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Inma no Hado chapter 210: Depravity

“Hey! Teitsu! Michiaki! I know a good store, so let's go”
“Oh! The shop you mentioned, but…you are with Keiko here today, so is that okay?”
“Its okay, because she said that she is going home soon”

After the cla.s.s reunion, everyone gathered in front of the shop. Things with business are returned here and the other consults the second meeting respectively. Among them, Shioya and his two friends are talking loudly peculiar to drunken ones.

“Keiko, I will drink with these guys, so please go home first”
“…Yeah, understood…”

Saying so, those three men walk in the neon of Ginza. They are going to the super high cla.s.s club “Esprit” which Shioya became familiar with.Needless to say, the destination is a secret to his wife and the bill is paid by Kenichi.

After seeing off her husband, Keiko refused her cla.s.smates invitation and walked to the taxi stand. Everyone wanted to go to the second meeting with Keiko, who was the popular girl in cla.s.s, but she was not feeling well today.


A sigh of relief came out of her when she walked one street away from her former cla.s.smates. It was a cla.s.s reunion which was supposed to be fun, but it became embarra.s.sment in the middle.

The man, Midou Kenichi, also came to the reunion tonight. But as soon as she saw his face, there was a suspicious electricity in her body. Although it was only a one-time taste, her body was completely imprinted by that memory and it was unable to stop reacting shallowly like Pavlov's dog.

Midou who sat opposite to her was gloomy, dull and inconspicuous during school days. She felt somehow that he liked her, but far from being happy, she had only a feeling of disgust with Nausea. She still don't like him at all and you could say she clearly hates him.

(Despise this…despise this, why…why that…)

As soon as she saw Kenichi´s face, her body got melt away quickly, ignoring reason and emotion. Her nipples became hard and sharp and her c.l.i.toris erected and rubbed against her panty. Her v.a.g.i.n.a wrapped up in fashionable underwear today opened its mouth slowly to respond to the existence of this man and had been flooding love juice which increased in quant.i.ty recently. Obviously her body was greedy with that man.

(And that kind of thing…)

As the entertainment of the cla.s.s reunion, she thought that it was too overkill. Her husband read the love letter which he obtained from somewhere in front of her and all former cla.s.smates. Keiko didn't know, but Shioya had it all along.

As soon as he finished reading it, Midou went out of the room with a red face. Keiko thought he went to the toilet, but he never came back.

(No matter how you look at it…that was terrible…)

Her brutal cla.s.smates laughed at Kenichi when he disappeared. Everyone read the love letter and laughed at the pure heart of that former gloomy boy. Shioya, her husband was satisfied that it became the best entertainment and was in a good mood from the beginning to the end.

Keiko, who was waiting for the turn at the taxi stand, was so beautiful to get the attention of drunkards and pa.s.sers-by. The white Chanel suit which she was wearing today was elegant and glamorous and was bought by her husband for today. She arranged her hair and carefully made her own makeup and attended the meeting as a beautiful wife for her husband with care to her underwear.

(But…that man…that man, he didnt praise me…)

Her cla.s.smates didnt spare to praise her, but her husband did not say anything. Looking at Keiko who is dressed in this suit, he seemed to have no feelings. It makes her feel lonely and Keiko suddenly comes to have tears in her eyes.

A taxi came. The white door of a private taxi opens, a black figure comes next to Keiko as soon as she gets in and pushes Keiko to the back without saying anything.


In spite of it, Keiko is surprised. That man also entered the taxi and quickly tells the destination.

"Mi, Midou-kun…”

Without giving time to scream or to resist, Kenichi sits next to her and the car starts. Keiko has a surprised expression, but silently shut up without saying anything.

“Because I am also going in the same direction, I will send you home…”
“Wh, What…for…”
“My-My, please do not say such a thing”

Kenichi shows a wonderful look as if he is a different person from a while ago. The weak and poor atmosphere from high school days and the trembling red face from the cla.s.s reunion disappeared and a rough and coa.r.s.e wave like the other day is transmitted.

