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Chapter 936: Machinations

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Mu Feichi had also brought two pieces of information for Yun Xi on this visit.

One was about the Liang family. After Liang Weimin switched jobs and started working in Jingdu, Liang Danyi, who had originally been staying in Muyang Town, had been brought to the apartment in Jingdu by Chen Lixue.

Chen Lixue was still secretly seeking help from Yun Yuanfeng to get Danyi into Jingdu High School, so that she could prepare for the high school leaving exams next year.

After all, Liang Xinyi had already gotten into Jingdu University and latched onto a remarkably powerful man to back her up. Once she graduated, she would become a graduate of one of the most prestigious universities in the country, and she would have a bright future ahead of her.

Chen Lixue saw hope for her and so she wanted Liang Danyi to walk in the same path as her sister. In the future, by relying on her two daughters, she could live a life of luxury and splendor in Jingdu.

Yun Xi half-smiled and her eyes narrowed, as they gleamed with a piercing sharp intent.


“Regardless of whether it’s Liang Xinyi or Liang Danyi, they will never become significant threats to me. Liang Xinyi is much more ambitious than Liang Danyi, and she’s rather infamous right now. The only option left for her is to disregard everything else and take a leap of faith. But if I block this final path for her, then she will have no hope left. Even if Liang Danyi comes to Jingdu now, she’ll just become a chess piece for Liang Xinyi and go wherever she needs her to go. She has only just come to Jingdu and hasn’t seen the outside world yet. She doesn’t know what kind of temptations there are out there, and she’s even more unclear about what kind of position she wants to rise to. But Liang Xinyi is different, she has already become someone who will use anything and everything at her disposal to achieve her goals.”

Mu Feichi nodded, and a cold gleam flashed through his deep dark eyes.

“Han Zhongteng gave the spot at the Socialite Ball meant for the second mistress of the Han family to her. Although there are no strict requirements for the invitations to the ball, the backgrounds and families of the partic.i.p.ants must be taken into account. Your uncle is already a deputy director now, so it’s certainly possible for Liang Xinyi to attend the Socialite Ball. But if I don’t agree to it, she won’t be able to attend even with Han Zhongteng helping her.”

When he mentioned that, Yun Xi subconsciously raised her head. As her eyes met his, a tacit agreement was already being formed.

“The guest list of the Ball hasn’t been released yet, right?”

“Not yet. But the circle is very small. Everyone knows who else is attending, and Liang Xinyi is an exception.”

Yun Xi blinked and a slyness flashed across her eyes. She asked, “Then as the main organizer, can the Young Commander give this exception some additional pressure and conditions?”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and his lips curled up slightly. He could immediately tell what she was thinking about. He smiled as he asked, “For example?”

“She must have a familial background that is presentable. Now that my uncle has divorced my aunt, she pretty much has no recognizable ident.i.ty in upper-cla.s.s society. Even if LIang Xinyi wants to depend on the Han family, she’ll need the elders of the Han family’s second mistress to recognize her. The affair between Han Zhongteng and Liang Xinyi has been so disgraceful for the Han family, they definitely won’t want to have anything to do with Liang Xinyi. However, it’s like someone has cast a spell on Han Zhongteng: he just likes LIang Xinyi no matter what. Honestly this is the part that amazes me.”

“So, what’s my babe’s plan?”

Yun Xi took out a notebook from the drawer and found the profile of a certain individual whom she had recorded.

Mu Feichi glanced at the name and photo in the notebook. He didn’t even need to look closely to know who that person was.

He knew every single member of the four wealthy families by heart.

“This is the fourth uncle of Su Ximan, and his wife just pa.s.sed away this year. He’s a very lascivious person, and rumors have it that he has some special kinks. He’s just depleted the fortune that his wife had previously acc.u.mulated. I want to get Chen Lixue to marry him, though that would be getting her quite a bit more than she deserves. However, Su Ximan is more ruthless and cunning than I thought. She would be able to subdue those two. Most important, the birth family of this fourth uncle’s wife who just pa.s.sed away is really powerful.”

Yun Xi flipped to another page, which showed the name of the chief of one of the Jiang family’s branches. The daughter of this chief had just married into the Su family recently and then died this year due to a car accident.

Come to think of it, she would be considered Jiang Chenghuan’s distant aunt.

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