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The hysterical Zhou Chongxuan seemed ready to fight for his life.

Gu Jingman raised her brows, smiled mischievously, and taunted, "You shoot then. You shoot then."


Zhou Chongxuan gnashed his teeth and retorted, "Don't think that I am joking. Worst comes to worst, we will perish together and end up in destruction."

"Stop pretending."

An apathetic voice came suddenly from the inside of the car. It was without any emotion, but one could tell that it was a male voice.

A slender hand extended from the car and grabbed the gun from Zhou Chongxuan's hand, unhurriedly. Then, a youngster, with a delicate look of a young age, stepped out of the car. He was not bothered by the surrounding attention that was gathered on him, and tidied his attire, as if there wasn't anyone around.

"You… Who… Who are you?

Zhou Chongxuan gazed at Mo Wen blankly, and was muddle-headed for a moment. How could there be anyone in his car? Furthermore, it was a man!

"Lin Qing is not in the car."

Mo Wen glanced at Gu Jingman and shook his head, with some disappointment flashing across his eyes. After being busy for so long, still they didn't find the person.


Zhou Chongxuan's face changed suddenly, as some realisation dawned upon him. He then lifted his hand, preparing to shoot at Mo Wen. Unfortunately, before he could lift up his hand, numbness took over his wrist, and he couldn't get a grip of the gun. Then, followed a clanking sound, heard as it dropped onto the floor.

"Kill, kill him for me," Zhou Chongxuan instructed with a panic-stricken face, while covering the wrist that was bleeding.

The surrounding bodyguards heard him and responded immediately. They aimed their guns and were ready to shoot. Unfortunately, they were too late in pulling their triggers.

Mo Wen swung his hand casually, and several sparkles spread from him as the center. The next moment, all the bodies froze, motionless for a few seconds, before all fell to the floor, one after another. There was a nail pierced in between their brows, cold and shiny, with an overbearing aggression.

The nail pellet was one of the hidden weapons, which was small and portable. Normally, it was easy to bring a few hundred of them, as they didn't take up much s.p.a.ce, and were really practical.

It went without saying that the needle form of hidden weapons was smaller and more convenient. However, such hidden weapons had a higher demand of the skills of the person who used them, or else it would be difficult for a needle form of hidden weapons to exert sufficient destructive power.

A gust of wind blew past, as a silent force attacked Mo Wen's back. It was the middle-aged man, who was beside Zhou Chongxuan just now. He was an ancient martial arts pract.i.tioner in the Soothing Pulse realm, who was supposed to ensure Zhou Chongxuan's safety at all times.

"Overestimated yourself," Mo Wen sneered. He didn't move to avoid in any way, but swayed slightly to and form a circle of strange force field ripples, which dispersed from him instantly, with him as the center.

The middle-aged man's fists. .h.i.t onto the invisible ripples, as if he had collided with a train that was rushing towards him. Just a slight flick, and he was thrown afar instantaneously, with blood gushing out of his mouth. Then, he hit onto the side of the mountain and was dead.

From the beginning till the end, Mo Wen's hands didn't move at all. The Heaven and Earth Great Shift was a rare protective divine technique in the world. It was incomparable in its use of strength, and was able to rebound and absorb all the attacks from its boundary, so much so, that its rebounded force was multiplied.

That middle-aged man was much weaker than him, so how could he break through the defence of the Heaven and Earth Great Shift. Hence, he was killed after just a single quake.

Uncle Chen, who was standing some distance away, was shocked to see Mo Wen's action, and the pupils of his eyes constricted. Without flinching from, or shunning, the others' attack, he simply quaked the ancient martial arts pract.i.tioner in the Soothing Pulse realm to death, using his Inner Qi of his Cultivation. What kind of Cultivation was that? Besides him, those in the later stage of Sea of Qi realm, and even those ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners at the acme of Sea of Qi realm, might not be able to do it.

