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Chapter 890: High Priest

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Ba Jia Zi left to find her Grandfather, Ba Liang Qi, and expressed her concerns.

Ba Liang Zi and them really didn’t think of this issue. Now they were asked such, they lost their resolution.

If after fusing, the Devil King is not of the devil clan, what should they do after waiting for so many years?

It was impossible to follow a human as a Devil King. But if they gave up their resolution, they didn’t dare to imagine this scenario.

“They haven’t merged yet, everything is not certain.” Hua Di said.”Since we thought of it now, it’s still early. We still have to wait after the fusion to discuss this.”

“You are right.” Ba Liang Qi nodded. “We can’t come to a conclusion now. If we think too much, everyone’s mindset might be shaken.”

“So let’s wait and see the situation after fusing.”

“Knock, knock, knock——-”

The knock on the door interrupted their conversation. Hua Jing went to open the door and was shocked to see the person standing outside.

“Hua Jing, who is it?” Everyone was puzzled when they saw Hua Jing’s expression, who was usually steady.

Hua Jing respectfully moved aside. A person wrapped in a red cloak entered.

He scanned the surroundings and removed his hood. A stunning face appeared in front of everyone. The silver eyes and silver hair were particularly eye-catching.

Everyone was stunned before bending forward in a salute.

“Greeting to the High Priest.”

“High Priest, why are you here?”

“Where’s our King?” The High Priest, Hong Yuan, asked. His voice was clear and high. If not for his devil characteristics and by listening only to this voice, one would think it was a holy human.

“Our King is with Young Master You Yue.” Hua Di answered.

“Young Master You Yue? King’s contract master?” Hong Yuan frowned slightly, a trace of disgust flashed in his eyes. He was unhappy with the Devil King’s contract master.

“Yes, High Priest.” Hua Di confirmed.

“Take me to see him.” Hong Yuan finished and pulled his hood back on and turned to leave.

Hua Di and Ba Liang Qi quickly followed while Hua Xiu and the others remained in the room.

They did not have the qualifications to follow!

After Hong Yuan left, Ba Jia Zi took a long breath and patted her chest with a terrified look. “High Priest was standing there and I almost couldn’t breathe. It’s scary! Why did he come to the Human Realm?”

“It should be for the fusing of the king’s soul.” Hua Jing replied. He frowned at the thought of it. “High Priest is here. If the human race found out…”

“I’m not worried about him being discovered by the human race. I am more worried about his reaction when he sees You Yue.” Hua Xiu said. “In the hearts of priests throughout history, the King is supreme, and now he knows his soul got contracted, I’m afraid…”

“Yeah, won’t You Yue be in danger?” Ba Jia Zi shouted. “No, I have to go and see.”

Hua Jing held her back. “Young Master You Yue won’t be in danger for now. If you rush over now and hit the High Priest, the problem would be big.”

“That’s right, as long as You Yue and the King have not terminated the contract, he will be safe.” Hua Xiu said.

“Then there will be danger after termination of contract?” Ba Jia Zi said. “I have to warn You Yue.”

“You can’t go now. Go when the High Priest is not there.” Hua Jing said.

Ba Jia Zi recalled Hong Yuan’s aura and nodded.

It was better to avoid such a powerful person.

“I hope nothing will happen to You Yue.” She looked out the door worriedly, unsure of what would happen when Hong Yuan saw Sima You Yue.

Hua Jing and Hua Xiu were nervous for Sima You Yue.

Surprisingly, when Hong Yuan saw Sima You Yue, he didn’t harm her immediately.

“You all go out first.” Hong Yuan told the two people behind him.

“This…. Yes, High Priest!”

Hua Di and Ba Liang Qi replied before leaving. Hua Di shot Sima You Yue a glance, but the time was relatively short. He wasn’t sure if she understood.

“You also go out.” Hong Yuan looked at Little Seven and Wu Lingyu.

But the two didn’t seem to hear or heed him.

Mo Sha appeared from the Devil Snare bracelet. He glanced at Hong Yuan and then at Wu Lingyu and Little Seven. “Go out first.”

“No.” Little Seven took Sima You Yue’s hand. “This person’s eyes are murderous. He doesn’t look like a good person. He might hurt You Yue. I won’t go out.”

Wu Lingyu didn’t speak, but his immobile body had already shown his att.i.tude.

Mo Sha looked at Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue patted Little Seven’s hand. “Mo Sha and I haven’t terminated the contract yet. Even if he wants to kill me, he doesn’t dare. It’s alright, you go out.”

Hong Yuan finally glanced at Sima You Yue. She dared to say this in front of him. She had guts!

“Really?” Little Seven said worriedly.

“There’s Mo Sha! If I die, he’ll die too.” Sima You Yue affirmed. “Go, go tour the city with Senior Brother and we’ll be done by then. Senior Brother.”

Wu Lingyu hesitated and said, “Since I am one of the parties, I want to stay.”

No matter even if she said there would be no danger, he wouldn’t leave her alone.

Hong Yuan had no objections, and only looked at Little Seven.

“Little Seven, be good and go. Go play with Ba Jia Zi.” Sima You Yue said.

“Okay.” Little Seven reluctantly left. She didn’t go far from the courtyard when she saw Ba Jia Zi and them waiting outside.

“Little Seven, what’s the situation inside? High Priest didn’t hurt You Yue?” Ba Jia Zi saw Little Seven coming and quickly waved at her.

Little Seven walked over and came before Hua Di to ask, “What’s the man’s ident.i.ty? Even you all respect him so much.”

“That’s the High Priest. Besides the Devil King in the Devil Realm, he has the highest reputation in the devil clan’s heart. He follows the Devil King, offer sacrifices to heaven and earth for him, and asks for blessing from the divine devil for the devil clan.” Hua Di said.

“A person beside the Devil King? I heard the current Devil King isn’t of the same path as you. Isn’t this High Priest helping the current Devil King kill Mo Sha?” Little Seven said.

“No. High Priest is loyal to the King, not the person sitting in the palace now.” Ba Liang Qi refuted.

Little Seven pouted. “I saw killing intent in his eyes. He wanted to kill Yue Yue. Humph, if he dares to, we will overturn your Devil Realm!”

“It’s very quiet inside. I can’t hear what they’re saying.” Hua Xiu said.

“There’s movement is frightening and no movement can make one fl.u.s.tered.” Ba Jia Zi exclaimed, “I’m so anxious!”

“Okay, stay here obediently. If you disturbed them inside, Grandfather won’t be able to cover you!” Ba Liang Qi glared at Ba Jia Zi, who immediately quieted down.

Inside the courtyard, You Yue, Wu Lingyu and Hong Yuan were in a stalemate. Their eyes were like torches as they secretly contested. No one spoke first.

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