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Arc 27: The Reverse World
Chapter 294: After the Festival, and a Day Off

The festival is over before I even realized it.

"What are you saying?" came to my mind, but it looks like I've slept for more than 24 hours. 36 hours to be exact.

The fatigue from fighting in my divine state was far more intense than what I had initially thought since just recovering from fatigue took that much time.

After I had lost my consciousness, it seems Yumina, the girls, everybody from the knight's order and even Morohneesan cleared out the remaining Fraze and the variants.

The variants are the evil G.o.d's dependants. I had initially thought that they were enemies that couldn't be defeated since they were wrapped with divine aura, but that it seems that wasn't the case because the aura was apparently thin.

The G.o.ds can't use their divinity because its use might affect the world. Even so, my older sisters didn't fall behind taking care of the irregular-like variants.

After defeating the variants, everybody was then sent back to Brunhild by Kami-sama's usage of a Gate. And then, I went straight to bed. Flora's medical examination had confirmed that it was only a fatigue, so I just continued sleeping like that. …… for 36 hours.

While I had been sleeping through the third day of the festival, the martial arts tournament progressed without a cinch. As for the outcome, the Knight King of Restia and Juutarou-san clashed in the finals. They said that Juutarou-san won by just a small margin in skill.

It seems Ieyasu-sama and the others — they were among the audience — from the Ishen authorities were terribly delighted. Apparently, the people who are living in Brunhild were also delighted alongside them. Come to think of it, a lot of residents of this country are former immigrants from Ishen. Of course, the active partic.i.p.ation of someone from their original country would make them happy.

Now for the awarding ceremony, Prime Minister Kousaksan conducted it in my stead because I was in this state. The champion was Juutarou-san, and the runner-up was the Knight King of Restia with an alias of Rai Hardt. Finally, the third place was unexpectedly taken by Sonisan, the adventurer from the dragon clan.

In addition, there were instances like the parent-confrontation between General Leon and Lion-san, a fierce fight between the Beast King of Misumido and Babjiisan, as well as other interesting scenarios. It's regrettable that I missed them.

They also told me that Kousaksan had held the closing ceremony in the end and that the castle town was in an uproar all throughout the night due to after-festival activities.

Thus the enjoyable festival ended. Everybody was back home when morning came, and I finally woke up just before noon.

The only people in my room are my nine fiancees plus a stuffed bear. That's probably because they're minding my health.

「You're kidding……」(Touya)

Hearing their explanation, I'm at my wits end on the bed.

No way~…… There's no way that I just left the guests alone and slept this whole time~……

Because the circ.u.mstances were properly explained, the rulers of the countries in the vicinity of Yuuron such as Rodomea, Ferzen, Hanokku, and Zenoasu were far from being offended and instead expressed their grat.i.tude. However, I missed a lot of things…

It seems the rulers and guests returned to their respective countries early in the morning with the gates opened by the Worlds G.o.d.

The kings were apparently surprised that somebody besides me could use "Gate", but everyone consented when Her Eminence the Pope of Ramissu introduced him as my grandfather.


「I-it couldn't be helped! It was such a desperate life or death struggle! It was reasonable that you collapsed!」(Luu)

Though Luu kindly followed up, her words made my heart ache even more.

I had resolved myself for some risks when I deified, but I could've never predicted it would turn out like this. To think I have troubled so many people……

Even If I say the timing was bad, it certainly was, but……huh. Gira, you f.u.c.king idiot.

「There's no need for you to feel down. The festival itself was a huge success after all」(Elzie)

Well, it was exactly as what Elzie says, but… you know… I would have wanted to watch it progress properly till the end after all.

「I want to partic.i.p.ate in the martial arts tournament next year as well」(Yae)

「Me too. I expect my older brother also wishes for a rematch with Yae's brother as well」(Hilda)

Yae and Hilda smile at each other while talking about next year. Or how should I say it, we absolutely must hold another festival next year as well, right? If we're going to hold it again, I should make the preparation period longer next time.

「Oh! Come to think of it, what about World Go……about grandpa? Did he go home already?」(Touya)

「Yeah, in the early morning. He returned with transfer magic」(Yumina)

Achaa. I wasn't been able to thank him in any way while I was being taken care of. I should call him later and apologize properly.

