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As they two mentioned Ma Long, the sharp imposing manner of Zhang Yan aggravated. Zhang Yan disappearing in a flash and showed up in the two men. After practicing Qingyun Step, his speed became faster. Without any reaction, the two were beaten to the ground by Zhang Yan's palm and then beaten with both hands and feet. As they could not resistant, he said to Fatty:"Don't stand still. Come and avenge them together."

Hearing the words, Fatty walked to them quickly. Thinking of seriously beaten by them, Fatty wanted to destroy them a lot. He clenched teeth and gave them claps on both sides of their faces heavily, more than a dozen in total. Their faces became swollen and Fatty finally released from their beating.

Zhang Yan did not intend to really destroy them, after all, they were just a.s.sistants. As they seemed weak enough, he stopped Fatty and said to them:"This is just a little lesson to tell you I, Zhang Yan is not easily bullied and if you dare to bully me, I will kill you."  

"Go, go back to tell Ma Long, he'd better protect his brother the whole life. Otherwise, I will destroy him soon or later." Zhang Yan said with killing scent in his eyes.

The two men barely stood up from the ground, and did not dare to say a word, just running away.

Less than one hour, Ma Yong came with a youth similar look with him and much stronger than him. This man was exactly Ma Yong's brother, Ma Long.

Zhang Yan and Fatty had been sitting to wait for them in front of woods. When seeing Ma Long, he smiled and said:"You are slow, I am almost going to sleep."

Ma Long was extremely angry:"Little guy, you dare to beat my a.s.sistants. You wanna die?"

Zhang Yan crossed his arms in front of his chest and said with cold smile:"Ridiculous, they are allowed to beat my bro, why I am not allowed to beat them? Was there such unfairness in the world? having beaten someone, you'd better prepare for being beaten back."

Hearing the words, Ma Long laughed and said:"Little guy, good, I appreciate your att.i.tude. I heard that you and my younger brother had some disputes. Can you give me a favor? How about not mentioning it anymore and I will not blame you beating my a.s.sistants?"

"Do not mention?" Once this thing was mentioned, Zhang Yan thought about his grandpa and became extremely angry. His eyes were filled with the killing scent and he said word by word:"I've told you, I will not forgive him and will kill him one day."

Beside Ma Long, Ma Yong said contemptly with head a bit up:"You want to kill me? It was your lucky to run away last time. And for this time, my bother is here. You can only kill me in dream."

Ma Long felt angry as well. He was a celebrity in the inter court. Though compared with those top ones, his strength is a bit worse. But among the normal warriors, he was never afraid of anyone.

Ma Long operated his spiritual energy, and raised his hand directly punching on Zhang Yan's head.

Zhang Yan did not expect that Ma Long was even slier than his brother Ma Yong. As a celebrity in inter court, he gave Zhang Yan a sneak attack. Zhang Yan used Qingyun Step and jumped far away in a blink to avoid Ma Long's punch. But the antique tree behind Zhang Yan was broken.

Zhang Yan could tell Ma Long's powerful strength from his punch, maybe with cultivation of the seventh level of Xiantian State. Zhang Yan became serious. The normal warriors of the fifth level of Xiantian State were not capable opponents against those of the seventh level of Xiantian State, even if he was unusual. Adopting the Tricks for Qingyuan Sword, he may could handle him. But he did not a.s.sure to defeat him. Zhang Yan began to regret that he should not have to fight with Ma Long this early. It was finding trouble for himself.

Zhang Yan dared not to be careless. He took out his stone sword immediately and ran the whole spiritual energy in his body. He decided to focus on this sword. After all, there was big gap between their cultivation. If the fight lasted so long, he would be defeated by Ma Long. Helplessly, what he could do only was to try his best. If this attack would not defeat Ma Long, he would only use his final skill.

Thinking this, Zhang Yan held his stone sword tightly and the imposing manner of his became extremely powerful. Ma Long felt Zhang Yan's determination in his eyes and said laughingly:"I did not expect you have such strength. But the ants will not turn into elephants." As he was speaking, they two were starting the battle.

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