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Chapter 288: Meeting Gu Jingman

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The present Dafang Sect was said to have four big aristocratic families. However, in actual fact, only one clan was in control and the rest of the three clans were merely embellishments.

“If we get the Dafang’s Sect Leader position successfully, with the advantage of the t.i.tle and display of great strength, I think those three clans would stand on our side, due to the many years of oppression from the Jiang Clan.”

If they could display sufficient strength to counter the Jiang Clan, the other two out of three influences would stand on their side to resist the Jiang Clan, and then the Old clan leader of the Zhou Clan would also join in.

“Then let’s give it shot.”

Mo Wen nodded slightly. Regardless of whether they succeeded or not, he figured that they could just retreat. After all, the Dafang Sect originally had picked the feud with him, so he basically didn’t care.

The Dafang Sect was situated deep in the Yandang Mountains range. It was so deeply hidden, even though there were many scenic areas being developed in Yandang Mountains in the recent years, as well as an increase in the surge of tourists.

However, the activity area of the tourists was small, as they were mostly active in the area where there were man-made facilities. In comparison to the ma.s.sive primitive mountainous forests, those areas were only the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, many ancient martial arts influences had rooted themselves in the Yandang Mountains region and its surroundings. The Kuochang Mountains range and Tiantai Mountain were almost linked to the Yandang Mountain directly, so this patch of regions consisted of dozens of clans of ancient martial arts influences, which formed a small ancient martials arts world.

Deep in the Yandang Mountains range, there was a peak that was neither too big nor too small. It was about six hundred meters above sea level, making it pretty inconspicuous, as the Yandang Mountains range had several few peaks that towered well above a thousand meters high.

However, the headquarters of the Dafang Sect was situated at the bottom of that peak. As the Dafang Sect had rooted itself here, it was also called the Yandang Dafang Mountain or the Southeast Small Dafang Mountain.

That evening, Mo Wen and w.a.n.g Yinru arrived at the base of Yandang Dafang Mountain. The peak was not too high, but the environment was very beautiful and had a meadow of greenery in sight.

Mo Wen was surprised to realize that there was a thin layer of spiritual energy floating on the top of Yandang Dafang Mountain. Although the spiritual energy was too thin and was insufficient to maintain the practice of the Immortal Cultivators, a peak with such spiritual energy would have the plants that were also spiritual. It would thus be able to gather the destinies of the heaven and earth, so it was quite a good fortunate land!

These characteristics showed that there was no lack of experts among the ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners, who knew a bit of the Feng Shui mystic techniques. When they were selecting the location for the sect, they had selected a peak that contained spiritual energy.

After all, ordinary ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners basically wouldn’t detect spiritual energy. The method they used to find the spiritual land was usually by using the imperceptible response of some people to the natural surroundings, which was also a method commonly known as Feng Shui Geomancy.

Along the way, Mo Wen realized that many ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners were traversing through the virgin forests, heading in almost the same direction as them. After discovering them, they had no intention of greeting one another, but only concentrated on pressing forward in their journeys.

“They are the people of the ancient martial arts influences in the neighboring regions. They also have the same purpose of going to the Dafang Sect.”

w.a.n.g Yinru seemed to notice Mo Wen’s puzzlement and explained, “The Sect Leader Selection Meeting, which happens every two decades, is a rare a.s.sembly in the Dafang Sect. At this time, the Dafang Sect will invite many ancient martial arts influences to partic.i.p.ate in this Sect Leader Selection Meeting, using this occasion as a gimmick to organize a fellowship for the ancient martial arts world.”

“The ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners from three regions, Yandang Mountain, Kuochang Mountain, and Tiantai Mountain, will come forth to partic.i.p.ate. After all, the Dafang Sect is a big sect and one of the top-ranked ancient martial arts influences in the series of the three big mountains range. Thus, there are many small influences which naturally are willing to make connections with them.”

