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Mo Wen's mind went blank at that very instant; his consciousness became a blur. In his daze, he had a dream.

In his dream, he was a teenager in a feudalistic society of ancient times. He was a descendant in the family with an ancestral line of doctors. For many generations, his ancestors had been appointed as imperial physicians and even given the t.i.tle of Divine Physician.

Since birth, he had been exposed to different kinds of medical knowledge and was learning clinical skills from the elders of the family. Being talented and bright, his medical skills soon rose above the others in his family; they even surpa.s.sed his ancestors. He was then known as the young, miraculous healer.

He was the youngest imperial court physician in history and was given the upper third rank for his marvellous medical skills. However, at the age of twenty, he found himself unable to cure his biological sister of a rare terminal disease. He personally experimented with various kinds of herbs to try to find the cure for her illness. Unfortunately, he was lethally poisoned in the process, and soon, his body gave in. He was on the verge of dying with regrets of not being able to cure his sister's rare disease.

He was known as the Miracle Physician, yet he was unable to cure his closest family; he felt completely hopeless. At that point, he decided to leave everything behind and went to the foggy mountain sides to find a solution that would turn the situation around.

The foggy, mountain sides were full of mysterious and ancient mountains. According to the legend, many immortals lived in the foggy mountains; there were many different special, medicinal herbs for different kinds of diseases; even those that were able to resurrect the dead.

Unfortunately, no one who explored these mountains survived this forbidden land. When he entered these foggy mountains, he went in without much hope of getting out.

It seemed like a dream, yet it was so real, as every detail appeared to be crystal clear in Mo Wen's mind. It was like a reality to him, as if he had experienced personally. The joy, laughter, pain, and tears in the dream were deeply etched into Mo Wen's mind.

It was a mystical feeling, as time pa.s.sed like it was in a dream, but everything he experienced was so real, even time. He felt like an amnesiac who suddenly recalled the memory that had been lost.

Yet, it was unusual, as such memories seemed as if they had travelled through time and s.p.a.ce from another world.

Mo Wen gradually regained his consciousness with trickles of tears flowing from his eyes unknowingly. It was as if a century had pa.s.sed, yet it seemed to be only a moment. He opened his eyes to the same scene of the beautiful girl struggling to save Lao Zhang, however his perception completely changed.

Yes, for just within a short instance, Mo Wen was mentally no longer the same Mo Wen as before. Physically, he was still the ordinary Mo Wen who had dropped out of college and worked on the construction site.

He subconsciously brushed his fingers on his chest, touching the eight trigrams. Everything seemed to be related to it, or else he wouldn't have been able to regain the twenty years of memory. He was currently eighteen, yet it felt like he had lived for twenty-eight years.

For some reason, he sensed that the story was incomplete. The dream stopped the moment he entered the foggy mountains, so the "him" in the dream must have more to the story. However, no matter what he tried, he was unable to remember what happened after that.

Perhaps the rest of the story would reveal itself when certain conditions were fulfilled. Mo Wen caressed the eight trigram while absorbed in deep thoughts.

He had unexpectedly entered a stage of dreams because of the change in the eight trigram. If he wanted to know the rest of the dream, he would need to research this eight trigram. Mo Wen told himself to not tell anyone about this secret.

"Oh no, we are losing him. Why is the ambulance not here?"

An anxious female voice disrupted Mo Wen's trail of thoughts. He looked up to find that Lao Zhang went into unconsciousness. His face was rigid. Gradually, he stopped breathing.

Although this girl was a doctor, she would not be able to cure acute myocardial infarction with a simple first aid kit. The first aid treatment would only be able to prolong the life of Lao Zhang. acute myocardial infarction is only able to be stabilized with the help of medicine, an oxygen tank, and other equipment.

If the ambulance was unable to arrive on time, Lao Zhang's life would still be endangered.

"Excuse me."

Mo Wen took a step towards the girl, indicating to her to move aside. After he had spoken, he was a little startled at what was happening. It dawned upon him that he, a construction worker, was asking a doctor to step aside.

It was actually easy for him to cure Lao Zhang's illness since he had suddenly obtained the memory of the young, miraculous healer. As such, sometimes he doubted who he really was.

"What are you doing?"

The girl peered at Mo Wen quizzically, obviously unsure what he, a construction worker, was going to do, especially at this very moment where time was of the essence for the survival of Lao Zhang.

Mo Wen had no time to pay attention to the girl as it was fatal for him to administer his help to Lao Zhang. The developing district was too far for the ambulance to arrive on time to save him.

Mo Wen grabbed Lao Zhang's body forcefully from the girl. He rapidly tapped his fingers over a few points on Lao Zhang's body before turning him over. He then hit him once on his back. Suddenly, Lao Zhang vomited a filthy substance before slumping his body onto the ground.

"Hey, what are you doing? Stop it! You may take a life with your insensible actions."

The girl, anxious after seeing what Mo Wen was doing, grabbed Mo Wen's arm, hoping to pull him away. Unfortunately, she was simply a girl whose strength was too weak compared to Mo Wen. He was a strong man from the village, who had a well-built body from many years working a laborious laborious job.

