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Zhang Yan ignored the roar of the Anti-Soul Beast, for his only purpose now was to own the Stone to Suppress Souls. 

"How to subdue the stone?" He asked the Purifying Lotus in his heart.

The lotus responded with a smile, "The Reincarnation Emperor didn't nominate its owner, so it is certainly an unowned item. To subdue such things, there's way to mix a drop of your blood into it."

"A drop of blood? Isn't it the same as the ordinary weapons?" He asked unbelievingly, "Since it is so simple, then why no one has tamed the stone for so many years?"


The lotus sneered, "You think so? Can your soul energy access to the stone without me? Do you think your blood can take work without the protection of my energy?"

"Let along the special environment here. Without me, people here will be swallowed by the black fog, or suppressed by the stone. So, few warriors, including the immortal emperors, have the capability to own the stone."

Considering the lotus's words right, Zhang Yan felt fortunate to gain it. The natural Taoism contained in it had a very powerful purifying effect on souls, which was the unbeatable rival for the Stone to Suppress Souls. Without the help of the lotus, he could indeed not get the stone.

He forced a drop of blood from his finger, then the lotus emitted a trace of milky white energy to wrap the blood, preventing it from being devoured by the stoned. He used the soul energy to control the blood and drop it into the stone. The blood slowly approached the stone rotatingly and disappeared instantly when it touched the stone.

Under Zhang Yan's control, it charged toward the endless dark s.p.a.ce inside the stone. The black fog, this time, seemed to know the blood was a threat and rushed to it wildly, trying their best to swallow it. 

But the energy from the lotus, like a shield, blocked the fog's attack and protected the blood to move ahead.

After a few minutes, the blood reached the deepest inside the stone, where the soul of the Anti-Soul Beast was still struggling madly, but failed to break the seal anyhow.

"Behind the seal is the position of the stone's core. Drop your blood there and you will own it."

Zhang Yan obeyed the lotus words and controlled the blood to break through the fog, bypa.s.s the seal and come to the deepest area. There was a fist-size stone, shaped exactly the same as the one outside, but not engraved with the two words 'Suppress Souls'. 

He dropped his blood on it without any hesitation, and all of a sudden, the whole North Mountain was shaking drastically.

However, the abrupt change did not influence Zhang Yan. He concentrated himself on connecting with the stone instead. After a while, the shaking gradually disappeared and the mountain returned tranquil. Retreating his soul energy out of the stone, he finally felt that the stone became a part of his body. 


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