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On the right stood a buff young man with a study looking figure. He was stroking his chin as his gaze flickered while looking at Cheng Hao, "But…". Cheng Hao answered the young man's stuttering, "Rest a.s.sured, the benefits promised will be delivered without a single one missing. If you make me even more satisfied, the benefits will only be better."

Cheng Hao laughed coldly and he glanced at the st.u.r.dy youth through the side, "Why? Are you afraid that I will go back on my promise?" The stout youth laughed and shared a glance with several other of his peers before saying, " Of course we trust you Young Master Cheng or we wouldn't have agreed to this in the first place. Rest a.s.sured and leave it to us. I will let whoever offended Young Master Cheng know what it feels like to regret being born into this world."

The study young man and his group left the seat. The group of them congregated together as they walked over to Mo Wen.

A tall, skinny youth walked over to Mo Wen and revealed a cold and dark smile while jeering, "Lad, I heard that you are very c.o.c.ky. Eating your meal? Go and eat sh*t." As he taunted Mo Wen, the tall and skinny youth stretched out his hand to grab hold of Mo Wen's meal plate and cruelly smashed it towards Mo Wen's head.

Ping! n.o.body expected the meal plate would somehow reverse and instead violently smash against the head of the tall and skinny youth. With a bloodcurdling scream, the youth's head split in an instant.

It was only at then that Mo Wen slowly removed his hand that was grabbing onto the arm of the tall and skinny youth. He looked over to the group expressionlessly as about nine military-trained students gradually started to crowd around.

Upon seeing that Mo Wen had actually dared to strike back, the st.u.r.dy youth flew into a rage while yelling, "Looks like someone if f**king tired of living. Go, get rid of him." He gestured for his friends to surround Mo Wen's table.

Seeing trouble brewing, w.a.n.g Yuan's eyes widened as he stood up and shouted, "What are you guys doing? Are you thinking of rebelling!?" Whoever dared to cause trouble in the military region really had guts.

The tall and skinny youth had blood flowing from his head as he furiously scolded, "Rebel your head, kill off these two b*stards." Then He lifted a bench and swung it at Mo Wen.

Mo Wen's lips curled up into a cold smile and he shifted his feet slightly apart. The bench whistled past his ear and smashed into the table he was just eating at. His leg suddenly flew through the air and knocked into the tall, skinny youth's stomach. Mo Wen had kicked with such force that the youth was sent flying and knocked into two people before stopping.

The tall, skinny youth's crew picked up benches, plates, and their fists to throw at Mo Wen, but everything just whistled past him.

w.a.n.g Yuan shouted angrily, "He's courting death." and balled his fist up to deliver his punch. These people were just too arrogant and were completely disregarding the law; nay, disregarding their military principles.

In an instant, Mo Wen and w.a.n.g Yuan's gang of people began to fight.

The squad leader of the Third company Ninth section stood up from his seat in a moment and said as his eyes widened, "Isn't that w.a.n.g Yuan and Mo Wen from our section? What happened?"

"Wow they really have no shame, surrounding Mo Wen and w.a.n.g Yuan while attacking them like that; squad leader, let's go over and teach them a lesson."

A slightly timid boy from the Third company Ninth section hesitated and protested, "But fights and scuffles go against the rules."

He was right, fights and scuffles were serious breaches of the rules and could definitely land them in serious trouble.

"Scared? You mean we should just watch while the two of them get surrounded and remain outnumbered? Those who don't dare can stay behind, just don't say you're part of this section in the future."

Chen Zhongqing raised a bench and fiercely dashed forward. When faced with the back of an opposing youth, he violently smashed the bench down. He had already said this before, but as the squad leader he would not bully the people in his section nor would he allow others to bully them.

A few people from the 3rd Company, 9th Section had decided to follow close behind Chen Zhongqing and dashed towards the bullies. The others hesitated for a moment but also gritted their teeth and surrounded them.

"My gosh, what is happening?"

Cheng Hao, who was sitting on the sidelines, saw that a huge crowd had come forward to help Mo Wen and his eyes widened immediately. Within an instant, Mo Wen's side had the advantage in numbers.

Cheng Hao's face was glum as he instructed the group of people that was left by his side, "Go, all of you go."

Within a second, another 10 over people had run over from Cheng Hao's side and joined the battling crowd. Within a short period of time, tables, chairs, pots and plates were flying about, and the canteen had become a mess.

