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Inma no Hado chapter 188: Desperate resistance

Shirato begins to f.u.c.k Emily again with savage thrusting immediately, although Shirato who e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed was drunk with pleasure of releasing it for a while.

"Hiiiii!!! Guuuuuuuu!!!!"

A lot of slimy liquid was released and the piston movement has become more smoothly. However, in the meanwhile, Shirato's son is nothing more than a deadly weapon that creates pain for Emily's narrow v.a.g.i.n.a. In addition, the wrists which was tied to the handcuffs are broken and both arms are injured and swollen. A severe pain runs from crotch and arms whenever Shirato moves his waist.

Shirato has no intention at all to please the other party and thrusts his waist as he likes. He needs a lot of s.e.xual energy to repair his wounded body. Therefore, he who tries to get it more than usual is very greedy.

In this room since morning, he had s.e.x with three woman to please his l.u.s.t. Shirato who has bottomless stamina has f.u.c.ked those three woman until he squeezed them dry of their energy. So now Shirato’s energy source is the marvelous Emily.

"Hiiiaaaaa!!! Aauuuuu!!!"

A different tone began to mix with the scream. At first, Emily's face was pale in pain, but it became red and is full with greasy sweat.

The sperm of the Shirato who is a half-devil also emits a wave even if it can’t be compared to an real Inma like Kenichi.The magic that comes out of the sperm which spreads in the v.a.g.i.n.a heals the pain of the arm and the wrists gradually and has begun to neutralize it, too. The poison called pleasure gradually begins to influence Emily's body and overwrites the pain.

"Aa!! Hii…aaaa!"

In addition, the wave has come out from Shirato's long p.e.n.i.s that penetrates deep into Emily's v.a.g.i.n.a. The wave of an Inma raises the sensitivity to estrus women. Even if the other party is strong-willed, the power doesn’t change even if it is a virgin who knows nothing. It is a matter of time that the erogenous is opened and Emily will feel greater than if she would have some sweet time with her fiance.

(Th, That…. A lie! Lie!)

Her body moves slowly. Emily, who knows the feeling more than anything else, desperately denies it. Not a human. The other party is a devil hosts. She shouldn’t feel excited from being violated by such a person.

But the reality is cruel. With the Inma magic the thoughts of Emily who is a ordinary human are trampled easily.


When the womb is pierced, a stimulation which hasn’t been felt even from her boyfriend runs through her body and Emily instinctively emits a sweet voice. Shirato who heard it stopped laughing and his hips, before he looks at Emily´s face to confirm the result.

“What. Do you feel it already…?”
“Su, Such a thing…! Higuuu!!”

As Emily wants to say no, Shirato moved again and the voice of pleasure is clearly given this time. The whole v.a.g.i.n.a is burning and a pleasant feeling of a slight stimulation runs through the spine before one is aware. The v.a.g.i.n.a meat sticks closely to the intruder.

“You are too wet, are not you?”

Emily can’t fight back to this point. In fact, the inside of her p.u.s.s.y became slimy from the overflowing honey and because of that, does the huge meat sword move very smooth inside.

“Don’t endure it. You’re weak here, right?”

The back of the c.l.i.toris. When the G-spot is skillfully stimulated, Emily finally reacts. She is raped by a hateful man and her body is starting to heat up. Sweet stimulation comes up from her waist.

(No! This is absolutely unpleasant!!)

Emily remembers her fiance’s gentle face and tries desperately to resist the pleasure. However, the power of the wave is steeped into her body and shook the pleasure nerve of Emily.

"Kukuu…. You also have a lewd body. You squeeze my c.o.c.k happily…”
“…Wh,What! What absurdity…!”

This opinion confused Emily. But it’s a downright fact. (Tl note: The author re-edited that chapter and didn’t check the previous chapter were Emily still was a virgin and now she already had some experience)

The men who Emily had been dating up to now have their mouths aligned and praised her wonderful v.a.g.i.n.a. According to them, her p.u.s.s.y is like a living being that crawls around a p.e.n.i.s and squeezes it like a snake who caught a prey. With such a movement, all ex-boyfriends felt so good that they c.u.med after a few minutes.

Shirato´s p.e.n.i.s is understood more clearly by shrinking her honey jar. This is the longest and largest d.i.c.k she ever experienced. The meat stick rubs against the sensitive parts each time it moved and the stimulation increases more and more. It clearly shows that Emily´s body has succ.u.mbed to the pleasure this man brings and is drowning in it.

(Something like that…there can not be such a thing…)

However she is raped by force. Emily cant drown in pleasure like this easily because the other party is an Inma who can use magic. However, the comfort that spreads from her waist has already spread to her whole body and a sharp electricity runs through the spine and melts her brain whenever it a sensitive part is touched.

“Now, I will take you to heaven…”

Shirato with a cynical smile on his ruthless face, slowly but powerfully, begins to use his hips in earnest.


The pleasure became intenser. It is a pleasure of another dimension than when she had s.e.x with her boyfriend up to now. Emily is driven from the reaction so far to a scorching o.r.g.a.s.m and Shirato finally obtains the s.e.x energy.

"Aaaaaa!!! Nooooo!!!"

Like the mercury of a summer day, even fear is remembered and issued with a cry. Obviously, Emily stepped into an unknown area that she had never tasted before and the feeling of bottomless joy of h.e.l.l became her horror.