In any case, I try to get up from the bed and move my body, but I realize that nothing is abnormal with me. Just when I thought that I might be able to move normally from today onwards, everyone immediately stops and pushes me forcefully into the bed.

「In any case, your entire schedule for today has been canceled, so just take it slowly for today. It's really important to have a proper rest from time to time. Furthermore, if you don't rest, the people under you won't be able to take it easy either」(Rin)

When Rin puts it in that way, there's no way I can argue with her.

Everybody leaves the room after I reluctantly crawl back under my bed, but both Kohaku and Ruli come forward instead. Apparently, they're going to be my overseers.

『Well then Lord, please take a rest somehow』(Kohaku)

「Look. I've already told this to everyone. Frankly speaking, I'm not drowsy after sleeping for more than 30 hours. Not one bit……」(Touya)

On the contrary, I feel like my body might be heavy because I slept way too long. Moving around a little would definitely be better.

It isn't difficult to get away from the bed in secret by transfer magic, but I don't know what they'll say when I get discovered later.

「Come to think of it, how are Sango, Kokuyou, and Kougyoku doing?」(Touya)

『Sango and Kokuyou are with Suikdono in a tavern, and Kougyoku is looking into the state of the castle town through her underlings who are still here』(Kohaku)

「"In a tavern", eh?」(Touya)

I unintentionally make a bitter smile at Kohaku's report. Did Sango and Kokuyou experience the taste of modern sake? It seems they often hang out with Suika. They say that heavy drinkers are called large snakes, and I feel that saying somehow suits them as well.

『Good grief… Those guys are taking advantage of master's generosity a lot…』(Kohaku)

『Are you really someone who could say something like that? You, who had only idly slumbered in the courtyard like a cat right until the day before the festival started? Sango and Kokuyou don't want to be told that just by you alone either』(Ruli)

『W-what?! Like you're one to talk. You b.a.s.t.a.r.d have been constantly getting snacks from Clair-dono as well』(Kohaku)

『…That was just a taste test, you know. I only checked if the food would suit our Lord's taste』(Ruli)

『Don't make excuses!』(Kohaku)

Being fed up with the quarrel that has started inside the room between the chibi tiger and chibi dragon, two small burning feathers suddenly fly into the room from outside the window and hit the two on their foreheads.

『『Hooooooooot!?』』(Kohaku and Ruli)

In a place away from where the two dropped in agony as if rubbing their forehead on floor, Kougyoku hovers into the room from the window while letting her wings flutter and sits on top of a desk.

『What kind of fuss are you two making in front of the Lord who's resting? Be a little more mindful of your surroundings』(Kougyoku)

『『But, this guy!!』』(Kohaku and Ruli)

『What about it?』(Kougyoku)

(Black: You know what they say. Beware of the nice ones)

The two are still going to continue arguing, but they instinctively sink into silence when Kougyoku menacingly gazes at them. Oh, how scary.

Kougyoku is usually gentle, but she may be the scariest when she's angry.

「Welcome back, Kougyoku. How's the town?」(Touya)

『Yes. Everybody seems to be busy tidying up after the festival. All the stores have been cleaning their avenues throughout the morning, and business hours have started in the afternoon』(Kougyoku)

Hmm. Well, I suppose that's natural. They wouldn't be able to go without tidying up all that garbage and whatnot that the guests threw away during the after-festival night. This issue needs to be solved by the time of the next festival. Should we try installing something like garbage boxes throughout the town and see how it works out? A large incinerator might be of some use as well.

『It seems the guests at the hotels have started to leave as well. I believe everything will turn back to normal in a few days』

Will the "Silver Moon" be finally released from its hectic schedule as well? I wonder if Miksan is okay?

…Now that I think about it, Lance-kun should still be helping her. I made him work as a waiter in the restaurant during the festival, but not as a member of the knight order. Let's give him a special salary from my pocket money later. Enough for him to buy something for Miksan.

「Come to think of it, what happened to those who got arrested during the festival?」

『They were released after being handed down a suitable punishment because they didn't commit crimes that warrant them to be sent to the mines. The majority of them were just guys who had caused an uproar after getting drunk』

It's normal to carry weapons in this world after. Killing each other as a result of a drunken fight is common after all. In any case, I'm glad the damage was minimal.