The other students got up from their seats one by one while gaping at the messy, violent scene. Some had stopped eating and were gradually rising and hiding at one side. They were afraid to make any contact with the group of people who dared to stir so much trouble. Those who dared to openly fight in the canteen must have eaten the bear's heart and the lion's gall to be so daring.

However, most people were unwilling to leave and instead stayed to watch the chaos unfold. They were pointing fingers and immersed in the violent situation. One might as well stay and watch trouble stirring if it was already happening.

Other than the students, there were also some soldiers in the region. They too gathered around the fighting students and were talking with great relish. "The new recruits are becoming more and more daring. They are really arrogant, but brave at the same time."

A high-ranked officer wearing a military uniform looked at the magnificent fighting scenario before him and sighed.

A private stepped forward and clarified, "They are not new recruits, just students. We are the new recruits, the real ones who have come forward for our military"

"I've heard that they are all students of Hua Xia University and quite talented! They are not just nerds either; eh, that person is really relentless in his blows. And he aims them at the most dangerous places. He is indeed a person of culture to even be able to fight at such a standard. I like it."

"Aiya, that lad's does have rather good abilities. He managed to knock out over four people within this short amount of time."

Mo Wen expressionlessly kicked a youth's ankle and that person immediately fell to the ground. The youth could not get up even after a long while. Then Mo Wen lifted another bench and aimed its leg at another person behind him, sending them crashing to the floor.

He did not demonstrate his "Heavenly Hands" or any other martial arts technique that could yield a higher power of destruction. If he caused serious injuries or left entire bodiex of broken bones, it would definitely result in big trouble.

Thus, Mo Wen did not go too far in delivering his blows and would not allow anyone to become disabled. At the same time, he was not going to make things easy for them. It was inevitable that these youths would be in pain for at least 10 days.

The opposing team's attacks did not pose much threat to Mo Wen. Even the addition of the many combat fighters was not enough. Moreover, Mo Wen even had supporters helping him.

He did not expect that the entire 3rd Company, 9th Section would join the fight and a sense of pride and camaraderie rose in his heart for the first time. The scent of hot blood festered within as he continued wielding his hands and feet. Even though he had many simpler methods of fighting, he chose the most violent one of them all. Mo Wen whispered to himself, "d.a.m.n it. Directly just get rid of this bunch of b*stards."

w.a.n.g Yuan rolled up his sleeves and fiercely threw out a series of punches. As an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner, he could not lose out to a group of normal people. Even if he was alone, he could easily take down all of the opponents.

Unlike w.a.n.g Yuan and Mo Wen, the other members of the 3rd Company, 9th Section were injured one by one in the short scuffle. However, with Mo Wen and w.a.n.g Yuan present, they managed to gain the upper hand from the beginning. The 10 of them were basically surrounding the 20 people while crazily throwing out hits.

The fight was short but intense. Not long after, the 20 people who had come forward looking for trouble, fell to the ground. They were curled up on the floor while moaning painfully.

At that moment, 10 over instructors had come over having heard of the news. With a cold expression, they looked at Mo Wen and the other students while shouting, "Stop it, all of you stop it."

The tip of Mo Wen's mouth twitched as he violently kicked the person who was under his foot to the side before he was willing to stop.

Instructor Zhang Lizheng walked out of the crowd and glanced across Chen Zhongqing and the other students of the Third company Ninth section, "The members of the 3rd Company, 9th Section all step out." Then he turned around and walked out of the canteen. The 3rd Company, 9th Section lowered their heads and uneasily followed the instructor out of the canteen. They formed a line on the drill ground.

As for the other group of people, they were evidently from another company and were sent out by a separate tall, buff instructor. Their instructor also called them onto the drill ground.

As for the bystanders who looked on in the canteen, a portion of them had also followed the two groups out and were planning to continue observing the scene. While observing they whispered amongst themselves, 

"They're not in luck. Their instructors are Zhang Lizheng and w.a.n.g Shenling. Both notorious for their steel-like outward appearances."

"Tsk tsk, I wonder how they will punish them. They've really got guts. The canteen was basically destroyed by them."

"A round of punishment can't be avoided."

Looking out onto the drill ground, two groups of people were standing with bruised noses and swollen faces. One group in particular was looking especially crestfallen.

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