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Chapter 102: Hidden treasures

"Alright, I will go with you . " Gu Jingman took a deep breath and said coldly, "My condition is that he must be let go . This matter has nothing to do with him . "

"That will not do . Since you are already here, then don't even think about going off . Moreover, when Tang Guang knows that you are with another man, his expression is going to be very interesting . It is not up to me whether he can be let go . "

Zhou Chongli smiled thoughtfully and glanced at Mo Wen with a glint of mischief .

"You had better be careful with your words or else I will definitely make you regret .  Let him go, I don't want to repeat a third time . "

Gu Jingman swept her eyes coldly across Zhou Chongli . Her hands turned outwards slightly and two exquisite pistols suddenly appeared in her hands .  The shiny silver metal flashed coldly, and two miniature Desert Eagles appeared unexpectedly .


Zhou Chongli's face turned grave, started to hesitate slightly . He knew how formidable Gu Jingman was, and he also knew that she was someone who was capable of anything . Although he had more people, if Gu Jingman was to kill him at once, he would have died in vain .

"Miss Gu, I guess I can't let you have your way today . "

Just when Zhou Chongli was in a dilemma, two figures suddenly appeared behind him .  They were two middle-aged men in baggy robes .

"Tang Gang, Tang Qiang . "

Gu Jingman's pupils constricted, "What exactly does Tang Guang mean by this?"

"Miss Gu, please follow us .  That person can't leave either . "

Tang Gang said as he narrowed his eyes .  He subtly trapped Gu Jingman in the middle together with the other man, Tang Qiang, with one on each side .

Gu Jingman pursed her lips with her eyes gradually turning vicious and her looks becoming cold .  Tang Gang and Tang Qiang furrowed their brows, glanced at each other and stepped forward ready to attack anytime .

"Anyway, I am bored with nothing to do .  It's good to take a look with them . "

A hand was placed on Gu Jingman's shoulder while Mo Wen's voice sounded from behind at the same time .

Gu Jingman turned around and saw a glimpse of Mo Wen . She realised that Mo Wen was showing no sign of panic but was very calm instead .

"Brother, you are quite brave and are quite manly .  I've got you implicated today . "

Gu Jingman laughed bitterly .  She was thinking of bringing Mo Wen around initially and never thought of being in such an incident, but now she didn't know how the situation would end .

"Lead the way then . "

Mo Wen took a look at the aggressive people and smiled calmly .

Tang Gang looked at Mo Wen with a little surprise .  He didn't know if this guy was really calm, or if he was pretending, or if it was just the fearlessness of the inexperienced youth .

"This way then . "

Zhou Chongli exchanged looks with his subordinate before walking down a pa.s.sage .  Those burly men in black escorted Gu Jingman and Mo Wen closely and supervised them through the pa.s.sageway .

The underground pa.s.sages were complicated and confusing . After several twists and turns, they finally appeared in a s.p.a.cious room .

At this time, there were two people sitting in the room .  Both were young; one held a gla.s.s of red wine in his hand, with a sinister smile on his face .  His face was charming with a sharp chin - he was indeed a good-looking guy .

The other one had a normal look but was sitting on the chair with a certain charisma, showing that he was definitely not an ordinary person .

The two were clinking gla.s.ses and drinking wine from time to time, and also chatting a little .

After Gu Jingwen and Mo Wen entered the room, both focused their eyes in their direction .

"Tang Guang, I would like to see what you are actually up to . "

Once Gu Jingman walked into the room, she looked at the sinister good-looking man with eyes burning with fury .

"Jingman, don't be angry .  It's my loss if you are ugly due to anger . "

The sinister man curled his lips into a smile and lifted his hands to indicate that Gu Jingman should have a seat .

"Zhou Chongling, what are you doing here?"

Gu Jingman looked at the other young man, squinted her eyes slightly and asked, "Tang Guang, you are a.s.sociating with the people from Zhou Clan . Are you preparing to betray the Gu Clan without any concern for our treaty?"

"As from what you have seen, I reckon that working with the Zhou Clan is better than working with Gu Clan Fort . "

Tang Guang nodded his head calmly .  Since he was prepared to have a showdown with Gu Jingman, naturally he didn't need to conceal anything .

"What a good Tang Clan . Bullying us to the extreme . "

Gu Jingman stood up instantly and glanced at Tang Guang coldly .  Because of the alliance of Gu Clan Fort and Tang Clan, she had even sacrificed her own marriage, but in return all they had was Tang Clan scheming against them .

"That's all because of you . ou refuse to submit to me .  If you were obedient enough to marry me immediately and a.s.sist me in getting Gu Clan Fort, I wouldn't have had to resort to other plans . "

Tang Guang laughed sardonically, "I can't wait anymore .  Don't think that I am oblivious of the present situation in Gu Clan Fort .  If I were to act later, I would have benefited others for nothing . "

"What a rapacious ambition .  So, Tang Clan had always been eyeing our Gu Clan Fort . "

Gu Jingman had a ghastly look on her face .  It was ridiculous that Gu Clan Fort had always treated Tang Clan as an ally, but were actually letting the fox guard the henhouse .

"You think I don't know what you are hiding . You are just trying to use Tang Clan as a shield, but do you think Tang Clan is so easily used? Now that the news is being spread, you think Gu Clan Fort will still continue to exist? If Tang Clan doesn't act now, the thing is going to be in someone else's hand . "

Tang Guang said after laughing sardonically .

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, if Gu Clan Fort had that thing, would we just be waiting for you to rob us? Completely absurd . "

Gu Jingman had calmed down, because she finally knew Tang Guang's target .  Tang Clan must have had another ulterior motive when they had an alliance with Gu Clan Fort in the past .

That thing again? Gu Jingman laughed bitterly .  If that thing was really useful, Gu Clan Fort would have become powerful long ago, not bullied by these forces .

"Gu Jingman, if you can hand over the treasure map of Ming Cult, I will still take you as my wife and ensure that you enjoy a life of wealth and splendour .  As for Gu Clan Fort, after the news had been spread, can Gu Clan Fort even still continue to exist?"

Tang Guang took a sip of the red wine unhurriedly and glanced at Gu Jingman composedly . And seemingly concluded that Gu Jingman was unable to escape today .

Ming Cult Treasure map?

Mo Wen's eyes flickered and looked at Gu Jingman in surprise .

What did Tang Guang mean? That the Ming Cult still had hidden treasures somewhere else? Or the Ming Cult's treasure they were looking for was the Ming Cult historical abode in the Taihang Mountains .

Mo Wen had the serendipity of dropping into that place, which allowed him to gain the heritage of the Ming Cult; could there be a treasure map of that historical abode that was being circulated?

If there was a treasure map, why would it appear in Gu Clan Fort?

A flicker of radiance flashed in Mo Wen's eyes; he gazed at Gu Jingman and Tang Guang, seemingly absorbed in his own thoughts .

He had long ago discovered that Gu Jingman's body had a faint sense of Inner Qi; he should have been an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner . But Tang Guang was definitely an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner together with Tang Gang, and Tang Qiang was also an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner .

That was the reason why Gu Jingman was apprehensive of the two people and was forced to enter this room .

Hence, it should be a fight among the ancient martial art pract.i.tioners and at the end involved the influences of some ancient martial art pract.i.tioners .

The thing that he was curious about was the relationship between the Ming Cult and those influences . Why was Ming Cult's treasure map involved? Three hundred years ago, Ming Cult had been disunited and disappeared in the stream of history .  Till now, the number of people who could remember the people of Ming Cult and its influence should be very few .

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