(Hii!! Ag, Again…)

As soon as she understood the change, the feeling of example came again. She is a mature woman, a change in the mind and body that anyone can understand immediately. However, it is a desperate feeling that a virtuous married woman should not hold for men other than her husband.

“But, it is so…. You know, Shioya, he had my letter…”

That tone is so bad that she can't imagine Kenichi trembling with shame from a while. As if it were an impression of trivial child's mischief, and that of an adult who evaluates the actions of a childish brat.

“Well, at that time I really thought so, but it can't be helped…I loved you”

Keiko was unable to stop her face from turning red as she was looking into his face. It is over 10 years since she got married, but she gets excited like a maiden in the straight courtship of the opposite s.e.x.

(That…don't look at me like that…)

Just like that night, his eyes that are cloudy in desire looks at her. The eyes of a hungry beast, whose p.e.n.i.s points towards a beautiful female. When Keiko looks at his slightly reddish eyes, she notices that her body slowly melts.

"I loved you. That's what I've been thinking day and night. I don't know how many times I've got to think of you”

Keiko has something whispered into her ear so that the taxi driver doesn't hear and she reacts to the stimulation of the breath and words. She can clearly understand that her body melts gradually as rich sensuality is cooked by fire.

“Yes. Many times I have. I've been masturbating again and again, imagining you being naked. I raped you in my head and e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed inside you again and again. I was masturbating five times a night at the best, but it was still not good”

When Keiko thinks that she is the subject of the distorted s.e.xual desire of this disgusting man, a shudder runs down her spine. However, the excitement that let her brain heat up is boiled by imagining the scene that her high school girl self is violated by this man.

Her nipples are completely hard in the bra cup and the sweet stimulation which let her want to cry by rubbing against the fabric rises. The back of her panty throbs and a sweet stimulation attacks her waist when she puts power on her thighs.

"You know, when you were in third grade, your flute was stolen, right? That, I did it. I stole the flute you were sucking and licked it every night”

The illusion that this man's tongue crawls all over her body, let Keiko close her eyes and shake her body. She was stimulated only by words and she reached a climax lightly which is unbelievable.

It was as if a fungus called indecent pleasure was driven into her by the last s.e.x intercourse and the fungus has stretched its hyphae to the whole body. The 33-year-old sensuality, which hadnt change during s.e.x with her husband, blossomed and opened the mouth of dark desires.


When Kenichi casually puts his hand on her knees, the coldness of his palm travels across her stocking. At the next moment something hot is pouring inside and is sucked into the interior covered with purple panty.

(What shall I do…what shall I do…)

20 minutes to her home. The poor Keiko´s body was entangled by red tentacles who greedily devour her fragile aura.

(Aaaa…what shall I do…what should I do…)

The taxi is waiting for the signal in a place near Keiko´s home. If this signal turns blue, she will arrive at her destination in tens of seconds. Then she can get off and go home.

But on the other hand, what will Midou-san do? He released his hand from her knees and looked straight ahead with an innocent expression. He might have come here because he said that he send her home and will push her into her home?

(He will come into my house…as it is…but what shall I do…)

Her body which burns with s.e.xual desire demands fiery s.e.x with this man. However, Keiko doesn't want to invite Kenichi into her house where she lives together with her husband. Keiko does not know what to do by herself and doesnt make her actions clear.

Being in thoughts, the taxi arrived at her apartment. When Kenichi gets out of the taxi to make way for Keiko to get off, he returns to the taxi again. Keiko is taken aback suddenly. She didn't think that Kenichi would really only send her home.

“Well then, see you…. Well, I may never see you again…”

Kenichi who sits in the back seat of the taxi says so. His eyes are shining red, somehow, like that night. While looking at his eyes, Keiko had a thumping heartbeat and she starts to feel dizzy like before an anemia. She tries to say something, but her throat is thirsty and doesn't open.

“Then, okay? I'll close the door, please go home”

When the driver said so and tried to close the door of the taxi, Keiko was surprised and shouted the word which stopped him.


"Muhuuuuuu!! Aamuuuuuu!!!"

As soon as she opened the steel door, Keiko jumped into the man's arms and opened her lips to give him an intense kiss. It was a development of desire and soon a long tongue attached with saliva came into Kenichi´s mouth.