Mo Wen did not put up a struggle and stopped what he was doing. acute myocardial infarction was not a rare disease to him; it was simply a blockage to the blood flowing to the heart muscle that could be easily removed by a few special techniques.

He stole a glance at the girl and felt that she was genuinely kind. Even a doctor would not help a dying patient without the availability of proper medical environment and disregard the fact that she would have to bear the responsibility if the patient were to die in her hands.

Mo Wen didn't meddle further. He shrugged his shoulders and turned to leave. Now, he was unwilling to waste time on this matter as his mind was a little muddled, trying to sort out many things.

The girl examined Lao Zhang's condition in a rush, so she didn't bother with Mo Wen. However, she was puzzled to find Lao Zhang's breathing actually stabilized, and he was without any symptoms. She reached for the stethoscope immediately and put it over Lao Zhang's chest to examine. She was astonished to discover that the heart was beating regularly. The fatal attack of acute myocardial infarction was totally gone.

The girl fixed her eyes on Mo Wen's back intently. She ran after him without hesitation.

"Hi, I'm Shen Jing. May I get to know you?"

A slender figure appeared like the wind in front of Mo Wen. A crisp, soft voice came before him as a fair, little hand extended towards him.


Mo Wen looked at Shen Jing awkwardly, as it was the first time a girl had initiated a conversation with him. Furthermore, she was a beautiful one. He was uneasy with such a sudden approach.

After all, Mo Wen was a shy youngster with a sense of inferiority who had barely touched any girls' hands. Although he had the memory of his past life (though the memory appeared unusually), it wouldn't change his character immediately. Furthermore, he was still a single youngster in that memory, who rarely had any contact with girls in a feudalistic society of conservative social customs and conduct.

"I am Mo Wen."

Mo Wen had a tinge of a blush that appeared unconsciously as he released Shen Jing's hand that he lightly shook.

Realising how shy Mo Wen was, Shen Jing smiled like a blooming flower. She found Mo Wen to be an adult and was so adorable for being simple.

"What did you do just now? You stabilized the attack of the acute myocardial infarction without the use of any medicine or medical equipment."

Mo Wen hesitated for a moment; he obviously wouldn't be telling Shen Jing about the strange experience, or he would be studied like a lab rat.

"That is a secret."

Shen Jing looked at Mo Wen with a pair of puppy eyes. She had studied medical skills for more than decade and had a few years of clinical experience. She was very curious, as it was the first time she saw anyone able to treat heart diseases so easily.

"Please tell me; I promise not to tell anyone. Ok?"

Shen Jing's slightly coquettish tone was a little too much for Mo Wen to bear. Shen Jing was obviously a few years older than Mo Wen and looked like a gentle elder sister. With the good image and coquettish tone as her winning tactic, she definitely won over the shy little boy.

However, Mo Wen would not throw in the towel instantly as he was a man of principles with the memory of his past life as an imperial court physician, who was knowledgeable and experienced in the world.

"Nope. That's an heirloom secret technique, it can't be pa.s.sed on to outsiders." Mo Wen regained his composure and shook his head quickly.


Shen Jing was a little frustrated, as it was the first time she acted in such a coy manner to a boy, yet he wasn't even convinced by it. It was such an embarra.s.sment.

"Can you teach me? I can be your disciple and will pay fees. Is that okay?"

Shen Jing was eager to learn when she heard Mo Wen saying that it was an heirloom secret technique. Although Mo Wen mentioned that it could not be pa.s.sed on to outsiders, there was always room for negotiation. She would have no hesitation if she could pay to learn as she was rich, since a national medical treasure pa.s.sed down for a few thousand years was priceless.

Mo Wen thought about it and rejected it.

"I cannot."

Although this technique was not anything profound, it was not from this world. It would not be easy to explain to Shen Jing while teaching her, and it would also create a lot of other problems. Furthermore, Mo Wen's desire for money was not as great now. With his current medical skills, earning money was not a difficult task.

Shen Jing looked at Mo Wen helplessly, unwilling to give up easily. That technique would help a lot of people and save a lot of lives if it was pa.s.sed on to the medical field.Using this special technique would also make it possible to research and develop other medical techniques.

"I am able to pay you a huge sum of money. In addition, I am a professor at the Hua Xia University Medical Faculty, and the doctor in-charge of the military leading affiliated hospital, who would be able to propagate your secret technique pa.s.sed down for generations and educate more people. In this way, it would promote the advancement of the medical field and develop our country's medical skills. You may even apply for the patent of this technique. We will only use it, but will not own it, alright? It is wrong to h.o.a.rd ideas selfishly."

Mo Wen didn't pay much attention to Shen Jing's loads of reasons, but he understood one thing - she was the professor in Hua Xia University and she was in the School of Medicine. 

"You are the professor in the Hua Xia University Medical Faculty?"

Hua Xia University… wasn't that the dream school I was hoping to go to before?

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