“Of course, other than the ancient martial arts influences in the series of the three big mountains ranges, some ancient martial arts influences that have good relationships with the Dafang Sect will also send their representatives to partic.i.p.ate in the Dafang Sect’s Sect Leader Selection Meeting.”

In actual fact, the Dafang Sect’s Sect Leader Selection Meeting was a big event. A long time ago, when the big five aristocratic families still existed, the Sect Leader Selection Meeting meant that one of the aristocratic families would rise above the others and get the Sect Leader’s position, thus taking the leading position in the Dafang Sect.

Hence, this day was a very important day for the five big aristocratic families. However, the situation this year was going to be very different from the past. If there wasn’t any mishap, the Sect Leader for this year was one hundred percent going to be someone from the Jiang Clan.

That year, her eldest brother, w.a.n.g Chengshan, had a.s.sumed the position of Sect Leader, having gained it through the normal compet.i.tion. After her eldest brother was set up by someone, the Dafang Sect was left without a leader. When there wasn’t a Sect Leader, the people of the Jiang Clan seized the Sect Leader’s position by force, without discussing it with the other three aristocratic families.

So, more than ten years ago, the Jiang Clan had already broken the rules in the Dafang Sect. Now, the Sect Leader this year would naturally be someone from the Jiang Clan. Regardless of the kind of young and strong geniuses that the other three aristocratic families might have, they would never be selected to be the Sect Leader.

“I see.”

Mo Wen nodded slightly.

This so-called Sect Leader Selection Meeting must indeed be a big event in the Dafang Sect!

There was a flagstone path on Yandang Dafang Mountain, which winded all the way to the foot of the mountain. Mo Wen and w.a.n.g Yinru walked for a short distance, before they were blocked on the path by a few youngsters. These youngsters were wearing the uniforms of the Dafang Sect’s disciples.

“Who are you?”

A burly man in his thirties asked, while looking at Mo Wen and w.a.n.g Yinru. Although the Dafang Sect’s Sect Leader Selection Meeting had invited many ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners to partic.i.p.ate in the a.s.sembly, not everyone was eligible to do so. Those without sufficient statuses or backgrounds, or those without sufficient seniority or experiences, wouldn’t be eligible to partic.i.p.ate in the Dafang Sect’s a.s.sembly.

“We are here to partic.i.p.ate in the Dafang Sect’s Sect Leader Selection Meeting.”

w.a.n.g Yinru walked forward without any expression.

“Do you have an invitation card?” The burly man continued to block the two persons.

“Invitation card?”

w.a.n.g Yinru laughed coldly. “Since when do I need an invitation card to be back in the Dafang Sect? Go away, or bear the consequences.”

“Who exactly are you? If you don’t have an invitation card or show valid proof of your status, you can’t go up the mountain.”

That burly man put on a grave face, but didn’t offend w.a.n.g Yinru recklessly. Instead, he simply continued to inquire.

After all, her stance just now didn’t look pretentious, but had scared him a little. Before ascertaining her status, he didn’t dare to offend her casually.

The Dafang Sect’s Sect Leader Selection Meeting had sent many invitation cards to the ancient martial arts world. The Dafang Sect would not omit any ancient martial arts Sects with some influences in the series of three big Mountains ranges, so those who didn’t receive an invitation card were normally characters who were not powerful.

“Dafang Sect w.a.n.g Clan’s Clan leader, w.a.n.g Yinru.”

w.a.n.g Yinru curled her lips into a smile and looked mischievously at the burly man.

“w.a.n.g Clan? What rubbish is this w.a.n.g Clan? The Dafang Sect basically doesn’t even speak of this aristocratic family.”

That burly man became totally cold, waving his hand suddenly. Those more than ten disciples of the Dafang Sect behind him then moved forward and surrounded w.a.n.g Yinru and Mo Wen.

He naturally knew the four big aristocratic families of the Dafang Sect, but they were the Jiang Clan, the Zhou Clan, the Chen Clan and the Jia Clan. Basically, there wasn’t any w.a.n.g Clan, so this woman in front of him was obviously here only to create trouble.