This beautiful married woman pressed her body against Kenichi by herself and intertwined her tongue with his. She kissed the mouth of the cla.s.smate who she hated so pa.s.sionately which she has never done to her husband. Her body and mind are entrusted to the torrent of the overflowing s.e.xual desire that this beautiful and ordinary married woman concealed.

Kenichi smiled thinly while tasting Keiko´s mouth. The girl who he was longing for became an adult completely and was reunited with him after a long time and was still a beauty. And Kenichi was able to know how much he loved her.


Approximately 5 minutes. Keiko releases her mouth when she was finally satisfied with a deep kiss that was too intense to breathe. Her eyes are overwhelmed by l.u.s.t and reflects in Kenichi´s smiling face.

“Didn't you just drink tea?”
“…Aaa…nasty…so nasty…”

Keiko who got out of the taxi invited Kenichi to drink tea in her room. Of course it wasnt words as nomenclature, but words of temptation as best as a married woman.

“What do you want?”
“…Aaa…noo…don't let me say it…please…”

Keiko´s body which is pressed against Kenichi was a ripe body that melted away slowly and was like a soft and ripe fruit. The female body odor and pheromones which estrus from her whole body arise and mixes with the smell of aroma and fragrant.


The white Chanel suit wasn't dirty at one point and was shining in pure white as if it reflected Keiko´s virtuous heart. However, the flesh of the inside is ruled by black l.u.s.t and let Keiko bring her hot, flexible body near Kenichi. The desire to stimulate Kenichi´s crotch also erupts out of greediness.

"So…so much…”

Kenichi´s p.e.n.i.s in his pants is getting bigger and bigger. Keiko who became absorbed with its expanding ma.s.s, raised a floating voice. As soon as she reaches out her hand, she boldly stroke the bulge with her fingers as if to check its outline.


Keiko strokes his groin like an adult while kissing deeply. In the corridor of her home which is the love nest with her husband, Keiko is so absorbed in this obscene act as if she has forgotten everything.


The sweetest gestures and expressions that Keiko shows is totally dyed by the Inma poison. That is no problem. Even during the cla.s.s meeting, when they were on the taxi, the red tentacles were wrapped around her body which was virtuous. If Kenichi pushes her shoulders downwards as it is, they will drag down the corridor.

(Noo…again…this again…)

That day was the same. Keiko became crazy seeking s.e.x with Kenichi and kneeling down to serve him in this dark corridor. Memory at that time revives and a explosive excitement and desire flare up.


Keiko is desperately trying to remove Kenichi´s pants with a shaking hand while raising screams that no longer become words. Her hands dont move well with excitement and her face is raging and wrinkled with wrinkles.

“Don't rush so much…I wont run away”

The serious looking downwards is a common thing that a woman who Kenichi has embraced until now shows. They are going mad with pleasures that is given and exposed the s.e.xual desire seeking s.e.x greedily. It is the same quality as a narcotic patient who has finally gotten heroin in hand.


When the pants were lowered boxer shorts appeared and the swelling of the fabric was showing off the size and shape seems impossible. Keiko who stood there with ecstatic light in her eyes stopped moving by looking at it for a moment, but quickly reach out to confirm its existence.

(This…I wanted this…this amazing thing…)

She traces it with her long fingers many times and confirms its hardness and elasticity. The smell of an savage colt rises together with the faint scent of female nectar. Kenichi ravished many gravure models before he went to the cla.s.s reunion and absorbed a lot of s.e.x energy. It can be said that a woman who is violated by it will be misfortune as she wont escape anymore.


From those words, Kenichi can see that this beautiful wife was longing for his p.e.n.i.s. That means that the relationship between those two has been reversed beyond the time of over ten years.

“When I was a high school student, I m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.ed while imagining you, so it is now you who is thinking about me, while masturbating…”
“Aaa…dont say it…it's embarra.s.sing…”

Keiko´s fingers doesn't stop although she is embarra.s.sed by the mouth. As soon as she opened her bright red lips, she stretched out her long tongue and began licking the huge meat spear from the top of the fabric.

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