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At first, when Little White lost consciousness, she was distressed, however, later she examined him and found out that he was fine overall, just merely fainted. His condition was stable, without any strange changes. Moreover, she could also sense that a very powerful force in Little White, which he was slowly absorbing and a.s.similating.

Maybe because this force he was digesting was actually too formidable for him, so he fell into a coma to deal with it!

In the meantime, Murong Xiong unscrupulously poured his xuanli directly into his palm and swung it at Murong Qingyan.

To avoid Murong Xiong's attack, she instantly rolled sideways. In the place where she stood a moment ago appeared a huge hole. If she didn't manage to evade the blow, her fate could be imagined.

In the constrictions of the hall it was impossible to put her skills to use fully, so she decisively ran outside. Sadly, she didn't hold any hope of being able to get away from the Murong Estate like this.

As soon as Murong Xiong noticed her intention, he chased after her.

The rest of the people present shared a look and followed them in a tacit understanding.

Soon, in the yard outside Murong Qingyan came to a halt. She just wanted to change the place, she had no intention of fleeing. She knew that most likely she would not be able to outdo Murong Xiong, yet, she didn't try running away. After all, she wasn't really worried about her safety.

Ultimately, even if she couldn't win, she still had that s.p.a.ce cheat of hers. If the worst came to worst, as long as she willed it, she could hide in her s.p.a.ce. Even with Murong Xiong's abilities, he would be unable to find her. Moreover, no matter how many wounds she received, she had the Earth Core Flame inside, it would help her heal all the injuries she sustained.

What she wanted to do now was actually to see, how much her strength had grown during this time and how far could she push herself.

"You, abomination, where do you think you can run off to?!"

Murong Xiong caught up with her and immediately attacked her once more.

This time, Murong Qingyan didn't hold back, she met his attacks head-on. Their movements were very fast, their exchanged kicks and punches, their attacks kept coming and going.

Although it was extremely difficult, she strove her hardest in parrying Murong Xiong's strikes.

People observing their fight from the sidelines had to sigh: this Murong Qingyan was really not simple. Unexpectedly, she could hold her own against the Family head. There was such a great discrepancy in their cultivation levels, however, even after some time, Murong Qingyan was yet to be defeated.  

While Murong Xiong was unceasingly attacking Murong Qingyan, Murong Qingxue also had gotten the wind of this news.

When she heard of this, she first thought of Liu Mei and left to find her without delay.

As soon as she let the servants leave Liu Mei's chamber, Murong Qingxue impatiently asked her: "Mother, you've said before that even if that thing got discovered, there will be a scapegoat to take the blame for us. I ask you now, was this scapegoat meant to be Murong Qingyan?"

"That's right," Liu Mei had also received the latest news: "At the moment, Family head had already detained Murong Qingyan. It can be a.s.sumed he wants to deal with her once and for all."

"Mother, how have you actually managed to do this?" An excited smile bloomed on Murong Qingxue's face: "How could you plant the blame on Murong Qingyan in this case?"

"That's not something you need to care about," Liu Mei shook her head with a smile and asked: "Xue-er, are you not happy?"


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