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Chapter 890: Taking the Bait

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Young Commander…” Qi Yuan carefully spoke up. Unluckily chosen as cannon fodder, coupled with the pressure of everybody’s gazes fixated on him, he chose his words wisely.

“Shall I send someone from the Intelligence Unit to investigate? They might be able to locate the whereabouts of Miss Yun?”

Despite knowing that the chance of that plan succeeding was very slim, Qi Yuan asked the Young Commander for his opinion so as to prevent any unnecessary frustration when the time came.

“That will not be necessary.” Raising his eyes slightly, one could see the gradual annihilation of the rage in Mu Feichi’s eyes as he declined Qi Yuan’s suggestion. As the fury in him died down, so did the desire leave him too. One could no longer see any of his normal warmth and determination in that sullen expression of his.

“You guys wouldn’t be able to find her anyway. Since Yan Shuo has his mind set on taking her away, he must have covered all his tracks. There’s no way he’d leave any clues.”

Besides, Mu Feichi was positive infiltration using disguises and anti-tracking would be covered early in Yun Xi’s training, and would most likely be the first lesson. Furthermore, if it were the case that his team had been able to locate both Yun Xi and Yan Shuo with ease, Mu Feichi was sure Yan Shuo would have just sent Yun Xi back and not gone through the ha.s.sle of taking her away in the first place.

With that temper of his, it was impossible that he would agree to train a student who was without wit and talent.

As for Yun Xi, she never disappointed once she set her mind on accomplishing an objective.

“So…are we just going to leave it at that and not do anything about Miss Yun?”

Dropping the case and leaving Yun Xi to it was obviously not the Young Commander’s way of doing things. Mu Feichi was aware that having the opportunity to be trained by Lord Yan was the dream of many soldiers, but with his sweetheart on the receiving end, he could not help but feel that nothing was more important than sheltering and protecting his beloved.

“Of course I want to interfere! I’m a human being, G.o.d d*mn it!”

Mu Feichi was beyond frustrated. Entering the picture at this time, Yan Shuo had ruined his plans and taken the lead in accomplishing the things he had wanted to do with Yun Xi.

He had planned on giving her one-to-one training on rifle shooting and a one-to-one teaching session covering all that she needed to know about military strategy. But now, apparently, someone was saving him all that trouble.

This emotion Mu Feichi was experiencing felt as if someone had s.n.a.t.c.hed away something he had been holding in his hands and cherishing, and all of a sudden at that. Aggravating what he was feeling, Mu Feichi was unable to devise a plan that would enable him to successfully take back what was his. This fact alone had him feeling very vexed and depressed.

Looking at the man who appeared to have lost a portion of his sanity, Li Zilan let out a sigh and attempted to rea.s.sure Mu Feichi. “You don’t have to worry. Even if Yan Shuo completely disregards and is unsympathetic toward the gender of Yun Xi, I’m sure he won’t work her to death no matter how heartless he might be.”

Upon hearing her words, Mu Feichi shot her a cold look. “How is that supposed to console me?”

Li Zilan raised her eyebrows in surprise, but thereafter shrugged and teased him. “I thought you didn’t need such a thing as consolation.”

This statement was unnecessary. With or without it, it served the same purpose: having the chance to witness Mu Feichi in a state of frustration. Looking at Mu Feichi and enjoying what she was seeing, Li Zilan was feeling a sense of delight that might be more than it should have been.

Despite the fact that he seemed frustrated, Mu Feichi was not concerned that Yun Xi was receiving training from Yan Shuo. As a matter of fact, he was not at all worried because he knew that the only outcome from having gone through training with Yan Shuo was that Yun Xi would return much stronger and more outstanding. What was actually worrying Mu Feichi was the fact that he could not bear the thought of his woman going through such hardships.

Once Yun Xi had mastered adequate self-defense abilities and was capable of protecting herself, Mu Feichi would have a lot less to worry about when they were together.

A lot of the time, the Achilles’ heel for people like him didn’t lie within himself. Instead, their Achilles’ heels tend to be their weaknesses.

Since Yun Xi had become his weakness, Mu Feichi would have to be a little more harsh and cruel with her now if he did not wish for her to be a burden and subsequently drag him down in the future.

Responding with a snort, Mu Feichi turned to look at Grey Wolf. “Have Jin Lei keep a close eye on Jingdu. I don’t wish to see any unexpected events happening while she’s away.”

“Yes, sir!” Grey Wolf responded to his commander’s request. Originally, he’d wanted to suggest that they might be able to locate Yun Xi when her college entrance examination results came out as she would most definitely want to inform her family regarding them. However, after realizing that the Young Commander had more or less accepted the fact that there was not much they could do to find Yun Xi, he ultimately held back that opinion and said nothing more.

He, too, was looking forward to seeing Yun Xi’s growth and was especially curious to find out how she would turn out after having completed training with Yan Shuo.

“Young Commander, the list of names for the Jingdu Socialite Ball has been finalized. Judging by the number of names registered by each household, it is expected that there will be more partic.i.p.ants this year than ever.”

“Oh, really?” Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and turned his head as he asked, “What about the Han Family? Han Wanling had been exiled, but is she planning to return?”

“Her name doesn’t seem to be on the list. Shall I notify the committee?”

“No, instead, tell the organizers that the winner of the first-cla.s.s socialite this year will be given an opportunity to accompany me in leading the first dance.”

With such an attractive and tempting condition, Mu Feichi was certain that the fish was bound to take the bait.

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