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"Really that horrible? Then we are in great danger too?" Zhang Yan shocked.

The Purifying Lotus warned, "Once the night falls in the Hungquan Road, the scene of Ghosts in the Night will appear and it can be dated back to ancient times."

"The strength of the groups of ghosts is different. If encountering weak ones, you will be possible to survive, but if powerful ones, die!"

"But I can't feel anything fierce now!" Zhang Yan doubted

His doubt was reasonable. Although the scene was described as extremely horrible by the lotus, he didn't sense any threat from it now. 

This group of ghosts, following the floating fire, slowly headed for Ming Hai and his fellows. The fire was at the size of a fist, however, it was not floating in the air as Zhang Yan imagined, but fixed in a skull on a black strangely-carved scepter held by the foremost ghost. The black scepter couldn't be seen in the darkness, so the fire was like floating in the air.

As they got closer, Zhang Yan was startled to find the foremost ghost was different from the small ghosts. Its eyes also bloomed with a faint green light, quite similar to the fire on the scepter.

"It's a ghost king with intelligence." said the lotus.

"Ghost king?!" He almost shouted out. The ghost kings could be counted as the top in the Huangquan Road, only inferior to the five ghost emperors, but whom no one had ever seen and those who had had already turned into small ghosts perhaps, because the strength of the ghost emperors was extremely powerful.

After the shock, he noticed that the ghosts behind the ghost king were not all the lowest small ghosts, but included more than a dozen fierce ghosts. All those small ghosts and fierce ghosts obeyed their leader, the ghost king to approach Ming Hai and his fellows in lines. 

Ming Hai discovered the ghost king as well, but he had no idea of it since the first time for him to enter the road. He, however, could smell its more-powerful strength than the previous ghosts. Confident about his cultivation, he didn't take the ghost king seriously

Long Tian asked, "What is going on? Why it turned dark suddenly? What are so many ghosts doing? Looking for death?"

One of the Qinglong elders explained with concern, "I have not entered the Huangquan Road before, but I know this scene is the legendary Ghosts in the Night"

"Ghosts in the Night? What's it?" Long Tian continued with a disdainful look.

"I don't know. But it's awfully dangerous and few can survive it. Those who did never talk about it anymore, just warn the descendants to stay away from it!" The elder became pretty worried.

"It's just a rumor of the timid people. These ghosts move so slow and do you think they can catch up with us? They must be weak!" Long Tian replied arrogantly like an idiot. 

The other Qinglong elder shook his head, "No, it's a strange scene that everyone was scared and there must be reasons. I think we should leave here soon!"

"No need! I am here! Let me destroy them!" Ming Hai promised, while patting his chest.

Therefore, they four stood still to wait for the ghosts. When the ghosts arrived at them four, the ghost king swayed the scepter and suddenly, all the ghosts began to rush toward they four with harsh screams.

Ming Hai stepped forward, fetched out his sword and brandished it, followed with a decades-long sword gas toward the ghosts.

Nearly half of the small ghosts were turned into blue smoke within several breaths, so did a few fierce ghosts. But the remained still charged forward to him without any fear and intention to retreat.

He wanted to continue to kill the remained, but the head ghost king had taken part into the battle. It turned over the scepter, indicating the ghosts to dodge Ming Hai attacking the other three, and itself started to bounced over Ming Hai with its scepter.

The whole scepter was instantly lit up with the green fire. The fire gradually formed a huge skull pattern while moving forward and tried to swallow Ming Hai with its mouth opened widely.


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