(This…this is…)

It should be impossible. shouldn’t it. Emily thought that there was absolutely no such a feeling when being raped by force. In addition, the other party is an Inma. The fact that she reaches ecstasy is a synonymous with providing energy to the devil. It is an act that she who is the enemy of devils should never do.


When the glans is thrust inside once again, a sweet voice came out of her mouth instead of a scream. The cervix which was undeveloped is developed quickly and the cells of her whole body become delighted in pure female pleasure.

(Absolutely not! Absolutely not!!)

Emily who gathers her reason desperately opposes the pleasure like a rainstorm. However, her body has convulsions since a little while ago and begins to bend like flattering to the rhythm of the strong colt. Her white skin is dyed pink and sweet sweat rises from her body to show off the rich smell of a woman.

"Aaaa!!! Naaa!! Nhuuu!!!"

The cruel devil stimulates Emily’s weaknesses with ruthless accuracy. It is possible to know the reaction of the other person with the black wave and the angle and strength is literally exactly like the prediction.

“Resist as much as you want, we’ll do it until tomorrow morning”
“Aaaa…lie…th, that…”

Emily has an intuition that this man’s words are not lies, therefore she raises a desperate voice. It’s not a metaphor or anything, and it would really be possible for this man to continue until tomorrow morning. She understands it with her body and she closes her eyes.

“Hey, don’t worry. When you get up in the morning, you will listen to everything I say, because you will be my meat toilet”
“Su, Such a thing! …Naaaa!! Huuuu!!!”

The G spot and the innermost part are stimulated by one stroke and the pleasure current run through the whole body. The pain is completely gone and pure pleasure pollutes Emily's whole body. The pleasure that the devil gives is catastrophic and hopeless and she hopes it would be her fiance. But her v.a.g.i.n.a tangles around the strong colt and betrays Emily's will to not be enslaved and wants it more and more.


Shirato pierced the deepest part with a rough waist movement and a voice comes out instinctively. To the inside that was never reached by a man so far, it was claimed by this wicked devil.

(So…so deep…aaa…)

Emily thought about how deep this p.e.n.i.s entered inside. Such a thing was concerned and Shirato despised how it was childish and shallow. Emily thought that love was an important element above all and it was only a physical difference to compare the size of an s.e.xual organ. And yet.

(Inside…my inside is hot. Noo…)

She can’t stop her body from melting every time Shirato moved his waist. Her beloved lover. Her fiance who sincerely respects and loves her. However, the pleasure from this evil man is far greater than the pleasure she obtained from s.e.x with her fiance David. To this low man who would do nothing but to deceive and threaten herself, her body feels happier than when she was with her lover. Her body that can’t be controlled by reason or intention is out of control.

(Someone…someone help me…as it is, I…)

Emily's p.u.s.s.y now succ.u.mbed to the pleasure and opens its mouth greatly, and drools the disgusting p.e.n.i.s full with love juice. The wave that spread in the v.a.g.i.n.a is stirred and the sense of the inside has become extremely keen. It is spun out from each cell and becomes a large pleasure current and spreads to the whole body.

An obscene sound is heard from the joint before one is aware. It is covered with honey juice.

(Right now…ah, what shall I do…)

Emily tries desperately to resist even in this period of time. Her dignity as a person is trampled and she desperately opposes to become the meat slave of this dirty man. A dozens of victims have been seen so far. The pitiful people who have been polluted with this devilish pleasure, threw away their family and lovers and had gone mad. It is a vain to try to control her body which is unrestrainable.

However, the fear and the despair become the spice of energy which an Inma absorbs. Emily's body shakes to the ecstasy which she doesn’t want. The s.e.xual energy emitted from her body is a outstanding and excellent feast for Shirato.

"Nkuuuuu!!! Huuuuu!!!!"

Emily bite her lower lip painfully to feel pain. A naïve and foolish resistance. Even for a competent "SHADO" member like Emily, there is no way that it is effective in this state. It just prolong her suffering and rejoices the hateful lewd monster.

(Iayaaaa!!! Coming!!! Something is coming!!!)

It is a sign full of conviction. A tremendous impulse rises from the depths of her body and her heart darkens by a violent size. It is no doubt the thunder of pleasure os from a completely different magnitude.

"Aaa!!! Noooo!!!! Aaaa!!!!"

The monster surprisingly moves his waist more skillfully and it further cornered Emily of the cliff.

(Th, This…is impossible…)

That’s the power of an Inma. There are few threats compared to a devil. But Emily realized at this point that the idea was wrong.

(No! No! Stop it! Dont c.u.m!!)

A pleasure wave strikes her like a huge tsunami. Tasting this exquisite fruit, she cannot return to her former self again. It is already too late to realize it by reason which remained at the end.

Shirato who cornered this white pretty woman until the cliff edge, moves his waist strongly and grasps the pink nipples which show themselves a little from the top of the bra.


As the dam is destroyed by the vast amount of water that has been acc.u.mulated, a huge amount of enkephalin is secreted in the brain at a dash and the pitiful blond Emily is pushed up to the strongest ecstasy.

"Ahiiiiii!!! Aguuuuuuu!!!"

Her white body that was pinned down was twitching and Terasawa Emily fell into the bottomless darkness while her brain was burnt with a white flame.

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