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Murong Qingyan wasn't unreasonable and sat down, where she was directed to.

Without beating around the bush Liu Pinyan got straight to the point: "Kid, what do you want to sell in the auction? Surely, things that you've brought wouldn't be anything ordinary!"

The old man had his own insight and calculations. Usually, people who bring items for appraisal won't require his services. Only if the item was too valuable or other appraisal master were unable to evaluate it, it would be brought to him for examination.

"Master Liu's words are too heave to shoulder¹," Murong Qingyan responded: "I would like to sell some pills of different grades, so I wonder whether Master Liu could appraise them."

Hearing youth's reply, a hint of surprise flashed through Liu Pinyan's eyes. Now, only a few people would bring pills to auction them, and judging by youth's tone, the pills he brought shouldn't be of a low grade.

He could catch a faint whiff of medicine coming from the young man in front of him, so he also should be a pill master. Yet, Liu Pinyan had his doubts, because the young man was just that, too young. Even if he was a pill master, he shouldn't be able to concoct high-grade ones. At present, on the Mainland continent, even the second grade pills were hard to find, while the highest rank pill master was Dean Yuan of Azure Dragon Academy², who was at the eighth rank.

"I'm a pill master of the third rank," Liu Pinyan touched his beard and smiled: "Currently,  the highest grade of pills I can identify is the fourth. If your pills don't exceed this level, I can appraise them."

Although his mouth said those words, he was still skeptical, because the youth was indeed too young.

Hearing Liu Pinyan's words, Murong Qingyan took out from her pocket a vial with pills and pa.s.sed it to him: "Please, take a look. I'm not sure for how much these third rank pills can be sold."

Upon hearing that those are third rank pills, Liu Pinyan's eyes flew wide open, his expression was short nothing of incredulity. He very carefully took the jade vial with pills from Murong Qingyan's hands, following which he gently twisted open the wooden cork, and immediately rich medicinal fragrance almost flooded the entire room.

He seemed extremely shocked, but then quickly angled vial to pour the pills out, and several red pills rolled out. He stared unblinkingly at the red pills, then he carefully drew closer and sniffed them, immediately, his expression turned even more bewildered.

"This… don't tell me, this is…"

Liu Pinyan became so excited he could barely speak.

"That's right, these are third rank Zhuji pills," compared to Liu Pinyan's excitement, Murong Qingyan's disposition appeared impa.s.sive: "As for their effect, I don't think I need to say anymore. Master Liu should be most clear himself."

Liu Pinyan checked the pills over and over again, ultimately, carefully poured them back into the jade vial and plugged the cork back, and with a solemn look turned to the youth in front of him.

"These are indeed third rank Zhuji pills. Moreover, they are of uniform color rich aroma. Undoubtedly, these are top-quality third rank pills. Goods like these even our Auction House is seldom to receive, so this one is not sure, for what price do You intend to sell them at the auction?" Liu Pinyan spoke bluntly.

"Of course, for the best possible," Murong Qingyan replied without hesitation: "To say nothing of the capital, even in the entire Galuo pills like these are rare to find. If it wasn't for the urgent need of money, I would never sell the pills my Master left for me."

"Your Galuo Auction House is the best auction house in the whole country, so I believe, you would be able to procure me the price I want. Therefore, asking Master Liu to help me kindly."

'刘老言重了' said Murong Qingyan. She used '言重' (yánzhòng) with literal meaning, 'words are heavy', but in truth, she indirectly agrees with Master Liu's statement, that what she brought is indeed a good stuff. The other way to respond to his statement could have been '过奖' (guòjiǎng), which is more frequently encountered in CNs and translates as 'to flatter/overpraise'. I haven't read ahead, so I'm not sure about the hierarchy (if there is) at the Four Elements Academy (the one, which Murong Qingyan gave an invitation letter): either 4 of them independent and equal, then it's possible for each of them to be Academy or School, but if they are merged, then I'll change it for Department later. Just so you know and don't get surprised later.

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