Could this youngster be an ancient martial arts pract.i.tioner? Simply unbelievable. Uncle Chen negated his own thoughts, as it was impossible to have the Cultivation of Qi Nucleation realm at such a young age. It was simply unheard of, so perhaps there were other mysterious principles behind it.

Zhou Chongxuan was protected by two ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners, who were in their Soothing Pulse realm. One of them was killed instantly, while the other was so shocked, that his face pale, like a sheet, and he intended to run away. At this moment, he couldn't care much about the survival of Zhou Chongxuan.

When Uncle Chen saw that person running away, he snorted lightly. His figure leapt and flew about eighty feet away, in order to block that person instantly. He swatted his palm, and a foggy thick force spurted out directly at the ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners in the Soothing Pulse realm, causing him to be thrown out and die, after hitting on a slab of rock.

"Where is Lin Qing?" Mo Wen asked with a stern face, while grabbing Zhou Chongxuan's collar. Lin Qing was not in the car, which was different from Gu Jingman's guess. However, with Zhou Chongxuan in his hands, he could interrogate him for Lin Qing's whereabouts.

"I… I don't know…" Zhou Chongxuan's face paled, as he replied with evading eyes.

"Brother, I am absolutely sure he was the one who kidnapped Lin Qing."

Gu Jingman walked towards him with a dismal face. After going through so much trouble, they still couldn't find the person, and even let Mo Wen look down on her.

"I don't know…"

Mo Wen curled his lips to a grim smile. Suddenly, there was a golden needle in his hand, and he inserted it mercilessly into Zhou Chongxuan's acupoint.

"Ah!... Ah!..."

The next moment, a shrill cry like the squealing of a slaughtered pig reverberated. Zhou Chongxuan slumped onto the floor. His body was in constant spasm, and white foam was spewing from his mouth. His breathing sounds and shrill cries reverberated throughout the whole mountain side.

"I… will tell… Stop…"

After only a few seconds, Zhou Chongxuan completely surrendered. However, Mo Wen looked on coldly, with his arms folded, having no intention of stopping.

Zhou Chongxuan curled his body to the floor and twisting constantly, with his hands scratching continuously all over his body. After a while, his whole body was covered with b.l.o.o.d.y scratches. The feelings of itchiness and pain, which were mingled into his bones, were pushing him to the verge of wishing for immediate death. If he could have, he would have committed suicide immediately.

Gu Jingman glanced at Zhou Chongxuan, who was in a miserable state. She felt terrified, and looked away, as she couldn't bear to look at him anymore.

A few minutes later, Mo Wen unhurriedly took out the golden needle from Zhou Chongxuan's body, then looked at Zhou Chongxuan coldly, asking, "Should you tell me now?"

"I… I… will tell…" Zhou Chongxuan lay on the floor, gasping erratically, and after a while, he caught his breath, then said, "Although I kidnapped Lin Qing, I didn't have any designs on her. It was my eldest brother, and I am just acting upon to his commands. I beg you, please let me go."

"I am asking you, where is Lin Qing?" Mo Wen asked this without any expression on his face, as he was not interested in who had an interest in Lin Qing.

"Zhou Clan's Manor house. My eldest brother picked her up this afternoon. I reckon they should be already at Zhou Clan's Manor house by now." Zhou Chongxuan wiped away his mucus from his nose and leaned forward onto the floor, while trying to fawn, "I can bring you there, I know where my eldest brother is."

"Zhou Chonglong." Gu Jingman's eye constricted and glanced at Zhou Chongxuan with a grave face, "Zhou Chonglong is in Zhou Clan's Manor house?"

"That's right. My eldest brother was in the Manor house, I can bring you there secretly," Zhou Chongxuan said as he nodded vigorously.

Gu Jingman's brows furrowed slightly, as he glanced at Mo Wen and said, "Zhou Chonglong is Zhou Clan's third generation eldest son, who is also the most talented person in Zhou Clan's Manor house. He is known as the genius of the century in Zhou Clan's Manor house. He is now only about thirty years old, but he already has the Cultivation of the beginning stage of Sea of Qi realm."

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