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"What's up? What emergency do you find me for?"

Fatty said with smile:"Not emergency. It is just we are inter disciples now and need not to live in outer court. Yesterday, the school distributed rooms for us and I have chosen one on behalf of you, cause you were not here. Just pack up your things and follow me to your new house."

"The houses for the inner disciples of Qingyuan school are very nice. And I know that you like to live beside woods and I specially picked one near woods for you. It is silent there. "

While speaking, the two came to the place where lived the inner disciples of Qingyuan school. After cleaning the room, Zhang Yan asked:"Did you hear of Ma Yong these days? Though I can't kill him right now, to give him a lesson is necessary."

"Don't worry, boss. I paid much attention to his news recently."

"I heard that he had pa.s.sed the examination and become an inter disciple as well."

Hearing Fatty's words, Zhang Yan felt a bit surprised:"He has such low strength. How could he pa.s.s the examination? Was there someone helping him?"

Fatty nodded and said unhappily:"You are right. He has a brother three years older than him, named Ma Long, who is famous among the inter disciples. And his strength ranks top in inter court. He asked five disciples of the fifth level of Xiantian Stage to protect Ma Yong, which enabled Ma Yong to pa.s.s the exam safely. And now they live together. It might be difficult for you to give them lessons."

"And the two inner disciples who beat me last time must be in Ma Yong's group." Fatty said with a little anger:"These days, they were searching for your news as well. I guess Ma Yong wants to revenge you."

While they were speaking, two inner disciples came and asked arrogantly:"Are you Zhang Yan?"

Zhang Yan knew that they did not come for good things. However, Zhang Yan was not afraid of them and said smoothly:"Yes, I am. What do you find me for?"

Fatty followed to say besides:"What do you want? This is the residence of inner disciples and fighting is forbidden here. If you dare to beat us, be careful that the school punish you."

"You fat guy, it seems that we beat you much too softly last time. Do you want another beat?" The leading youth in gray stared at Fatty and threatened.

Hearing these words, Zhang Yan's face became bad and said angrily:"Was it you who beat my bro at the Elixir Cabinet?"

"Yes, it was. This guy failed to appreciate kindness. We just wanted to buy the elixirs from him, but no wonder he not only refused but also abuse us. We just gave him a lesson."

Fatty pointed to them and said in great anger:"Don't deceive him too much. You intended to use the money of one elixir to exchange all of mine. There was such unfair deals. You were just robbing."

The other youth in blue said impatiently:"We are not here to chat with you but to figure out what is exactly in the eighth floor. You price it and our boss will buy it fairly."

Hearing these words, Zhang Yan understood that they came here for the treasure in the eighth floor. However Zhang Yan would not give Tricks for Qingyuan Sword out. He said with smile:"Treasure? I have told that there was nothing in the eighth floor. Your coming is unnecessary."

"Zhang Yan, do not challenge the hard way since we have offered you an easier way. Only kids will believe your words. There must be treasure in the eighth floor. If you are smart, you give it to our boss now and he will not treat you unfairly. Otherwise, we'll let you know our strength."

Zhang Yan looked down upon them. He snorted and said:"Two warriors of the fifth floor of Xiantian Stage are threatening me? That is ridiculous."

"Go back and tell your boss, there is no way."

"Don't be arrogant, you will know the strength of my boss." After speaking, the two men went away angrily.

"Wait." Zhang Yan stopped they:"You beat my bro last time and you shall not leave in such simple way." While speaking, a sharp imposing manner showed from Zhang Yan's body, which shocked the two men.

They two looked at Zhang Yan in fear but tried to threatened:"Listen, we are in Ma Long's group. If you dare to beat us, our boss Ma Long will not let you good, and you will know his strength."

"Ma Long?"

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