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"If you hand over the martial arts you practice, maybe I will consider letting you go" The Elder Feng said coldly. 

Zhang Yan responded with a snort, "You want my martial arts? Dreaming!" He mobilized all his b.l.o.o.d.y-qi energy and spiritual energy and his imposing manner erupted again. He concentrated the energy on his stone sword and, once again, performed the Tricks for Qingyuan Sword.

Countless beams of blood-red sword gas rocketed out from the stone sword and rushed toward the Elder Feng. Carrying huge spiritual power, these beams of sword gas united into a dozen-feet beam when they were about to touch the Elder Feng. Before hitting on him, they had already broken the old trees around.

The Elder Feng dared not to be careless and made all his efforts to form a huge spiritual shield in front at once. It was crushed by the sword gas from Zhang Yan, causing a big explosion with huge voice. The ground out of the shield was smashed into a deep pit. Only the area within one meter away around the Elder Feng was intact.

The more powerful strength Zhang Yan revealed, the more greed in the Elder Feng's eyes. What kind of martial art would enable Zhang Yan, a Xiantian-level warrior, to burst out the power equivalent to Martial King State?! The Elder Feng must get it.

The Real Asura improved Zhang Yan's strength a lot, combining with the Tricks for Qingyuan School, the advanced sword skill of the Tian level, his attack was indeed superiorly powerful.

But to form such attack, he had consumed most of his b.l.o.o.d.y-qi and spiritual energy. He would die of energy lack if he continued to fight. 

Zhang Yan made up his mind to continue to run away. The Elder Feng sneered, "If you get out of my hand, isn't it a shame of me? I will not let you go!"

He flashed to Zhang Yan and palmed to him. With a sound of 'bang' like a metal impact, it seemed to hit a hard wall. Zhang Yan could only try his best to resist this palm. But he failed and was beaten far away, with his ribs of the entire chest and meridians broken.

Fatty fell down from Zhang Yan's back and gave a chocked cry. Zhang Yan spit a bit of blood, fell to the ground as well and gazed at the Elder Feng still with unyielding and killing message in his eyes.

The Elder Feng insisted to ask, "Your final chance. Will you hand over the martial arts you practice? "

"I will" Zhang Yan hummed in anger, "I will f.u.c.k your a.s.s!"

He shouted hysterically and quickly transported his spiritual energy to sneakily attack the Elder Feng. His imposing manner was recovering little by little. But apparently, the Elder Feng had lost his patience and shook his head, "Then go to the h.e.l.l!" A palm was produced directly to Zhang Yan.

At the critical moment, Fatty suddenly squatted from the ground, quickly blocked in front of Zhang Yan endured the palm. Hit on the back, he spewed out a lot of blood on Zhang Yan's face. He told Zhang Yan slowly and weakly, word by word, with a smile, "I can't accompany you anymore, boss! You must survive to reach the peak of the martial Toaism!  You must..."

Before he finished the sentence, his eyes closed and his breath stopped.


Completely losing his senses, Zhang Yan opened his mouth and screeched to the sky. He was completely turned insane and hooked at Fatty, then the Elder Feng with his blood-red eyes. He was biting his teeth and trembling in rage, sadness and madness.

He stood up and clenched the stone sword in his hand. At present, only one idea was lingering on his mind, that was, killing the Elder Feng to avenge Fatty. He did not care whether he could defeat the Elder Feng now. He only wanted to revenge!

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