“You don’t know the name because you are not knowledgeable. Ask your Sect Leader, Jiang Qinghong, to come out. He will naturally know.”

w.a.n.g Yinru snorted coldly, her body releasing a frightening grandeur. The wind suddenly gushed wildly in the forests, its terrifying pressure blowing all of those disciples out like strands of straws.

The burly man, who had stood in front of w.a.n.g Yinru, was the first to be hit and gave out a m.u.f.fled moan, like there was an invisible huge rock that struck his body. He was sent flying outwards. Subsequently, he crashed onto a big tree before he stopped and vomited out a mouthful of blood with a puffing sound.

With an air of grandeur, she sent all of those Dafang Sect disciples flying in one blow, without even using her hands.

“Embryonic Breathing realm!”

The burly man looked at w.a.n.g Yinru in shock, his eyes filled with terror and panic. A strong one in the Embryonic Breathing realm was almost like a pinnacle existence to him, almost equivalent to the realm of the three Sect grandfathers of the Dafang Sect.

As a normal disciple that was guarding the mountain, it was normally difficult for him to see even the Sect seniors in the Qi Nucleation realm, not to mention those in the Embryonic Breathing realm. That woman was too terrifying and certainly not someone a small fry like him would dare offend.

“I’ll give you a chance. Report to your Sect Leader, Jiang Qinghong, quickly. Let him know that w.a.n.g Yinru has arrived at the Dafang Sect. He will understand.”

w.a.n.g Yinru glanced at the burly man indifferently, before pulling Mo Wen’s hand initiatively to continue walking up the mountain. That burly man got up from the ground and ran up the mountain frantically, as if he had wheels on his feet.

At this moment, he needed to report to the Sect seniors, as that woman didn’t come with kind intent! On top of that, she was a terrifying strong one in the Embryonic Breathing realm. If he were to report too late, it might cost the Sect unimaginable damage.

The burly man couldn’t be faulted for not knowing the w.a.n.g Clan. After all, the w.a.n.g Clan had completely disappeared from the Dafang Sect more than ten years ago.

The people of the Jiang Clan had intentionally sealed off all information about the w.a.n.g Clan, so other than those older people in the sect, very few younger disciples knew anything about it.

“With your stance, are you intending to crash the sect’s gate?”

Mo Wen asked smilingly.

“Since the people of the Dafang Sect won’t meet a happy endl, I don’t need to have any apprehensions. Don’t worry, this Dafang Sect is not that frightening. We can run if we don’t win, can’t we?”

w.a.n.g Yinru patted Mo Wen’s hand and comforted him. She thought Mo Wen was a little worried about the Dafang Sect seeking revenge.

“Doesn’t matter.”

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders, proving that he indeed didn’t mind it.

Along their way up the mountain, there were many mountain-guarding disciples standing on both sides of the path. However, in the face of w.a.n.g Yinru’s frightening grandeur, almost no one dared to stop them.

Even those guests coming to partic.i.p.ate in the Dafang Sect’s a.s.sembly kept a distance from w.a.n.g Yinru. This was most likely because the constant release of the aura of the Embryonic Breathing realm was a strong deterrent to anyone.

Very soon, the two persons had walked to the middle of the mountain, not encountering a single hindrance. Other than the Dafang Sect’s disciples, who were guarding the mountain, they had met a few ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners from other sects, who came to present their congratulatory gifts.

“Mo Wen?”

A puzzled voice resounded from a distance away. As the distance was quite far, the voice seemed to be uncertain. After all, she was very surprised that Mo Wen would appear in this place.


Mo Wen furrowed his brows and lifted his head slightly in the direction of the voice.

That voice sounds so familiar…

“It is indeed you! Why are you here in the Dafang Sect?”

When Mo Wen lifted up his head, that person saw Mo Wen’s look clearly and suddenly exclaimed. Then,the voice was immediately followed by a figure that was running down the mountain path.

“Gu Jingman!” Mo Wen rolled his eyes, as he called out.

So, he had met someone familiar…

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