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"Humph! You, evil creature, if you behave and hand over the spirit treasure and accept the punishment of abolishing your cultivation, I can consider sparing your life!" Murong Xiong glared at Murong Qingyan as if she was an ant: "If you continue being stubborn and reluctant to admit your mistakes, then there's no worth in keeping your life."

Even though Murong Qingyan's cultivation was so high, Murong Xiong was not the least bit happy about it, instead, he was even more certain, that her strength along with her persistence had to be destroyed.

Since Murong Qingyan didn't have any sentiments towards Murong family, so her rise in the cultivation was not beneficial to the family. Not only was it not beneficial, it was very likely that it could lead to more trouble in the future for them. Someday Murong Qingyan could become the blade that would ruin Murong family. That's why he had to strike first and waste her cultivation.

Even now, when she could hardly breathe, Murong Qingyan didn't have any notion of lowering her head: "Murong Xiong, you shouldn't be so sanctimonious. Today, I, Murong Qingyan proclaim that I cut ties with Murong family and henceforth there is no relationship between Murong family and me. If our paths cross from now, we will meet as enemies."

Hearing unswerving determination in Murong Qingyan's voice, a killing intent flashed in Murong Xiong's eyes. He didn't know what kind of opportunity did Murong Qingyan have in the past for her to turn out this way, yet, he was even more positive, today, she couldn't be allowed to leave this place.

If they let Murong Qingyan leave today, then in the future she would definitely become a huge hidden threat to them.

"Since you are still persistent, then, today, you will stay here," Murong Xiong's face became gloomy and he directly bellowed: "You will stay here forever!"

This decision of his every one of elders here understood and none of them opposed. Even Murong Rui, who was wavering a moment ago, didn't say a word against.

Although Murong Qingyan was a gifted girl and he felt pity towards her, in his heart, compared to the interests of the family, a talented person couldn't withstand a single blow. As an elder of the family, he had to put benefits of the family first.

"Then you have to see first if you've got the skill."

With a turn of her wrist, a small sword she won at the Clan a.s.sembly appeared in her hand. Now that the things had gotten to this point, to stay alive she certainly wouldn't conceal her abilities.

Seeing this, a look of greed flashed in Murong Xiong's eyes. Just a moment ago he couldn't sense that the spirit treasure was right there on her body. Yet, now, in a blink of an eye, it appeared in her hand. This could mean only one thing: she also had a separate s.p.a.ce spirit treasure.

Just thinking of this, Murong Xiong's eyes grew hotter with greed. Originally, he hadn't given much thought how Murong Qingyan became, however, now it looked like it was due to her obtaining some treasures!

Today, as long as Murong Qingyan was disposed of, all of her treasures would belong to him.

Noticing greed in Murong Xiong's eyes, Murong Qingyan laughed grimly in her heart and became even more cautious.

She grasped her sword tightly as her eyes flashed with a sharp light. Today, she could only depend on herself. If Little White was here, she wouldn't be worried, however, ever since Little White swallowed a drop of Heavenly Water, he fell into a coma and had yet to awake.


Agnie's corner:

Monday's part (6th August).

*sob-sobs* 'Murong Qingyan doesn't have any feelings towards Murong family'; 'although he has a soft spot for talented people' and the like are the hit in the last couple of chapters (to say nothing of the chapter parts). Well, duh, if I see more of them in the text, I'm sure I'll send the laptop flying. All this chewing on the same topic and the repet.i.tion of the same things can be truly annoying.

I keep growing more and more disappointed in the novel, sigh. I really should have read it first before picking it up, sigh. But I really hope it'll get better, at least content-wise, once we get to the school arc, sigh. Huangfu Jue, show up sooner, ok?

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