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Just as the two were about to start, a voice came, followed by a girl in white coming to them.

When Zhang Yan saw that the girl was her, he smiled a little embarra.s.sedly, and moved his feet to the Fatty.

Ma Long was very surprised and asked: "How? Does sister Qin intend to intervene in our affairs? Or do you know this Zhang Yan?"

Although Ma Long was older than Qin Shyani, as she joined the school earlier than Ma Long, and her strength was much stronger than that of him, so Ma Long had to respectingly call her sister.

Qin Shiyan frowned and said coldly: "I am not trying to intervene between you, but there is also a kind of grudge between me and Zhang Yan. If there is anything of you, just wait until tomorrow."

Qin Shiyan was very beautiful, but her words were very tough and overbearing, making Ma Long dared no to suspect. Ma Long knew the ident.i.ty of Qin Shiyan. Unwillingly, he could only give up beating Zhang Yan. But as he wanted to turn around to leave, Ma Yong, who was on the side, said flippantly: "Beauty, do you know who my brother is? How do you dare to talk to my brother like this? Just come and apologize."

Then, with a sullen smile, he said: "If you behave well, maybe we will let you go this time. Otherwise, don't blame me."

Hearing these words, the cold face of Qin Shiyan was full of killing scent: "You are looking for death?" While speaking, she was going to destroy Ma Yong in a flush.

Ma Long raised his hand and slaps it on Ma Yong's face, directly pulling Ma Yong down. Then he followed by a smile: "Please don't be angry, sister. It is my fault for not being strict in discipline. Please let my brother go this time for G.o.d's sake."

"Get away!"

Qin Shiyan took a cold look at Ma Yong and turned her head, not looking at them.

Hearing the words, Ma Long immediately took Ma Yong and quickly escaped from this place. On the road, Ma Yong complained, "Brother, why did you beat me?"

"Why?" Ma Long said with a sigh of relief: "When can you change this lascivious look? When seeing a beautiful woman, you begin to speak improperly. Do you know who you just offended? She is the Qin Shiyan of our inner court. If she gets angry, she will kill you on the spot and I can't save you."

Hearing the words Ma Yong was scared with legs being soft, and he quickly turned his head down and did not dare to speak again.

Ma Long also thought about it. "Why did Qin Shiyan save Zhang Yan? What is the relationship between they two? If Qin Shiyan supported him, then it would be difficult to deal with Zhang Yan."

Qin Shiyan looked at Fatty coldly and as she just wanted to talk, Fatty immediately said with a smile: "I have to go as I have something to do." Fatty left, after speaking. Only Zhang Yan was remained, standing and looking at Qin Shiyan with fool smile.

Qin Shiyan sneered and said: "Your friend is very smart, and the style of running away is like you."

Zhang Yan scratched his head embarra.s.sedly and said with smile: "Sister Qin, it was really an accident last time. Please ignore it and let me go this time. I promise not to tell others. Please let me go, okay?"

Hearing the words, Qin Shiyan recalled the scenes on the riverside. Suddenly her pretty face got red, then frowned, and stared at Zhang Yan with great anger, "Do you dare to mention it? Believe it or not, I will kill you now?" She put the sword in her hand on the neck of Zhang Yan.

Zhang Yan did not dodge at all. Instead, he said very calmly: "If you want to kill me, you have already started. Why should you still talk nonsense with me? Not to mention killing me, you are breaking the rules, then you will not survive either. For a person like me, to take your own precious life, is it worthy?"

"Good speaking. You're right, I really don't dare to kill you, but it doesn't mean I can't beat you."

The voice just fell, not waiting for Zhang Yan to react, the fist had already been punched. Zhang Yan saw a white fist in front of his eyes was quickly infinitely magnified, then he felt a strong force, causing a burst of great pain on his eyelids. Zhang Yan had no resistance, and the whole person was beaten away by this punch.

As Zhang Yan fell to the ground and just stood up, Qin Shiyan had already arrived in front of him. Her speed was so fast, and then she punched another fist on the other eyelid, directly turning Zhang Yan's eyes into panda eyes. Zhang Yan did not resistant, and he knew that even if he fought back, hecould not defeat Qin Shiyan. Although Qin Shiyan did not use all her strength, Zhang Yan could feel the horror of it. It was not that he could compete with now.

Zhang Yan was once again knocked down to the ground. This time, Zhang Yan was clever. He just lied down on the ground, holding his head and shouting:"If you want to beat me, just do it. But don't beat on my face, which will hurt my self-esteem."

"Hurting your self-esteem? Do you, such a s.l.u.t, have self-esteem?"

Qin Shiyan was blaming Zhang Yan, while kicking and beating him who was curled up in the ground. For a long time until her hand was sore, she was willing to give up. She kicked on Zhang Yan's b.u.t.t and threaten: "If you dare to say it out, I will kill you." Qin Shiyan sneered and turned to leave with a little tune. It seemed that after beating Zhang Yan, her mood was much better.

When Qin Shiyan had left for a while, Zhang Yan jumped up from the ground and looked at his body with footprints. Then he touched his panda eyes and felt the sore pain on his body. Zhang Yan sighed: "This woman is really ruthless. It is really only a woman and a villain is difficult to raise, and I have to hide from meeting her."

"Fatty the b.a.s.t.a.r.d, threw me away. I will catch him and beat him." Zhang Yan said in his heart.

Zhang Yan seemed to be beaten very seriously. In fact, Qin Shiyan was very experienced. Zhang Yan just looked a bit embarra.s.sed with some skin wounds, which took the ordinary warriors two days to recover. For Zhang Yan, after a good sleep, It will be fine.

Zhang Yan returned to his room. In the past few days, he had been concentrating on practicing martial skills. His mind had long been fatigued. As so-called combination of work and rest, cultivation all the time was not good for health. It was necessary to rest properly. Thinking of this, Zhang Yan slept peacefully on his bed.

Zhang Yan did not wake up until the morning of the next day. When he woke up, he felt refreshed. Suddenly he felt that there was a strange move in his Dantian. He thought this was a chance to break through and immediately sat on the bed, took out the remained Cloud Spiritual Gra.s.s, put them in his hand and quickly operate Asura Change.

The pure spiritual gas was again absorbed into the body of Zhang Yan and transformed into spiritual energy. The spiritual energy cyclone that selected in Dantian was also spinning at a rapid speed. Until all the five cyclones reached the limit, the spiritual energy began to gather together, and finally formed a new spiritual energy cyclone, the sixth cyclone!

Zhang Yan also completely achieved the cultivation of the sixth level of Xiantian Sate. He  slowly exhaled. Looking at the Cloud Spiritual Gra.s.s that had been consumed in his hands, Zhang Yan could not help but sigh: "This practice is really a waste of resources. Six Cloud Spiritual Gra.s.s are consumed in such way. Especially the strange spiritual root of himself, in addition the Asura Change with body refining and Ki refining, in order to improve the cultivation, more resources would be consumed than other warriors."

"Only by absorbing the spiritual gas between the heavens and the earth, the speed of my own cultivation is slower. It seems that I have to find a way to get some money, so I can change some elixirs."

"But the most important thing at the moment is the challenge a few days later. Longyu, you wait for me to get beaten." Zhang Yan secretly vowed in his heart.

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