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Chapter 202: Represent me in communicating with the parents

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“You are a little troublemaker. We’ll always encounter something whenever we come out.”

Mo Wen curled his lips and patted on Qin Xiaoyou’s head before smiling mischievously.

“You are the troublemaker not me…”

Blush climbed onto Qin Xiaoyou’s face. It was obvious that Mo Wen was the one who was fighting and creating trouble, how did it become her fault?

“Stay where you are and don’t move.”

Mo Wen smiled and stretched his back after instructing her. Then, he sauntered towards those lackeys.

“All together at one go, don’t waste time.”

He walked towards the group of more than ten fierce-looking lackeys, shrugged his shoulders and said.

Those lackeys dazed for a moment after hearing his words. Originally, they expected the scene of this youngster kowtowing to them, but unexpectedly he initiated the move towards them and even raved haughty speech. All together at one go, don’t waste time?

“Motherf**ker, who do you think you are? Pretend to be a smart aleck? I will kill you.”

A lackey instantly cursed as he dashed forward with a baseball bat in his hand. He swung the bat violently at Mo Wen’s head. His move was ruthless and was obviously involved in such fights frequently.

After that, he didn’t know what had happened. His eyes went blank before a kick hit his stomach and he flew outwards before landing onto the icy ground tens of meters away.

“He dares to make a move. F**k! Let’s attack together, kill him.”

When those lackeys saw that their own people were disadvantaged, they immediately swore before picking their weapons up and hurled aggressively on Mo Wen’s body. The scene of having more than ten people swarming towards one was really impressive.

However, the next moment, something more impressive happened. The figures one after another flew out continuously and slammed onto the floor like dead dogs struggling to get up.

Mo Wen seemed to kick one at a time, sometimes kicking two at once and sometimes a kick hit three…

In a short period of a few breaths, all the lackeys fell to the ground one after another, groaning and moaning upon hitting the ground.

Without a doubt, it was an unequal contest.

Everyone in the ice skating rink widened the eyes and dropped their jaws. Was this youngster from the Shaolin Temple? How could he be so awesome?

Those experts in the martial arts circle that could only be seen on the television programs were a rare sight in reality.

Those who were onlookers immediately felt that it was a feast to their eyes and even gathered to discuss animatedly. Even those in the shopping section above had stuck their head out to look down at what was happening.

“d.a.m.n. b.l.o.o.d.y awesome, martial arts expert!”

A young female delinquent, Xu Ling, exclaimed. Her eyes brightened and gleaming with admiration towards Mo Wen.

Instant kill! What was called one against many? This was called one against many and was even an instant kill.

The faces of the group of delinquents around her had all paled in fear. That youngster was too terrifying, simply invincible. Furthermore, he dared to beat up Brother Biao’s people, didn’t he know that Brother Biao had the backing of Three Daggers Gang?

After offending Three Daggers Gang, regardless of however awesome one could fight, he would be crushed the same.

“All of you may attack. Didn’t you clamour to teach that guy a lesson just now? Now the chance is here. Go on and show yourself, Young Master Lu may reward you when he is happy with it.”

Xu Ling looked around and smiled coldly before saying to those who were clamouring the most just now. She wished this group of boastful cowards would go forward to be beaten.

“Xu Ling, why are you gleaming with schadenfreude? Go if you are so capable.”

A teenager challenged vexingly.

“I go? Why should I help that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Lu Wei? Who was the one who was clamouring the most and calling Young Master Lu constantly? Disgusting.”

Xu Ling spat with contempt in her eyes.

Mo Wen cast a look at those lackeys groaning and moaning on the ground and curled his lips slightly. Then he turned his eyes to the so-called Brother Biao.

“Brother Biao, your brothers didn’t seem too impressive, are there anymore? You may ask them all out.”

Mo Wen glanced at that Brother Biao mischievously and gradually walked to him and remarked.

That Brother Biao’s face at the moment looked really bad as he didn’t expect this youngster to be so difficult to deal with.

“Who are you?”

w.a.n.g Biao asked in a grave voice. He had been through storms and had been in the underworld for seven to eight years so he was naturally experienced. Now, he appeared to be quite calm.

However, this youngster in front of him had such amazing skills, so obviously he was not a normal person, perhaps he was also in the underworld and might be one of those Fighting Maniacs.

A perfect win of one against ten. Although there was this kind of people in the underworld, they were few in number. Only a handful of them and they were quite famous.

He knew these few people but this youngster was definitely not one of them.

“You don’t have to care who I am, is this territory under your care?” Mo Wen raised his brows and questioned.

“That’s right. Three Daggers Gang, w.a.n.g Biao. Hope brother will show some respect to the Three Daggers Gang today.”

w.a.n.g Biao snorted coldly. He was in a difficult position now in this current situation. He was definitely not a match to a person who had a perfect win of one against ten.

Furthermore, he also didn’t know the background of this youngster. If he was also in the underworld then he definitely was of a certain status. With his skills, he was definitely in a higher position than him in the underworld. Though he would like to win the favor of the G.o.d of fortune, Lu Wei, but he was even more reluctant to offend a ruthless person because of him.

