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Chapter 938: For Her, He Had No Limits

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The second thing that Mu Feichi had to inform her about wasn’t really done verbally. Instead, he showed her a few photos that had been taken secretly.

Yun Xi looked over the photos and the expression in her eyes immediately turned ice-cold.

She knew full well who the woman in the photos was, and the man she knew even better.

Just as Liang Xiuqin had said, Yun Yuanfeng had only just been promoted and he was already losing control of his lower body.

This was the woman who had brought Yun Yuanfeng’s illegitimate child to the Yun family’s door in Yun Xi’s previous life and caused Liang Xiuqin’s hysteria. This would result in Liang Xiuqin forcing her to sacrifice her engagement with the Jiang family’s young master for Yun Zilin and finally causing her disfigurement.

This illegitimate child was the root cause of all of it.

Yun Xi felt both ridiculous and amused seeing this brother of hers who was 17 whole years younger than herself..

Liang Xiuqin couldn’t give birth to a son, and she’d pushed the blame onto Yun Xi, saying that she was the bad omen that had caused her infertility. So when this woman arrived at their door with Yun Yuanfeng’s son, it was equivalent to slapping Liang Xiuqin in the face.

Come to think of it, counting the years, this brother from a different mother had indeed been conceived this year.

After Yun Xi had been reincarnated, some things had changed, while others carried on as they had originally. What would happen if this child showed up again? Yun Xi had already experienced this occurrence in her previous life.

Yun Xi wouldn’t stop the illegitimate child from being born. After all, even if Yun Yuanfeng had a son, it was the only thing that could continue his lineage, but it actually didn’t have much to do with the Yun family inheritance.

She was still going to be the young mistress, and the right to the family inheritance still belonged to her.

However, she wasn’t all that interested in inheriting the Yun family now. Especially after meeting Mu Feichi, he had changed her way of thinking, made her stronger, and given her different goals and pursuits in life.

Even if this illegitimate child had been the root cause of everything back then, she was no longer fearful. Because the Liang Xiuqin of today no longer dared to do the same ruthless things as she had done back then, and, most important, she was no longer that weak and compromising Yun Xi.

She could come up with 100 different schemes to force Liang Xiuqin into a corner and destroy her. Just this incident of an illegitimate child alone would be enough to break her.

Mu Feichi looked straight into the emotions boiling in her eyes. He could tell that the hatred in her eyes hadn’t been caused by these photos. It had definitely been inspired by the things that she was most reluctant to talk about.

He had never asked, and she had never talked about them.

It was her secret, and he knew that she didn’t want to talk about it. Sometimes, just recalling it gave her nightmares. That seething hatred seemed as if it could devour all of her rational and innocent self. He didn’t want to see her like that.

That was not the Yun Xi that he knew. Just looking at her made his heart ache.

“I’ve already gotten someone to investigate this. The woman seems to be pregnant.”

Yun Xi took out the photo of Yun Yuanfeng going for a pregnancy checkup with the woman, and she sneered. “If my mother saw this photo, TSK, TSK, she would make a huge commotion.”

“What’s your plan? The pregnancy is still in its early stages, less than two months. If you don’t want this child to be born, I can get someone to deal with it.”

As long as she was happy, he didn’t care what methods he had to use. If it was for her, he had no limits.

“No, I actually want this child to be born. After all, this is my dad’s son. I’m a medical student so I can never hurt innocent lives. That’s beyond my limit. Even if this child is born, he won’t and can’t be a threat to me.”

She tossed the photos aside on the carpet and started thinking about whether she should make use of her connections with Mu Feichi and attend this year’s Socialite Ball. But before the words had reached her tongue, she stopped herself and didn’t make the request.

“EH, find a time to go see the house, and while you’re at it, see if you need anything else in there. I’ll get people to prepare it for you.”

“Tomorrow I’ll ask my dad to take me there and have a look.”

School was almost starting, and she still had a lot of things to deal with. She should indeed settle the house in advance.

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