according to the rules and traditions, the person who obtained this insignia was the rightful Sect Leader of the Dafang Sect .

So, he and w.a.n.g Yinru had come to the Dafang Sect with the sole purpose of seizing it, thus paving the way for his execution of things in the ancient martial arts world in the future . If he had the status of being the Sect Leader of the Dafang Sect, he would have a chance to get into contact with many things, thus increasing his wisdom and knowledge of the arts!

Mo Wen's words had shocked all of the Sect Elders . Although they had been mentally prepared for this, they hadn't expected Mo Wen to be so straightforward about his demands .

“We have no objection and will respect the Sect Leader,” one of the Elders said .

The people of the three aristocratic families then looked at one another for several moments . They then bowed to show their respect . The knew that only those who intended to die would dare refuse Mo Wen now .

After all, this youngster was so overbearing and ruthless! Everyone could see that he was more terrifying than the entire Jiang Clan put together!

Previously, the three big aristocratic families thought that Mo Wen would die at the hands of the Jiang Clan's Patriarch . However, now they now finally understood how frightening this youngster was! He was simply a terror!

Previously, they had underestimated him, but now the people of the three big aristocratic families, including the Clan Leaders, were like cats walking on hot bricks . They were so fearful that Mo Wen would look for them to exact revenge for their previous att.i.tudes towards him .

Zhou Honglu bent his back slightly and stood respectfully in the main hall, his face grave . As the Sect Grand Elder, his status was not below the Sect Leader . In fact, his authority was sometimes above the Sect Leader .

However, at the present moment, he didn't dare to be arrogant . So, he kept a very low profile very and wore an obedient look on his face .

I had no idea that the w.a.n.g Clan had such a peerless and brilliant son! Is this retribution… I wonder?

Previously, they had not stood by Mo Wen's side, and now that Mo Wen had seized control of the Dafang Sect, they would definitely not be considered as his trusted aides .

Heck, he might even cultivate an entirely new batch of people to replace them! Even if Mo Wen didn't attack them, their situation most likely would be no better than when the Jiang Clan was in control .

“From now on, I will be helming the Dafang Sect . But, you don't have to worry . Since the Jiang Clan annihilated my w.a.n.g Clan, the annihilation of the Jiang Clan was merely my exacting revenge . As for the other aristocratic families, you have no direct enmity with the w.a.n.g Clan, so even if unpleasant events occurred between you in the past, I will magnanimously let bygones be bygones . In the future, we are to be people of a common Sect, so we shall unite together through thick and thin . I don't wish for us to suspect one another any longer!” Mo Wen said stoically .

He naturally knew that the three big aristocratic families were apprehensive of him, so he wanted to let them know that he had no intention of attacking the three big aristocratic families . Now, the majority of the Dafang Sect was under the influences of the three aristocratic families . If they were all annihilated, the Dafang Sect would become an empty sh.e.l.l, so it would make no sense for him to desire that!

“We shall obey the Sect Leader's orders! We will remember them by heart . ” Everyone in the main hall bowed to pay their respect and voiced their support .

Mo Wen nodded his head slightly, then continued . “The Dafang Sect's heritage has been pa.s.sed down for more than four hundred years and has always obeyed the Sect ancestors' rules . However, some people broke these rules intentionally, which caused the Dafang Sect to have turmoil and many changes, especially among the original five big aristocratic families . Now, there are only three aristocratic families left, and the Sect has been going downhill ever since…”

He paused for a moment, then began speaking again . “Now, the Dafang Sect has reached a critical moment! We may soon be facing death if we are not careful . Hence, I think now we cannot be fettered by the old rules . Since I have become the new Sect Leader, I naturally have the duty to lead the Dafang Sect to glory . Therefore, I shall announce a few new Sect rules . ”

Mo Wen's eyes swept across the people, his body emitting a strong sense of confidence . His voice was also commanding and somewhat overbearing . When Mo Wen finished his announcement, almost everyone frowned .

Mo Wen then continued to call out some of the rules that he was changing…

“Abolished Dafang Sect's rule of having a Sect Leader Selection every twenty years, the Sect Leader could a.s.sume the position perpetually…”

“Abolished Sect Grand Elders' position, the Sect Leader would be the highest authority in the Sect…”


Other than abolishing the rules, Mo Wen also innovated many new rules, almost every on of which revolved around the increased authority of the Sect Leader . In a nutsh.e.l.l, the Sect Leader was basically given absolute power over the lives and properties of the Sect! Thus, Mo Wen now had the supremacy over all!

The face of the Dafang Sect's Elders, including Sect Grand Elder and Zhou Honglu, were as dark as soot . However, no one dared to stand up to object . After all, this youngster was very terrifying, cruel, and ruthless .

“That will be all for now . I will supplement and add to this list in the future . ” With that decree, Mo Wen promptly ended the meeting .

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