Therefore, he hoped that both parties would compromise in today’s incident making big trouble to be small and small trouble to be trivialised. Although they were disadvantaged now, he could only admit it. After all, he had the backing of the Three Daggers Gang, it was not worthwhile making a big fuss over it for the sake of Lu Wei.

“Since you are the person-in-charge, that would make it easier. Did you see that person who was lying on the ground?”

Mo Wen pointed to Lu Wei who was lying and groaning on the ground. Then, he curled his lips and asked.


w.a.n.g Biao looked at Mo Wen quizzically. He had already backed down, what else did he want?

“He had hara.s.sed my girlfriend so he owed me thirty million dollars. Yes, you will help me to collect this debt and today’s matter will be settled. Or else… em, it’ll have serious consequences.”

Mo Wen said nonchalantly.

“Thirty million dollars!”

w.a.n.g Biao gasped. Hara.s.sed his girlfriend and had to pay thirty million dollars? He’s crazy or he’s crazy?

He simply couldn’t believe his ears. There was this kind of people in this world, so arrogant and conceited, what’s the difference between this and extortion? Aren’t there any laws?

Though w.a.n.g Biao scoffed at the so-called laws, but at this moment compared to the youngster in front of him, he simply paled in comparison.

Lu Wei was backed by Lu Group, he had to demand the thirty million dollars from Lu Group and with such ridiculous reason… He really dared to demand it, could he not know how to spell death?

“Friend, are you joking?”

w.a.n.g Biao’s face turned cold as requesting him to collect the debt from Lu Wei was simply mocking him. Regardless of whether he was going to do it, the other party’s intention was obviously asking him to be his errand boy. When had he, w.a.n.g Biao, been bullied by anyone in such a way?


Mo Wen curled his lips and a glint of mischievous radiance flashed in his eyes. The next moment, he appeared in front of w.a.n.g Biao and grabbed onto his neck, then lifted him up instantaneously like a hand grabbing onto a rabbit instead of a burly man.

“Huh… Huh…”

w.a.n.g Biao’s both hands tried to pry open Mo Wen’s hand while both his legs were struggling in mid-air. His face swelled in redness with terror in his eyes.

Mo Wen took out a golden needle from his pocket emotionlessly and p.r.i.c.ked on w.a.n.g Biao’s body a few times unhurriedly. Then, he threw w.a.n.g Biao onto the ground.

w.a.n.g Biao crouched on the ground panting vigorously. For the first time, he understood the wonder of breathing a whiff of fresh air.

However, before he recovered from his choking, a frightening and sharp pain gushed onto his heart violently. That pain was simply so excruciating that he screamed out loud almost subconsciously.

w.a.n.g Biao lay on the ground in spasm while his scream was getting more mournful. He felt as if an uncountable number of ants were gnawing on his body. It was so painful that he could hardly breathe, his eyelids were turned with his eyes being dull and his saliva drooling profusely…

He wished he could just faint but he was still conscious, absolutely awake like he would never faint regardless of the pain he was suffering and he would always be awake while the pain lasted… it was simply h.e.l.l, a h.e.l.l-like torture. w.a.n.g Biao wished someone would just cut off his head now.

That mournful scream caused the people of the whole ice skating rink to feel chills running down their spines and subconsciously retreated a step back. The commotion had ceased, n.o.body dared to provoke this frightening youngster in any way.

It lasted for exactly two minutes, the horrifying pain in w.a.n.g Biao’s body gradually disappeared. He seemed to be pulled out of the pool, totally drenched with dumb expression and his eyes were filled with terror.

“Don’t stick one’s neck out forcibly in anything. Since you stick your neck out, you have to take the consequence.”

Mo Wen looked askance at w.a.n.g Biao and remarked indifferently.

“I’ll… I’ll… help you collect the debt…”

w.a.n.g Biao’s lips trembled and uttered with much difficulty. Now, regardless of the request of this youngster in front of him, he wouldn’t dare to disagree. He would rather die than to experience that pain again.

“That’s indeed wise.”

Mo Wen curled his lips into a smile, then he turned his head to Xiaoyou and waved at her.

“What is it?”

Qin Xiaoyou was a little nervous when looking at w.a.n.g Biao who was on the ground. Although she knew that Mo Wen was exaggerated in his acts, his outlook and experiences were different from the ordinary people, she still felt that such terrifying scene was quite scary.

“Give him my number,” Mo Wen raised his eyebrows.


Qin Xiaoyou took out a sheet of paper from her bag after listening to him, and tore a piece out of it before writing Mo Wen’s phone number on it.

“Three days later, if you are unable to complete the task, what happened just now will continue to happen so you only have three days’ time. Yes, represent me in communicating to the parents of Lu Wei. If there is any query, you can ask them to look for me.”

Mo Wen took the piece of paper and threw it on w.a.n.g Biao’s body, then he held Qin Xiaoyou’s hand before walking out of the ice skating rink gradually.

He was supposed to accompany Xiaoyou today to have some fun and not to create trouble. Now that Xiaoyou was no longer in the mood to ice skate, there was naturally no need to stay around.

However, after he walked a few steps, there were a few men in police uniforms walking through the entrance of the ice skating rink. Obviously, someone must have reported what had happened just now to the police.

The police in the Capital was quite efficient, it had only been five minutes since the beginning and the police had already rushed here.

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