「Thank you all for your hard work. For today, you're free to do whatever you want, so Kougyoku, Kohaku and Ruli should take a day off」

『…you are planning to slip away, aren't you?』(Kougyoku)


So sharp. I avoid Kougyoku's continuous stare. I can't do anything about it, you know! I'm not very good at keeping still.

『We are Lord's servants. We will abide by your wishes in case you want to sneak away. We will also turn a blind eye to it. However, are you resigned to accept the consequences in case your escape is discovered by the n.o.ble ladies?』(Kougyoku)


When you put it like that~… I can't refute that reasoning~…….  Ugu-h……

It looks like Yumina and the girls have recently obtained a skill which lets them grasp my general location… I'll surely get found out if I sneak away, wouldn't I…?

「Guess I have no choice but to obediently sleep…」(Touya)

『I believe that is a wise decision』(Kougyoku)

Isn't this almost like being placed under house arrest? Huh. Sleeping isn't something that should be done when one should be resting though.

I look over the net for news of my former world while lying down on the bed since I have time to kill. Did that Actor-san die?… That's a pity… A snap general election? I really want to go to an election even for just once.

Sorry! Let's send an apology email to all the guest while I'm at it. I'll properly make phone calls later but they may be busy right now.

As for the guests from the countries I didn't hand a smartphone to… Guess there's no other choice but to send letters using the "Gate Mirror".

Umm, it's really troublesome after all. Should I quickly add them to the alliance and hand them smartphones? That would probably be more convenient in a lot of ways for the other nations as well.

As I consider that this festival was a good opportunity to do just that, I then realize that I've wasted that opportunity. Though as it seems that the world leaders and their a.s.sociates, except for me, had various talks amongst themselves during the after-festival night, so the event itself might have been meaningful.

At the very least, the Demon Kingdom Zenoasu declared their desire to partic.i.p.ate in the alliance. We must have a good discussion about that later.

Since I have too much spare time, I take out the books which I obtained in the Reverse World from the "Storage". I put the originals in the "Library" of Babylon. These ones here are duplicates created in the "Workshop". They've also been properly translated from the Alent language.

From among them, I start reading the "Redia Magic Handbook".

In short, it's a magic thesis that someone called Redia has written. However, the contents are very rough compared to the ones from this world.

That world felt like only those with certain qualities could use this special skill called magic.

The reason why magic is declining… Nope, the reason why it didn't develop is most certainly to be due to the golems after all.

Well of course. Rather than training for who knows how many years to shoot a fireball, everybody would choose to use an ancient frame unit called a 《Legacy》 golem that can release fireball to make themselves powerful.

Training won't be needed as well since anyone who owns those golems will be able to use the same magic abilities.

The remaining problems are their exorbitant prices, which makes a golem hard to obtain, and whether the magic… or rather, the special ability of a golem could be utilized depending on a situation, I think? It looks like that a golem with an ignition ability can't do anything aside from that ability.

Still, it's the same with a magician who doesn't have any attribute other than fire.

As I continue reading the book while thinking about such things, a call from Professor Babylon, who's secluding herself in the "Laboratory", arrives.

「Yes, h.e.l.lo?」(Touya)

『Is this Touykun? The you-know-what has been completed at last. Going to the world on the other side is finally possible!』(Professor Regina)


By that you-know-what…… Ah! That one? The dimensional gate that would be installed that other world!?

I just can't come and go freely to the other side by only using the dimensional gate installed in Babylon. It only has a one-way direction. In order to return back here, I must go through the realm of G.o.ds every single time.

From here to there and from there to here. To be able to travel both ways, it's necessary to install a dimensional gate that is linked to the one here on the other side. And that dimensional gate was finally completed.

All that's left is to store it inside "Storage" and bring it into that world. It should be fine to install it in a safe place.

『However, going there requires vast amounts of magic power as always. I dare to say it won't be possible for anyone to transfer without being accompanied Touykun』(Professor Regina)

「No-no, I think having that feature is safer than having chances of the dimensional gate being used by someone strange though」(Touya)

『Well, I guess that's correct……. And so, I want to begin the tests at once, but how about we do those right now?』(Professor Regina)

「Ah~……I'm sorry. I'm under house arrest right now」(Touya)

『What?』(Professor Regina)

"Blah-blah yaddyadda" I explain to her the current situation, and we decide to do the tests from tomorrow onwards.

It appears that I'll be busy from tomorrow onwards again.

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TLC: greujnik
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